Indian Hill Trading Post in Greenville, S.C.


Indian Hill Trading Post was initially opened by the Muzzy family and later sold to John Goodwin, but shortly thereafter, Stuart and Lea Watt purchased it and took ownership.

The store covers an area of over 35,000 square feet. It provides groceries, baked goods, deli items, and camping/fishing gear, as well as guns/ammo for purchase.

What is Indian Hill Trading Post?

Indian Hill Trading Post has been an iconic Greenville destination for nearly four and a half decades. During that time, Sally Ride became the first female astronaut, children discovered hacky Sack, and Bonnie Tyler released “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, while classic television series such as Dallas and Dynasty reigned supreme on evening TV screens.

Stuart and Lea Watt purchased the business from the Muzzy family in 1982 and transformed it from a general store and grocery into a 35,000-square-foot shopping center stocked with Ugg boots, ketchup, rifles, canoes, and ice augers within a year.

Today the store features an abundance of native crafts from the region, such as porcupine quill baskets and beadwork made of porcupine quills; birch bark products; pottery; dream catchers and sculptures created by Native artists as well as commercial products like Pendleton blankets and Minnetonka moccasins from Pendleton blankets and Minnetonka moccasins from Minnetonka moccasins manufactured commercially; the Trading Post also promotes local artists through artist-in-residence programs as well as native art events held annually by native artists themselves.

No matter where you reside in Navarro County or who you support locally-made goods, Indian Hill Trading Post should be on your itinerary. With gifts, groceries, and camping supplies all under one roof – not to mention free hotdogs on Saturday, June 1 – The Watt family invites everyone to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of this great local business with giveaways, samples, and celebrations galore.

Grocery Store

Indian Hill Trading Post was established in 1983 during an exciting time. Sally Ride had just become the first woman in space, Bonnie Tyler was performing her hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” and television shows such as Dallas and Dynasty were dominating evening viewing schedules – an ideal environment to launch any business, according to Stuart Watt and Lea Watt who owned Indian Hill at that time.

The shop covers an area of 35,000 square feet, providing everything from groceries, fresh baked goods and deli items, camping gear and boats, clothing by major brands such as Carhartt and Levi’s, and more.

Customers can purchase gardening supplies like pruning scissors, spades, and cultivators at this store as well as sprouts, mineral fertilizers, and potting soil. Furthermore, this store also sells various garden decorations and tools like tree surgery saws and spruces in addition to hardware and paint supplies; its staff is always happy to assist customers when making purchases and knowledgeable about all available products. This store is a favorite stopover among both locals and tourists.

Sporting Goods Store

Indian Hill Trading Post sells sporting goods suitable for outdoor activities like hiking and fishing, such as outerwear and shoes for hiking and shoes for fishing, camping gear, and hunting merchandise, gardening tools such as pruners, spades, cultivators and tree surgery saws as well as sprouts mineral fertilizers potting soil and components for irrigation – as well as sprouts mineral fertilizers potting soil components used for irrigation systems – sprouts mineral fertilizers potting soil components irrigation components as well as sprouts mineral fertilizers potting soil components as sprouts mineral fertilizers potting soil components containing sprouts mineral fertilizers potting soil components intended to promote growth. Finally, the Indian Hill Trading Post stocks an array of groceries and dry goods as well as vegetables from its produce section that offers potatoes, corn and berries, while supermarket deli stocks ham pastrami & American cheese. In contrast, its grocery section covers an impressive 35,000 square footage area!

Boat & Fishing Store

Indian Hill Trading Post offers everything you could ever need, from cast-iron bean pots and jars of ketchup to boots and knives – at competitive prices – all under one roof. As both a sporting goods store and grocery store spanning 35,000 square feet, almost every corner, and cranny are bursting with eye-catching merchandise ranging from food, hunting gear, camping supplies, boats, and firearms, and ammo – you name it, they probably have it.

The business was initially owned by the Muzzy family before it was sold to John Goodwin in 1982. Stuart and Lea Watt purchased it in 1986 with a vision to improve and expand, listening carefully to what customers desired before working hard to give them what they wanted. A 12,000-square-foot addition was added in 1990 for maximum convenience for shoppers.

Now the Watt family includes their son Craig and daughter Meredith who work at the store during summer months, and many long-standing employees who have been with the company for decades. Listening carefully to what the community wants and needs and working hard to meet those expectations, taking pride in being a locally and family-owned business themselves.

Gun & Ammo Store

Indian Hill Trading Post was initially owned by the Muzzy family, making it a favorite tourist and local hangout in Greenville. Offering products ranging from outerwear, shoes, sporting goods, and groceries to fishing and hunting gear. Stuart and Lea Watt purchased it in 1982 and quickly made themselves known through hard work and service to their community.

They expanded by adding clothing and seasonal provisions. Listening closely to community needs, they grew as needed.

Dill’s Outdoors in Bangor holds a Federal Firearms License from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and sells guns, ammo, hunting and fishing equipment, and related merchandise. Owner Byron Dill says sales have spiked this year due to increased fear of civil unrest and political instability.