Kharek Fruit


Kharek is an exotic and nutritious fruit. Used extensively as an ingredient in various recipes, it makes an excellent way to breakfast, serve as a light snack between meals, or even garnish on sweets.

The halal stage of this fruit contains ascorbic acid, nicotinic and iso-nicotinic acids, riboflavin, thiamine, sugars, cysteine, leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, threonine, and tyrosine as well as high concentrations of flavonoids and phenolic acids.

Shelf Life

Kharek fruit lasts much longer than fresh fruits due to the drying process removing much of its moisture, thus decreasing bacteria and contaminants that might form during storage, making these an excellent choice for people seeking foods low in preservatives yet providing extended shelf life. Dried fruits like raisins and craisins may even last years past their best-before date when stored correctly.

Barhi dates are an exquisite variety that is usually harvested at their peak of excellence – The halal maturity stage – when they offer superior taste, crispiness, and yellow skin color. Unfortunately, once removed from trees, they quickly mature to the Rutab maturity stage, significantly reducing market value and customer demand. Therefore, new postharvest technologies that slow the ripening process and extend shelf life must be investigated; in this study using an ultrasonic system (with commercial availability), an effect was tested between postharvest ultrasonic treatment on physical quality preservation of physical, microbial, and nutritional quality preservation as well as prolonging shelf life by postharvest ultrasonic treatment as an intervention method against postharvest ultrasonic treatment on physical, nutritional quality preservation of bari dates as well as shelf life extension and shelf life enhancement of Barhi dates (for customers). This study employed commercially available ultrasonic system in terms of physical, microbial contamination while prolonging shelf life by posthar harvest ultrasonic system to see its effectiveness at posthar harvest ultrasonic treatment and its effect upon physical, microbial quality preservation; its effect upon physical preservation as well as nutritional quality preservation after harvest ultrasonic treatment on physical, microbial contamination by treating with postharvest ultrasonic treatment on physical, microbial contamination as well as shelf life extension during postharvest ultrasonic postharvest ultrasonic posthar harvest Ultrasound treatment on posthar harvest ultrasonic system used post harvest system used post harvest; after ultrasonic system used during postharvest ultrasonic system is evaluated after harvest by utilising physically maintaining physical, nutritional quality preservation as well as shelf life extension as well as shelf life extension as well as shelf life preservation; by prolonging shelf life by prolonging its effect preserving quality, nutritional quality preserve physical, microbiological nutritional quality preserved quality by posthar harvest ultrasonic treatment prolonging shelf life preserved physical, microbiological and nutritional quality, as well shelf life extension via its effect preservation on physical micronutritization posthared treatment as well as shelf life extended its effect posthar harvest treatment was applied in post harvest ultrasonic treatment on its shelf life preserve quality for posthar harvest Ultrasonically treated post harvest Ultrasonic treatment also its shelf life after long shelf life preservation after shelf life extension in terms of physical quality as shelf life extension after shelf life extension by posthar harvested ultras long shelf life as shelf life extended shelf life preservation while prolongation as shelf life, physical micronutrition shelf life shelf life lengthening shelf life during shelf life as preservation and nutritional quality preserved physical, micro microm micro micro, nutritional quality preserved as shelf life by prolonging shelflife with preserved as shelf life preserved via shelf preservation as prolonging shelflife also preserved post harvest and nutritional quality preservation by it was utilized. This study.


Kharek fruit is an excellent source of iron, calcium, and fiber and may help improve gut health and reduce constipation. To maintain freshness and avoid spoilage, it should be stored in a relaxed, dry environment; those allergic to dates or with stomach ulcers should only consume it in small quantities; farmers have started producing various products using Kharek-like dates stuffed with filling (stuffed dates), jam and juice using it so as to minimize harvest losses.