Plant Cartoon – The Weird Parts of a Plant



Plants can be stunning. One of the world’s largest flowering plants is an extensive seagrass meadow in Western Australia; one of its strangest inhabitants is a tropical carnivorous pitcher plant that traps vertebrate prey before digesting them!

A young girl on a small planet discovers her emotions are turning into plants and learns how to care for them and keep them flourishing. This animated show utilizes essential vocabulary and engaging animation techniques to bring plant science alive for learners.

Hand-drawn frame-by-frame cartoon animation shows the seeds of an apple tree falling from the sky onto a terra cotta clay pot, being watered, and then eventually growing into an apple tree.


Learners can explore the inner workings of plants with this engaging animation aligned to Next Generation Science Standards. It features critical vocabulary and energy to bring plants to life, including some of the world’s largest and smallest plants, such as 180 square kilometers of seagrass meadow off Western Australia and the Nepenthes pitcher plant that traps and digests vertebrate prey such as lizards.

Five hundred sixty-seven thousand three hundred eighty-nine cartoon plant illustrations and vectors are royalty-free and available for licensing.