Pinnokka Vikasana Corporation Loan Details


The Corporation extends financial assistance to the members of Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe who wish to start self-employment ventures in a group. The maximum project cost is Rs.3,00,000/-.

This scheme aims to safeguard the Scheduled Communities from the exploitation of private money lenders for vehicle finance. This scheme will also assist employees of state government departments, live state public sector undertakings, and autonomous institutions in purchasing their dream car.

Marriage Assistance Scheme

Pinnokka Vikasana Corporation implements the Marriage Assistance Scheme to ensure the financial independence of girls belonging to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities from exploitation by private money lenders. Under this scheme, a girl gets one-time financial assistance up to Rs 50,000 for conducting her wedding. The amount is directly transferred into the girl’s bank account through DBT mode. The eligibility criteria include the following: the girl’s age should be marriageable, and she must be from either an AAY or PHH (Priority Household) ration card holder family. Required documents include receipt of marriage hall/temple / register marriage certificate, ration card, and Aadhar card Xerox copies with Government Gazette officers’ attestation, Labour Welfare Fund contribution receipt Xerox, and bank passbook front page.

Self Employment Scheme

This scheme is designed to help unemployed youths from Scheduled Castes start their venture to generate income. It provides financing up to Rs. 2 lakh. It is provided through the corporation and subsidy from the state government. The loan amount is released in installments on a trimester/semester/annual basis. It is given for a maximum period of 6 years. The interest rate is 6%. It is also offered to women who are members of minority communities as notified by central and state governments from time to time.

The scheme aims to help women who are members of backward classes take up self-employment ventures. It provides financial assistance to buy a vehicle so that they can go about their work and earn money. It primarily targets persons employed in state government departments, autonomous institutions, and live State public sector undertakings belonging to the scheduled castes. The aim is to provide a soft loan so that they do not have to resort to private financiers in the state charging exorbitant rates for vehicle finance.

The loan is granted to individuals or through Self Help Groups (SHG). The District Level Screening Committee, comprising the District Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare Officer, the Managing Director of the District Central Co-Operative Bank, and the Deputy Commissioner of the respective district, selects beneficiaries for various loans. Documents required include proof of age, an annual family income certificate from village officers, and no dues certificate from other agencies. The scheme also requires a promoter contribution of up to 10% for projects costing less than Rs. 2.00 lac.

Women Empowerment Programme

Women empowerment is a process by which women become more confident in shaping their lives and environment. It is a combination of economic and social policies designed to help women develop their skills and improve their livelihoods. The program provides training for traditional trades, such as weaving jute products, mat making, and Zori crafts, and nontraditional trades, like computer, electronics, radio and TV repair, and community health work. Moreover, it also offers support for setting up co-operatives and associations.

The Women Empowerment Programme is a new initiative of the Pinnokka Vikasana Corporation. It aims to provide credit assistance for the development of income-generating activities by women entrepreneurs from the Scheduled Castes and Tribes. The loan will be provided at a nominal rate of interest and is intended to fund low investment-oriented conventional trades and petty businesses. It will also provide funding for establishing women-owned and operated enterprises, including cooperatives.

The Corporation has also devised a scheme to extend loans for house renovation and extension. This scheme is especially relevant in the wake of the recent floods in Kerala, as it aims to help the families that were displaced by these devastating events. This scheme will be offered to lower-income groups and government employees who belong to the Scheduled Castes and Tribes. This will allow them to re-establish their homes and fulfill other basic needs.

Housing Loan

If you want to buy a new house or renovate your old one, then the Housing Loan offered by Pinnokka Vikasana Corporation is an excellent option for you. This scheme is designed to help lower-income groups and government employees from Scheduled Communities to materialize their dream of having a home.

This scheme is especially relevant in the aftermath of the recent floods in Kerala, which left many people displaced from their original homes.