Offroad Outlaws – A Guide to Barn Finds


Offroad Outlaws is an incredible game for anyone interested in off-road racing. Nothing compares to the thrill of zipping down mountain trails and climbing through rivers like Offroad Outlaws!

Offroad Outlaws’ barn finds are one of the game’s standout features, giving players access to new cars for free. But how can you find them?

What is a barn find?

Barn finds are classic cars hidden away for an extended period, typically found in garages, sheds, carports, or barns, and often in disrepair. Collectors and enthusiasts often seek them out because these rare gems can be restored to their former glory – not unlike how people dream of discovering an unassuming Porsche 356 Speedster or Ferrari GTO in an unexpected place tucked away somewhere! However, hunting down and purchasing such rare finds requires much more work than simply driving to a garage and picking it up there!

Automotive media often misuses the term ‘barn find,’ yet that term often distorts reality. Some barn finds may occur in actual barns; however, much more is involved. Hunting down and purchasing an old vehicle usually requires particular expertise and sometimes lengthy processes before its ownership can be verified and legal titles issued.

Donna O’Hara held onto the first ever Shelby Daytona Cobra ever built for decades before it was eventually discovered by German specialist Mint Classics, restored to its original condition, and sold for nearly $2 Million.

Classic cars can also be purchased on the open market without all this trouble. If you have patience and dedication, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace often feature such cars. Also, note that buying any vehicle legally requires a clean title – finding actual barn finds with clear histories can be more challenging.

Offroad Outlaws features Barn finds as one way of encouraging players to complete the entire storyline; although you cannot purchase vehicles immediately upon starting play, developers offer incentives in the form of unique cars to explore all areas.

Where are barn finds in Offroad Outlaws?

Offroad Outlaws is a fantastic car game that gives players ample freedom in customizing and driving their vehicles. One unique aspect of Offroad Outlaws is barn finds, hidden cars that can be found throughout the map that can be restored and customized into unique rides! For more information on where you can locate barn finds in Offroad Outlaws, read this guide!

Offroad Outlaws features nine barn finds. Though spread throughout the map, they may be hard to locate without knowing exactly where they can be found. One such find is a red muscle car known as the Barracuda that can be found in the desert area.

The second barn find to look out for is the Ford Mustang, also in the desert area. Although not as easy to locate as its counterpart, it will unlock the Desert Racer event once you find one!

Once you’ve discovered all your barn finds, use them to acquire some incredible cars. Be careful with how you spend your money; otherwise, you could pay too much and won’t afford all the vehicles on your list.

Offroad Outlaws offers more than just barn finds; it features multiplayer so you can play with friends, various challenges to complete, and a large map to explore. So, if you’re searching for a fun yet challenging game, look at Offroad Outlaws; you won’t regret it!

How do I open a barn find?

Finding a classic car in an abandoned garage can be seen as a dream on TV, with cars unearthed from decades of neglect being discovered and brought back to life after their discovery. While reality may differ somewhat – cars that have been left to rot, covered in dust, or even housing wildlife may still be found from time to time — finding a Barn Find can be an enriching experience!

Forza features 14 Barn Find vehicles to uncover in its game. While some are hidden away in specific locations, others require specific activities – for instance, the GMC Jimmy (one of the first Barn Find vehicles found), which was unlocked after completing Apex Expedition; other barn finds can be activated by visiting specific locations and activating cutscenes; however, these classic vehicles won’t be usable until repaired first.

Once a player has completed a Barn Find, they’ll receive an alert informing them that the vehicle is now available. To use it, head to one of the houses on their mini-map and select Barn Find from their menu.

Most Barn Finds found in Forza are in good shape, requiring little more than some minor repairs to be ready to run again. Others, however, could be in much worse shape and will require towing to a garage for complete restoration services.

Ford Racing Escort RS1600 MK1 is one of several Barn Finds that require additional work to discover. To do so, players must first complete Horizon Mexico festival, where a particular mission must be played to unlock it, as well as reach Central Ruin’s top during Wilds Expedition with the optional accolade “Reach the top of Central Ruin.” Likewise, the Jaguar Sport XJR-15 can be discovered by visiting an airfield and activating a cutscene, showing it being removed and repaired before arriving back at its intended homestead!

Why can’t I find barn finds in Offroad Outlaws?

Offroad Outlaws is an off-road car game that allows players to build and customize their cars before driving them across various maps. The game features trucks, jeeps, pick-ups, and obstacles that add challenge and thrill – not forgetting its multiplayer mode, where competitors compete online against one another!

Offroad Outlaws includes a feature called Barn Finds, which unlocks cars in certain spots across the map for free, making these rare gems harder to come by but rewarding them with accessible vehicles in return for searching in specific areas on the map. While Barn Finds may be hard to come across initially, if you know where to look, you can unlock these gems without spending money! However, if you are having difficulty in your hunt, there are a few solutions you could try before giving up:

First, review your vehicle inventory to check for unlocked cars that you haven’t unlocked yet. Pressing the upper-left button of the screen allows you to see which cars remain unlocked while also giving an overview of which ones have already been opened. From here, explore the map until you find what you’re searching for – sometimes, multiple attempts may be needed before finding what you want!

Once again, try searching car dealerships in your city until you locate an unlocked car you have not used yet. Sometimes, they may be locked away in a garage once found, unlocked, and used in a game.

Offroad Outlaws’ barn finds are an exciting part of its gameplay. Spanning nine locations around the map, these gems of discovery add an exciting element of discovery and exploration to every game session. By effectively using your knowledge and strategy, unlocking these cars becomes much more straightforward, so you can begin enjoying them within your games immediately! Don’t wait another second – start searching now!