Online Train Ticket Booking


Online train ticket booking is a service that has gained popularity, and many people are using this facility. However, there are certain things that you need to know before booking online. For example, you should know that purchasing a train ticket online is not always a safe option. You should also check for cancellation processes and payment gateway services.

Cancellation process

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation has introduced a facility for canceling train tickets online. A successful cancellation of a ticket leads to a full or partial refund. In addition, IRCTC offers an online application and a mobile app.

There are a few rules to consider when canceling a ticket. First, a ticket must be booked in full. Secondly, a valid mobile number must be provided. And finally, you must know which key is eligible for cancellation.

The official name for this particular feature is TDR or Ticket Deposit Receipt. This is a form that can be filed online before the departure of your train. Once it is filed, your refund amount will be credited to the same account you used to book the ticket.

For those who prefer to pay at the counter, you will still be able to cancel your booking. However, the system should also allow you to link the ticket you bought from the website with the one you purchased from the counter.

Verify that your train ticket has been issued properly

When you are traveling by train, you should be aware that the quality of service on offer varies from region to region. So, to avoid being unlucky, it is recommended to take note of the local railway rules and regulations. Besides, this will help you to get to your destination promptly.

For instance, you should always carry a boarding pass to prevent being asked to leave the train. You can also make use of the self-service ticketing machines on each platform. In the same way, you should also not forget to validate your ticket before you board. If the same is not done, you can be fined up to 200 Euros in Europe. That’s not to mention the countless hours wasted in the queues at the ticket counter!

Of course, if you have an online train ticket booking in your kitty, the only way to validate it is to visit the railway station. The ticketing staff will provide an EFT for the same.

Payment gateway service provider

The Indian Railway Tourism and Catering Corporation (IRCTC) has launched a payment gateway called IRCTC pay. This aims to make booking train tickets easier, faster, and more reliable. Using this service, customers can book train tickets and receive instant refunds. Besides, the process is more straightforward than using other payment gateways.

The IRCTC is looking to eliminate its dependence on third-party providers. In addition, it is also introducing an “AutoPay” feature that will reduce the amount of time it takes to key in card details.

While some popular payment gateways, such as Stripe, accept all major credit cards, businesses must choose a gateway that supports their specific credit card networks. In addition, depending on the product or service, payment processing fees will vary.

Payment gateways are crucial to eCommerce platforms, providing a seamless checkout experience. In addition, they authenticate payments, transferring data securely between websites and payment processors. Moreover, they offer several features, including transaction limits and mobile wallet support.

Private platforms for railway ticket booking

A lot has changed in the Indian railways in the last few years. You can now book unreserved train tickets on the internet, saving time and effort. The IRCTC has been a significant player in this field. You can also use its UTS app to book your tickets. This app allows you to make your reservations from your mobile phone.

You can check out Trains, a web and app-based application that provides information on train status, PNR, coach position, and berths. You can also buy platform tickets through this application. It also lets you plan your budget and browse various trains.

Another option is to visit the official site of the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation. They offer the services of online railway ticket booking, with a dedicated section for it. Besides, they also provide I-tickets.

However, you might be wondering why you should bother about this. Usually, travelers purchase their tickets at the terminals of the providers. These are generally cheaper than those found on their websites. Also, the technology is sometimes outdated, and the system is often inconsistent.