McKeel Academy of Technology


Kenney Yale eighth-grade social studies students utilized iPads on a recent Monday to record researched presentations using Apple technology. McKeel students benefit from having their own devices for class use.

The Schools of McKeel Academy (TSMA), established as a charter school system in 1998, serves students PreK to 12 at its three campuses – McKeel Academy of Technology (7-12), South McKeel Academy, and McKeel Academy Central (PK-6).

High School

McKeel Academy of Technology is a public high school serving grades 7 to 12 in Lakeland, Florida, and part of the Polk County School District. Ranked 154th nationally and A-rated by Florida state authorities, its Advanced Placement participation rate stands at 47%, with its graduation rate reaching 91%; furthermore, it belongs to the Schools of the Future consortium.

The Schools of the Future consortium in Polk County, Florida, consists of three highly performing public charter schools – McKeel Academy of Technology (7-12), McKeel Academy Central (6-8), and South McKeel Academy (K-6). Each school offers its distinctive academic program incorporating an innovative curriculum with cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, these schools also provide numerous extracurricular activities like music lessons, art projects, yearbook design/website creation/health related classes, and Advanced Placement courses/college prep electives to enrich each child’s education experience.

At its latest state assessment results, this school earned a 98 in math and an A in reading, placing it among Florida high schools’ top 10% in both subjects. Though not highly selective, students throughout Polk County attend this popular choice among parents.

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McKeel Academy of Technology in Lakeland, Florida, uniquely blends traditional and modern education. Students enrolled at this magnet high school enjoy classes in science, math, social studies, foreign languages, and electives such as robotics, art, band, chorus, and yearbook – plus, students must complete 150 hours of community service before graduating!

Middle School

Middle school can be a fantastic transitional period for students. They experience tremendous physical and emotional growth, take intellectual risks, and learn about their successes and missteps. Many schools strive to find solutions to help these children through this challenging period.

The McKeel Academy of Technology is a public school in Polk district serving 6th- Grade-12th Grade. With 78 full-time teachers and a student-teacher ratio 16:1, its spending per pupil stands at $5,976, which is lower than that of most high schools within its region.

This school takes an innovative approach to education by moving away from traditional departmentalized classes and emphasizing project-based activities instead. They strive to make it easier for kids to connect with teachers and peers since most subjects offer two or more instructors.

Note that in most U.S. states, middle school is considered to be its educational level distinct from junior high and high school. The main difference is that junior high typically serves students between grades 7 and 8, whereas middle schools will accommodate both 6th graders as well as their older classmates.

Clusters of 6th through 8th-grade students were seen working together on projects like wood carvings, scrapbooks, paintings, and podcasts. At the same time, their teachers stood nearby to answer any queries or offer advice at Community Lab School’s small, public charter campus in Albemarle school district’s five comprehensive middle schools. Educators hoped the radical approach to middle school could be scaled up.

Students typically apply to middle school either during their 5th-grade year (if attending a private school) or in their final year of elementary school ( if applying via MySchools ). Many families choose to use more than just their assigned zoned middle school; many schools also have unzoned programs accepting students from throughout their city or district and unique arts programs that accept applicants through audition; parents should check each school on MySchools to determine any special admissions criteria before making their decisions.

Elementary School

Mc Keel Academy of Technology provides students in grades six to 12 with various curriculum classes in digital design, accounting, business math, health science, power and energy technology, engineering, and telecommunications. Additionally, this school hosts special events for its students, such as career counseling and extracurricular activities, such as band and chorus.

McKeel Academy of Technology can be found at 1810 Parker Street West in Lakeland, Florida 33815-1243. As part of Polk County School District and offering grade levels 7-12 education. Teachers there have had two projects funded on DonorsChoose for this school which predominantly serves students of color but receives significantly less state and local support than similar districts that serve predominantly white pupils.

This school was recognized as one of Florida’s high performing schools in 2011 when it received designation as a high-performing public charter school system. They specialize in academic programs designed to develop students’ technological abilities while including cultural awareness and character education as part of their curriculum.

South McKeel Academy is an enrollment lottery school and accepts applications from students throughout the county. Kindergarten-age students must be six to be admitted; priority consideration will be given to siblings of current McKeel students, children of teachers, and previous South McKeel Academy attendees.

McKeel Academy is an excellent school with outstanding educators and caring staff members; however, I feel there is too much bureaucracy involved with simple things such as purchasing uniforms. There is also an expensive payment check system.

McKeel Academy of Technology in Lakeland, Florida, is an esteemed public charter school. With top ten test scores overall and math and reading proficiency scores surpassing state averages, its student-to-teacher ratio stands at 22-1.


McKeel Academy of Technology was established as a high-performing public charter school in Polk County, Florida, 1998 as tuition-free public charter schools offering families options when selecting education for their children. Comprised of three campuses based out of Lakeland: McKeel Academy of Technology (7-12), South McKeel Academy (6-8), and McKeel Academy Central (4K-6), students attend on an application basis.

Schools serving predominantly students of color often receive less state and local funding than schools serving primarily white students. Find out how you can help close this funding gap on DonorsChoose!

Mckeel Academy of Technology is a public school on West Parker Street in Lakeland, FL, with 1,283 students in grades 6 – 12 and a 9.5:1 student-teacher ratio. Two projects funded on DonorsChoose by its teachers can be seen here.