How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos


YouTube has a policy against some content that violates the “Community Guidelines.” If you’ve deleted a video from YouTube, you’ve most likely been told that it’s gone forever. Thankfully, there are ways to restore deleted videos. Here are three methods. First, use the Wayback Machine and Internet Archive web services.

Wayback Machine

If you want to watch deleted YouTube videos, you can use the Wayback Machine. This site allows you to view deleted videos from private accounts. It can be used with the Google Chrome web browser or mobile app. You can enter the URL or video title and click “search.” The Wayback Machine will then search for the video. Once it finds it, you can download it or watch it online.

After entering the URL, a list of similar videos will appear in the search results. Scroll through the results and find the video you want to watch. You can also see if the video was shared on Facebook or other social networks. If you cannot find the video you’re looking for; you can try asking for the URL on Reddit.

Another way to watch deleted YouTube videos is to use the Wayback Machine, a website that maintains an archive of 500 billion web pages. This archive is a great resource for finding content pages. It’s free to use, and you can even access the Wayback Machine to access deleted videos. First, you must find the YouTube video URL to use the Wayback Machine. It may be in your playlists or videos that you liked.

Internet Archive

If you’ve deleted a YouTube video, there’s still a way to view it again. You can download the video from the website and paste it into another webpage. The Wayback Machine is a great resource with a huge database of websites; you can use it to find deleted videos. It may take some time to locate deleted videos, but once you find them, you can save them to your computer or download them.

YouTube videos can be removed for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the reason, deleting them can leave people wishing to watch them again. However, because the internet is connected to everything, there are ways to watch them again. People copy YouTube videos and share them across other channels and social media platforms.

Another option is to search for deleted videos using your favorite search engine. Using this method, you can search for videos on YouTube by pasting URLs. If you don’t know the exact URL of the video, you can ask people on Reddit or Facebook for the URL. If you cannot find it, you can ask them to re-upload it to the archive.

Internet Archive Wayback

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted a video from YouTube, you can still watch it later by visiting the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. The Wayback Machine allows you to view videos from several years ago, so you can find deleted YouTube videos you missed. You can also find deleted videos from messages and older social media posts. Once you’ve located the video you’re looking for, you can simply copy its URL and paste it into the Wayback Machine. It will then display the video’s archived date so you can navigate it.

Depending on your computer and backup software, you can even go back a few years by using the Internet Archive Wayback to watch deleted YouTube videos. Once you’ve located the video, you can download or re-upload it. This method is best suited for desktop systems but can also be used on mobile devices.

Archive web service

Deleted YouTube videos can be found by visiting the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. All you need is the URL of the video. You’ll see a list of videos saved in the archive and the year and date that the video was last viewed.

If you can’t remember where you found the deleted video, it’s easy to find an old version on another website. Many websites still keep old versions of videos they host, including YouTube videos. These older versions can be watched legally without the risk of removing the original. If you have the video URL, you can copy and paste it into the search box on the Wayback Machine.

Depending on the reason for the deletion, you can search for the video using an archive web service. In some cases, the video may have been reposted by other users. YouTube has strict standards, so it’s unlikely that you’ll find it if it has already been deleted.