Price Action Forex Ltd Review


This Price Action Forex Ltd review aims to give you an honest assessment of this company. We will examine their transparency, accuracy, and customer support. We also consider the company’s team and headquarters. We have found a few flaws in this company’s website, which we have addressed in the following paragraphs.

Price Action Forex Ltd

Price Action Forex Ltd is a signal service offering subscribers binary options signals. The company claims to have over 90% accuracy and is committed to providing traders with up to 200 profitable signals every month. It also offers a free Telegram channel for traders to exchange trading knowledge and signals. Besides providing trading signals, the service provides account management opportunities and weekly exclusive offers.

Price Action Forex Ltd works through a Telegram channel to send you trading signals. The service also allows you to set different lot sizes for different pairs and select the percentage you want to risk for each trade. It also allows you to exclude specific pairs and close your positions on partial profits. The trade execution time is less than 5 seconds. You can also set multiple stop losses and multiple take profit levels, and the software will generate profitable signals based on your selected parameters.

Price Action Forex Ltd is based in London, and the company has yet to reveal the identity of the team members behind it. This is a red flag, as a company with no transparency is not likely to have any credibility. This company has received several user reviews on Trustpilot, some of which have been negative. In some cases, customers have complained that Price Action Forex Ltd deducted their funds even if they subscribed to a lifetime membership. Some others have even complained that their daily recaps did not include their losses.

Their accuracy

While Price Action Forex Ltd claims to be a reliable forex signal service, its website does not provide links to verified live trading accounts. This is an important feature for any serious Forex trader since it’s the only way to measure profitability. This review will cover the pros and cons of using this service.

This forex signal service promises to do all the hard work for its clients, such as tracking the world economy. They also offer signals with specific entry and stop losses and a take profit. The service is very helpful if you’re new to trading and want a guide to help you learn the ropes.

The service is free and easy to use. It sends trading signals through a Telegram channel. A seasoned team of experts generates signals based on several factors, including support and resistance levels. They have 15 or more experts working in the Forex market. The service also offers premium signals through its three VIP channels.

Their transparency

Transparency is one of the most important factors in determining whether Price Action Forex Ltd is worth investing in. The company offers several different transparency levels. Its website is overloaded with information but provides only basic details. The website is also not transparent about the team or corporation. As a result, you can’t be sure whether they’ll give you accurate signals. However, the team is available via a Telegram channel, and they’ll be happy to share their trading results with you.

The company offers a variety of subscription packages. The basic VIP service is $40 per month. The other packages are $90 for three months, $99 for six months, and $199 for a year. Some packages include live signals on commodities and indices. During peak hours, the NYSE indices move fast, and you’ll need to be able to provide signals quickly. Additionally, price action Forex Ltd’s Automated Trader software analyzes the market trend and creates the best position for traders. It also provides risk management capabilities to minimize your trading risks.

PricingAction Forex Ltd provides signals for various trading types, including scalpers, indices, and crypto. These signals are available for a wide range of currency pairs. Their clients have reported gains of over sixteen hundred pips per month. Furthermore, their VIP channel offers account management opportunities and exclusive offers every week. The company claims that they have an accuracy rate of over 90%.

Their customer service

The customer support of Price Action Forex Ltd is a bit lacking. In addition to offering a small selection of services, they also lack transparency regarding their team members. This can be problematic for a company, especially when transparency is crucial to a service’s reputation. Some of their customer reviews on Trustpilot are negative. Many have claimed that the service is a scam. Other complaints include the fact that they take money from your credit card, even if you subscribe to the service for life. Also, their daily recaps do not reflect losses, which can be a significant issue.

In addition to customer support, Price Action Forex LTD also has a Telegram channel, which allows you to interact with their team in real-time. The team provides five to eight quality signals daily, with a VIP channel available to paid members. VIP members also get access to special offers and money management tips. In addition, the service has an accuracy rate of over 90%, and its members average gains of 1605 pips per day.