Prana Clothing Review


Prana offers clothing designed to support an active lifestyle. Their minimalist yet functional pieces make great yoga, hiking, rock climbing, and other dynamic movement adventures.

Prana products tend to fall on the higher-priced end, and their use of Chinese manufacturing doesn’t always align with their environmental sustainability mission. Is Prana worth your consideration?


prAna is a sustainable fashion brand with an ethical focus, using organic, recycled, and responsibly sourced materials to reduce land, water, and air pollution. Additionally, prAna is certified Fair Trade which ensures each worker receives fair wages that can be spent back into their community for healthcare services, pharmacies, education, or childcare needs.

They adhere to a stringent code of conduct that must be observed and partner with groups like FLA to evaluate worker standards. Furthermore, they do not use fur, angora, or exotic animal skin products and only source down certified by Responsible Down Standard to protect geese and ducks who provide their feathers.

As they still produce some clothes in non-regulated factories, they still need to do much work to be sustainable and ethical. Their fabrics are long-wearing, while their designs offer comfort for daily wear.


Prana stands out as an ethical company, boasting genuinely sustainable practices. Certified as Bluesign Green, their materials all come from ethical sources, including recycled wool and organic cotton from recycled sources. Furthermore, Prana ensures all suppliers treat workers fairly.

The Prana Stretch Zion II pants are an excellent pair for backpacking or hiking trips in hot climates, featuring quick-drying fabric with UPF 50+ rating to protect you against sun exposure during outdoor adventures in the summer months.

Additionally, these pants feature unique pocket arrangements with two chest pockets and one zippered leg pocket, perfect for stashing snacks or other essentials!

Customers online tend to give these pants high ratings; they offer a great fit and are comfortable, yet some users have complained that the fabric may not be as breathable. Furthermore, some pieces may have been manufactured in China, which may cause concern among some individuals.


Prana offers an assortment of pants and shirts designed to support outdoor activities like hiking, camping, yoga, or other forms of movement. One such product is their Prana Koen Pant, designed with stretch fabric that provides comfort while remaining stretch-friendly, featuring zipper closure for effortless movement while traditional belt loops for those who prefer them.

The Halle Straight pants are another excellent choice for outdoor adventures, although they might not provide as much breathability as others. Their slimming effect keeps you looking sharp after an active day on the trails.

Customers typically rate Prana clothing highly and find its lightweight fabric ideal for indoor and outdoor activities. Their sizes selection is extensive, while their return policy is also flexible – our only complaints were about short zipper length on men’s pants and colors fading quickly.


Customers who have purchased Prana apparel have consistently raved about its comfort. Additionally, customers noted how lightweight fabrics were suitable for indoor and outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing, and other adventure trips. Furthermore, Prana clothing also provides UV protection – an added perk!

However, reviewers have noted that the cotton blend doesn’t insulate well when wet, becoming cold when exposed. Furthermore, its size is one size larger than typical pants.

If you’re considering purchasing PrAna clothing, read their return policy first. They accept returns within 60 days from the original shipping date when purchased through their website or official stores without providing a prepaid shipping label for returns.