Show Your Love of Cigars With a Cigar Shirt


A cigar shirt is a fashion statement that shows your appreciation of cigars. Constructed with high-grade materials and featuring eye-catching designs, you can personalize it even further with monogramming to make it more special and unique.

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It’s Comfortable

No matter if you are an avid cigar smoker or enjoy the occasional puff, cigar shirts are an attractive and comfortable solution. Crafted from quality materials with eye-catching colors to match any event. Plus, they’re machine washable, so they stay looking their best.

These shirts come in multiple sizes to ensure you find one that best suits you. When ordering one, provide this information: width at widest point; circumference under arms/triceps area and desired neck circumference length, waist size/hip size combination, as well as desired length measured from collar seam to bottom hem hemline).

Doing something extra special with your cigar shirt means custom monogramming! Not only can this set it apart from the crowd and show your individuality, but it can also even feature your favorite brand or message, so it feels made just for you! So go ahead and order yours now; it will certainly be an eye-catcher at your next cigar event.

It’s Fashionable

Any luxurious and sensual experience needs a matching look, and cigar smoking is no different. Wearing a cigar shirt is the perfect way to show your passion for cigars while showing your impeccable fashion sense – these colorful shirts feature unique designs made from high-quality materials with custom monogramming available so that they’re truly yours!

Men’s garment-dyed heavyweight tees are an ideal choice for cigar enthusiasts who prioritize style and comfort. Soft yet breathable material fits like a glove, adding that special something to any layered streetwear look or relaxing alone with a cigar – be it out with friends or enjoying it alone, this shirt adds the final touch to any look – don’t hesitate – pick one of these shirts today – you won’t regret it.

It’s Unique

This cigar shirt is the perfect way to show your devotion to smoking cigars! Eye-catching, fun, and stylish, it is ideal for any special occasion or even personalized with monogramming to make it uniquely your own! Add custom monogramming if desired to personalize it and make it truly yours!

This unique design is printed on a premium soft-style tee made with 100% ring-spun cotton and printed using water-based inks for ultra-soft comfort. Additionally, this style boasts Euro style neck shoulders sleeves fit and double-needle bottom hem and sleeve edges to complete its premium quality fabric construction.

This t-shirt is not associated with any NBA team or player and serves as a parody. Therefore, it falls under fair use protections. Before purchasing this or any apparel with trademarked images depicted thereon in your state, always verify whether any laws prohibiting its purchase may apply – any violation could lead to heavy fines!

It’s Affordable

While having some fancy dress shirts in your wardrobe is undoubtedly enjoyable, you don’t need to break the bank to do it. Our cigar shirts are not only affordable and stylish but machine washable for ease of care!

Custom monogramming your shirt can add the personal touch you’ve been searching for if you want something truly distinct from all of your friends’ cigar shirts. Monogramming adds that extra special touch that sets it apart.

At large cigar gatherings, cigar enthusiasts exhibit their passion through their clothing. True enthusiasts sport cigar-themed t-shirts, ball caps, and beer mugs to show their devotion. Some even sport tattoos featuring cigar designs. It’s no wonder so many people choose to show their support for this hobby by donning such attire themselves!