OMM Waterproof Jacket Review


The OMM Kamleika is stretch waterproof with a 20,000 HH rating and a breathability rating of 20,000 g/m2. It’s twice as substantial as many lightweights and lightweight options yet still maintain a comfortable weight. OMM invented stretch waterproofs more than 20 years ago with the Kamleika, the first of its kind. Since then, Kamleika has undergone extensive testing in some of the most brutal races, proving its breathability and waterproofing properties.

Kamleika stretch fabric

OMM is improving its waterproof jackets with the addition of their new Kamleika stretch fabric. The outer fabric is made from stronger nylon and retains a soft, stretchy feel. The result is a jacket that feels like a regular, comfortable jacket but still keeps you dry and warm. The new Kamleika jackets also have better style and color selection than previous models.

First introduced over 20 years ago, the Kamleika is a stretchy, rustle-free fabric that makes running in the mountains more bearable. The fabric has been specially designed for the rigors of mountain running. The back hem is dropped a little bit so that it does not ride up when you run with a backpack. The sleeves are also long and have a drop tail that allows you to fine-tune the fit for a tight seal.

The jacket also has an internal cradle that keeps the hood in place. The soft, four-way stretch fabric provides excellent breathable properties. It also has foldable mountain hoods and an adjustable mountain hood. Moreover, this waterproof jacket is a wind barrier and has a breathable mountain hood. You can be protected from wind and water with the help of Kamleika’s Omm stretch fabric.

The OMM Kamleika Stretch Fabric is a breathable, stretchy fabric that keeps the body warm and prevents the jacket from flapping or making noise. It is also more durable with its new Nylon face fabric. The jacket has two large hand pockets and is designed to meet the needs of mountain runners. It is also suitable for hill walking or fast alpine climbing. The lightweight Nylon face fabric keeps the jacket comfortable, even during vigorous activities.

20,000 HH waterproof

A hardshell jacket must be both windproof and waterproof to be effective. The hydrostatic head is a test that measures waterproofness. A jacket with a hydrostatic head over 15,000mm will be waterproof and windproof. A hardshell jacket with a hydrostatic head rating of over 20,000mm is recommended for running or biking in cold or wet weather. But be aware that the jackets with lower hydrostatic head ratings are only waterproof under light pressure.

One of the key benefits of an OMM 20,000 HH waterproof jacket is its lightweight outer layer with taped seams and maximum breathability. In addition, the fabric is a four-way stretch Gelanots, which ensures excellent moisture wicking. It also conforms to the body’s shape, keeping you dry and comfortable. The outer layer is made from nylon for extra durability. It is also very lightweight, making it easy to pack.

The hood is not fitted with a peak but fits around a ponytail. It also features a clip in the back to adjust its shape. The hood is only available in bin-bag black, but reflective detailing ensures visibility. Runners should be careful with lightweight, lightweight jackets, however. Those out running and who do not need a heavy jacket’s added weight should choose this lightweight option.

A high-end OMM 20,000 HH waterproof jacket can be a luxury. However, a quality jacket that protects you from the elements will keep you dry in any situation. A future light jacket is a fantastic option for outdoor activity. Its waterproofing is effective both on the outside and inside, and it is eco-friendly. Further, it features any adventurer who needs to keep dry in any weather. It also comes in a range of sizes from XS to XXL. It has a fully adjustable hood, Velcro wrist cuffs, a drop-tail hem, two hand-warmer pockets, and an internal zippered pocket.

20,000 g/m2 breathability

A high breathability jacket will allow water vapor to escape, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable even on the coldest days. A jacket with this feature is important for backcountry skiing and urban travel. The breathable rating of a jacket measures the amount of moisture it can allow to pass through one square meter of fabric over a twenty-four-hour period. This is important for long days on the mountain when the wearer is often subjected to sudden drops in temperature and humidity.

The Kamleika Waterproof Jacket is a stretch waterproof jacket from OMM. It features a 20,000-g/m2 breathability rating and is more substantial than many other lightweight waterproofs. This jacket was the first stretch waterproof to be developed and introduced true stretch technology. Over the years, the Kamleika has been improved to incorporate a more comfortable fit, stretch, and breathability. The jacket’s high level of performance has been proven in even the most challenging environments.

The OMM Waterproof Jacket 20,000 g/m2 boasts a hydrostatic head of 30,000 mm and is designed for outdoor use. It features a DWR coating, which keeps water from contacting the outer surface of the jacket. The DWR coating prevents the jacket from getting wet, allowing the waterproof membrane to function better. It also keeps the wearer’s body dry while wearing the jacket.

Another benefit is the slim fit. The jacket is made of a two-layer waterproof fabric and has a stretch-built fabric. The outer fabric contains a membrane that is glued to the outer fabric. This allows for weight savings by eliminating the backer fabric. In addition, the hood is adjustable, and the fabric is available in bin-bag black. Finally, reflective detailing makes visibility even better.


The Omm Waterproof Jacket is one of the few jackets with drawstrings inside. You can see them on the inner face of the jacket. These drawstrings prevent the jacket from “dropping” or becoming bulky. This feature is also useful when you’re carrying lots of items. The jacket is also packed into a drawstring bag about the size of a 330-ml soda can. The jacket has two zippered pockets and a clever mesh bag that you can turn into a mini backpack. This waterproof jacket is perfect for light showers and winds but might not be comfortable for long winter runs.

Ultra distance race requirements

The OMM Halo Plus Running Jacket is a lightweight, breathable mountain shell. It has fully taped seams and a peaked hood for extra coverage. It’s also FRA and ultra distance race-approved. It features a 2-layer static fabric and an award-winning closure system. This jacket also has reflective detailing and is packable to fit in a small backpack. For ultra-distance races, this jacket is an absolute necessity.

The OMM Waterproof Jacket was specially designed for ultra-distance races. Because the weather in Galloway in 1976 was exceptionally bad, only 30 per cent of runners finished. Asked about the event, KIMM founder Gerry Charnley said, “Everybody knows this is not a Sunday afternoon picnic!” This jacket’s design and construction ensure comfort and performance for any ultra-marathoner. Harvey Maps commissioned a bespoke race map for the event in 1977, making it an essential part of the OMM apparel requirements for ultra-marathon runners.

Another essential consideration is weight. Many runners purchase their first waterproof jacket based on a race kit list. This can lead to a lot of confusion, as they aren’t sure if they will need a large or small size. Thankfully, fabric technology has made waterproof jackets extremely lightweight. Many weigh less than 200g. However, lighter jackets are more expensive and clingy.