New Smyrna Beach Bike Rentals


Get active while relaxing during your New Smyrna Beach vacation by adding a bicycle ride! Local companies rent scooters, surfboards, golf carts, and other equipment as well.

Many bike rentals will be delivered directly to your condo or hotel. Low tide is often considered the ideal time for riding when the sand becomes densely packed.

Beach Cruisers

Beach cruisers are easy-to-ride bikes that come in an array of colors. They feature an upright riding position with wide balloon tires and a single-speed drivetrain; many also come equipped with both front-hand brakes and rear coaster brakes. Beach cruisers are popular among casual riders looking to avoid investing in more complicated bikes; this bike makes a great commuting option to and from work or running errands while on bike tours. It is also perfect for families and people with anxiety about cycling!

Attractive beach bikes feature an intuitive design that’s both cost-effective and low maintenance costs, featuring steel or aluminum frames with coaster brakes for more excellent durability than lighter-weight racing bikes. In addition, their larger wheels and longer wheelbase provide more excellent stability than racing or mountain bikes – ideal for use on rough, sandy terrain and salt air conditions.

Most beach cruisers feature a single-speed drivetrain, forcing riders to pedal harder uphill. But you could upgrade to one featuring three to seven gears to cover more ground with less effort – an upgrade worth investing in if you live in hilly areas.

Beach cruisers not only offer a comfortable ride but are versatile enough to traverse different surfaces with ease, from gravel and dirt roads to pavement surfaces and loose sand. Their broad, grippy tires can even go through loose sand with relative ease, though in these instances, extra caution must be exercised due to more challenging riding conditions for bikes. Furthermore, riders must wear helmets while riding any bicycle.

Beach cruisers provide an exciting way to experience New Smyrna and its beaches, making for a convenient means of sightseeing and recreation. Local companies such as Salty Rentals, East Coast Bike, Beach Rentals, Nichols Surf Shop, or Beachside Candy offer rental options that meet this need at competitive rates depending on how long your rental period will be; some even provide discounts with longer rentals!

Mountain Bikes

No matter your level, Riverbend Park and Dyer Park trails provide an ideal venue to discover mountain biking with your family. Jonathan Dickinson State Park and Halpatiokee Park both also have paved paths that you can ride.

Before renting a mountain bike, take into account your riding style and the terrain you plan on conquering. Different mountain bikes feature other suspension systems; therefore, you should select the appropriate one according to your needs (full-suspension bikes feature front and rear suspension forks, while hardtail bikes only feature one suspension fork).

Another crucial consideration is wheel size. Mountain bikes typically feature larger wheels to handle rougher terrain and are equipped with more gears than road bikes for greater versatility and easier hill climbing. Their wider wheels also provide a more comfortable riding position.

Mountain biking provides a fantastic workout for your entire body, stretching not only your legs but also targeting arms, core muscles, and even self-esteem and mood enhancement. Plus, it’s green exercise!

New Smyrna Beach offers an abundance of mountain bike rentals, making it easy to find your ideal ride during your vacation. Rental periods range from an hour up to several weeks at various shops; some also provide shuttle services directly to local trails.

Renting a mountain bike can provide the ideal way to experience this sport before committing to purchase your own. Most rental shops provide bikes to meet every riding style and budget; military personnel and seniors may receive discounted rental rates. Just make sure that during peak seasons, your reservation is confirmed in advance: some shops require credit card deposits or cash in order to hold onto their bike; additional equipment may also be necessary, like helmets and locks; for hybrid rentals, please inquire as to the availability of child seats.

Electric Bikes

Peddling along the beach doesn’t need to be laborious! Some bike shops provide electric bikes for rent to allow visitors to cover more ground with less effort – ideal if traveling with young children or those less physically fit. Rental shops also provide accessories like helmets, locks, and bicycle trailers to ensure safe rides.

Do not overload your trunk with beach gear; rent a bike from one of NSB’s numerous bike rental stores instead! Some even deliver directly to hotels or condominiums for long-term visitors’ convenience. Prices begin around $20 for essential beach cruiser rentals, while more advanced bikes may cost as much as $40 daily, although many companies provide discounts for longer rentals or bookings. In addition, the Synchrony Sports Card Program can finance purchases.


Car trunk space may only go so far; if biking is part of your New Smyrna Beach itinerary, renting bikes from one of the many rental equipment services available here could make things easier for you. From bikes, surfboards, and golf carts to strollers, there is sure to be a company with just what you need – many even provide delivery services, so it will all be waiting when you arrive at your hotel or condo!

Salty Rentals, conveniently located just steps from the beach, offers a selection of bikes as well as trailers to ensure everyone can have an enjoyable ride through the New Smyrna Beach coastline.