Reformation Clothing Review – Is it Worth the Hype?


Reformation clothing has quickly become fashionable since Taylor Swift donned one of their dresses in an eye-catching TikTok video last year, yet many questions whether its hype and price tag justify purchasing a piece from them.

As part of our exploration, we’ll look at some of their top sellers and see how they compare against alternatives. First up: Alex Slim Tee


Reformation is one of the leading names in sustainable fashion and boasts many fans among influencers and celebrities alike. Additionally, Reformation has made strides to become more transparent and accountable in its supply chain practices.

Over 65% of their clothing is produced at their factory, while they outsource any remaining production to responsible manufacturing partners. Their audit program ensures these factories adhere to established standards while working toward improving conditions continually.

Their fabrics use low-impact materials like recycled polyester, TENCEL Lyocell fabric, organic cotton, and linen sourced from sustainable farms. In addition, their production facilities use OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Bluesign-certified dyeing processes and incorporate recycling, donation, and reuse as part of their processes while buying deadstock fabric from other producers into production processes.

Climate Neutral works to offset 100% of their emissions, with reduction targets set using science. Their goal is to become climate positive by 2025. They even offer clothing recycling programs to divert waste from landfills.


Reformation has quickly gained an impressive fanbase on Instagram fashion trends. Their feminine dresses boast charming details such as floral prints, sweetheart necklines, and dress slits, making them a go-to brand among celebrities like Taylor Swift and Hailey Bieber.

Sustainable practices and quality fabrics make the brand stand out among fast fashion offerings; this means their pieces tend to cost more than similar reports available elsewhere.

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a Reformation dress, browsing secondhand listings on Poshmark or eBay could save money and help the environment. Plus, their clothes tend to hold their value well when sold again at resale markets, giving you access to additional funds when ready for something different!


Since its introduction, this brand’s ethos of self-confidence and sensuality combined with sustainability has struck a chord with Taylor Swift, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Sophia Bush and Alexa Chung – among many other stylish celebrities – as well as everyday consumers through campaign slogans such as “Lower Your Neckline Not Your Standards” or “We Make Killer Clothes That Don’t Kill the Environment.”

Reformation Clothing Company is impressive for being such a newly founded clothing line; their website already showcases an extensive list of their sustainable accomplishments and initiatives ranging from carbon footprint calculators to supply chain transparency – over 19 pages dedicated to sustainability efforts at their brand!

A customer Satisfaction Score of 97% shows that customers are delighted with our products and services. Customers scoring ten are considered Promoters who may recommend it to friends and family.


Reformation is known for its adorable yet sultry dresses featuring floral prints and feminine details, often made of viscose/rayon material, linen, organic cotton, or Tencel lyocell (derived from eucalyptus trees), all more environmentally sustainable materials than typical fast fashion fabric used by other retailers.

Cottage Core clothing has become highly fashionable in 2020. Cottage core styles often feature romantic floral prints, ruffles, and side slits in dresses – ideal for spring/summer wear while it may not work well in colder temperatures.

Reformation’s sizing can often be inconsistent and has received many complaints on this matter from customers. While they have responded to some of these issues, most remain unresolved, resulting in only 2.2 stars on Trustpilot for customer satisfaction rating. On a positive note, however, Reformation now sells its clothes at Nordstrom, which offers superior returns policies than its store locations.