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BET+ has renewed the gospel-inspired drama Kingdom Business for a second season, featuring Yolanda Adams as reigning Gospel music queen Denita Jordan. At the same time, Serayah plays her talented up-and-comer daughter Rbel, who threatens to dethrone her.

Denita Jordan

Denita Jordan may have achieved great success but still struggles with some obstacles. Unable to make ends meet, and her new album failing miserably are among them, while also dealing with the shocking news that daughter CJ experienced her seventh miscarriage. Yet despite these difficulties, she remains determined to remain independent while hoping to return to gospel music as soon as possible despite all these hurdles.

Yolanda Adams stars as Yolanda, the Queen of Gospel, in Kingdom Business, a new series on BET+ that boasts an abundance of captivating drama – murder, blackmailing, strippers, sexual scandals, dramatic slaps, dramatic slaps, and an exciting soundtrack – guaranteed to keep viewers on their toes!

Last year, Kingdom Business debuted to mixed reviews from fans – some praised it, while others felt too similar to Empire. Regardless, enough positive responses persuaded its producers to return it for another season.

This season of Gospel Music Showcase will introduce new characters and explore some of its most complex issues. Yolanda Adams, who plays Denita Jordan, has been performing gospel for over two decades and feels this show has allowed her to explore another side of her faith. Yolanda encourages parents to let their children find their faith path.

Fans will see Denita struggling to balance her professional and personal lives, which may put her into trouble with the law. Season one ended on a cliffhanger as viewers saw Bishop Calvin Jordan at an altar but heard gunshots before the credits rolled; season two will reveal Calvin’s fate and identify any gunmen.

The cast of this series consists of some of the industry’s finest actors. Yolanda Adams will star alongside Serayah as Rbel, an upstart pole dancer threatening Denita’s reign as queen. Louis Gossett Jr. and Loretta Devine also star as Denita’s parents Jeremiah and Darlene.

Rebel Jordan

Kingdom Business, an intriguing gospel drama series on Netflix, is a must-watch. Focusing on the gospel music industry in Atlanta and featuring Yolanda Adams as Denita Jordan (Queen of Gospel Music and first lady at First Kingdom Church and Kingdom Records in Atlanta), her world is rocked when an unexpected competitor appears: Serayah as Rbel is an exotic dancer with a checkered past who wants to become Denita Jordan herself.

The show provides an honest and striking portrait of the gospel music industry, featuring blackmailing, sexual scandals, dramatic slaps, blackmailing, and an infectious soundtrack. Furthermore, it shows that Christianity isn’t monolithic but provides evidence that different people hold differing beliefs.

Despite some controversy, this series has proven immensely successful. Recently renewed for another season and already working on new material. Furthermore, critics have given numerous positive reviews.

John Sakmar is pleased with how the show’s story evolves and is incredibly proud of how the cast has performed. He credits gospel icon Kirk Franklin with creating amazing songs for the series that help tell its tale and add a spiritual element. BET+ premiered its series on May 19, 2022, featuring Yolanda Adams and Serayah as stars, with DeVon Franklin, Holly Carter Michael Van Dyck as executive producers, and multiple Grammy winner Kirk Franklin serving as executive producers.

Caesar Jordan

Kingdom Business is an American drama that explores gospel music’s impact on our lives and stars Yolanda Adams as Denita Jordan, reigning Queen of Gospel who must contend with competition from an up-and-comer with an unpredictable past. Premiering on May 19th on BET Plus and created by John Sakmar and Kerry Lenhart, Kirk Franklin, DeVon Franklin, and Holly Carter served as Executive Producers.

Denita, one of the country’s premier gospel singers, nonetheless struggles with personal problems and her relationship with family members. Additionally, Denita faces difficulty keeping music ministry goals on track despite these challenges; yet she never loses hope and keeps pushing towards her goals.

In the show, she works alongside former producer and lover Caesar to craft her sound and launch her career. When an up-and-coming vocalist with an unknown past enters the scene, she must defend her throne while protecting family secrets.

The show features some of the top actors in Hollywood, such as Chaundre A Hall-Broomfield as Denita’s son Taj and Michael Jai White as Julius “Caesar” Jones – two roles played by Chaundre A Hall-Broomfield and Michael Jai White, respectively. Fans have responded well to its first season, writing in to say they want it back for another go around!

As the show unfolds, we learn more about its characters’ pasts and relationships, their struggles, and how they work together to overcome them. We also explore religion’s impact on one’s life and how it can influence their decisions.

The premiere episode was released on Thursday, May 19, and has received tremendously positive responses from viewers. Gospel fans should watch this show as it provides new levels of entertainment within its genre. Although inspired by Empire, its creators have given it their spin to make an unforgettable viewing experience!

Taj Jordan

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The Kingdom Business series is created and executive produced by DeVon Franklin (Miracles from Heaven), Holly Carter (The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel), and multi-Grammy-winning Kirk Franklin. Premiering on BET+ on May 19, this eight-episode show explores gospel music through family, faith, and love lenses.

Jordan was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and continues to work at Holby despite this prognosis, although his behavior becomes increasingly unpredictable; Zoe becomes concerned when he loses his temper with one of their patients and then vomits after losing it; she suspects he might be taking medication, though Jordan denies doing so.

On 12 January 2013, Jordan is brought into ED after being injured during the Holby Riots and placed on life support without his consent; Zoe attempts to persuade him that his time is short, yet he insists on dying anyway; eventually, she gives in and forged his signature to save him from certain death.

Jordan gradually becomes more unstable over time. His handwriting deteriorates, tremors arise, freezing spells erupt, difficulty concentrating is an issue, and suicidal thoughts occur; at one point, a needle and vial were found in his room; though Jordan claimed this incident as being related to vasovagal symptoms; Zoe remains concerned and searches for answers about Jordan’s condition.