Son of Prince Valiant


Son of Prince Valiant breathes new life into the beloved Prince Valiant saga. While you can read it independently, knowing the original comic strip adds depth and brings back nostalgic feelings.

Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant first appeared in newspapers on February 13, 1937 – one of few action/adventure strips to remain popular after its popularity had faded away.

Knight Errant

Prince Valiant has given Arn a strong sense of adventure, as well as an enduring sense of duty, making him eager for action and eager for new experiences. However, Arn holds to his honor by following both his primarch and the Code of War without exception.

During the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy, Loyalist Legions were uprooted by Traitor counterparts, with Warden Arkad of Blood Angels being particularly affected. Warden Arkad resisted orders from Sigillite Sigillites to disband his legion’s resources across Loyalist Legions but eventually gave in under sheer necessity.

Gavriel Loken of Luna Wolf Clan stood firm against Arkad’s pleas and recruited nine Knights-Errant (Tylos Rubio, Macer Varren, Iacton Qruze, Rama Karayan, Altan Nohai, Ares Voitek Callion Zaven Tubal Cayne among them) under Sigillite orders to infiltrate Arch-traitor Horus’ flagship vessel and infiltrate her treacherously.

Loken sent his force of renegade psykers to Kamiti Sona in order to recover some psychic shards from Traitor Primarch Magnus the Red before the Thousand Sons could. Dio Promus led this force and included Rune Priest Bodvar Bjarki.

Once they had successfully recovered the shards, the Knights-Errant returned to Khangba Marwu and assisted Grey Knight Grand Master Yotun’s efforts to capture Night Lord Primarch Konrad Curze from Night Lord Primarch Fyodor Stromgren of Night Lord Primarch Konrad Curze’s Night Lord forces. Yotun was ultimately unsuccessful, but Fyodor Stromgren managed to survive being placed inside a Dreadnought sarcophagus for further interment; Malcador the Sigillite recruited him later into joining his Knights-Errant forces.

Once back on Terra, the Knights-Errant assisted in the defense of the White Mountain military installation from an assault by Chaos Cultists. Unfortunately, during battle, due to an explosion, they had to leave loyalist reinforcements behind when forced to evacuate White Mountain due to a devastating blast. Regardless, their mission was accomplished when Horus the Archtraitor was killed despite this setback; Sigillite revealed he had been deceived by one of their Knights-Errant known as Bror Tyrfingr (son of Leman Russ and former Luna Wolf scout known as Severian).


The story opens with deposed King Aguar of Thule fleeing his homeland for Britain with his five-year-old son Prince Valiant and Queen Aleta, Queen Aleta being Queen Aleta’s aunt. Once in Britain, they settled into its wild fens where Valiant would grow into a powerful, courageous individual known for his wit, strength, and courage – eventually earning him the Singing Sword, an analog to Arthur’s legendary Excalibur sword, eventually becoming one of King Arthur’s Round Table; engaging in noble quests, derring-do, and tournaments as part of King Arthur’s Round Table; finally taking down evil and injustice through noble pursuits, daring deeds to become an honorable knight worthy enough to join King Arthur’s Round Table; his battled sin against injustice on every turn of this round table battleground!

Foster’s comic strip achieved lasting fame through its blend of high adventure and family plot lines, featuring anti-spouse humor involving characters who avoided marriage. Additionally, this comic addressed critical societal issues, with one story featuring children being deceived by clergy members.

Many episodes and adventures from the comics were recreated for television audiences in a TV show adaptation. Specifically, season one featured many re-dos of early comic strips; for example, Slith grabbing Hulta’s hair to pull her away from a strong river current may seem out-of-character, given she could swim solo without help. However, the fact remains that Hulta herself could also swim proficiently independently.

Other iconic characters from the comics were included as well, with Queen Guinevere acting as leader and championing Camelot’s New Order; her presence and influence are essential components of Camelot’s success. Valiant was also shown some support through his friendship with Queen Guinevere.

Duncan Draconarius, Baron of Bridgesford and an opponent to the New Order until its ideals make him support its objectives and spare his life. Sir Gaiwain became Val’s trusted companion on his adventures, accompanied by Sir Gaiwain as they adventured together together. Over time, the show’s writers added additional characters while maintaining its core cast.

Critics and fans alike were enthusiastic in their praise for this show, earning the National Cartoonists Society’s top award, the Reuben Award. It is a popular family program that blends fantasy and medieval themes with action sequences. Furthermore, it showcased color animation, which would become increasingly widespread over time.

The Knights of Thule

The knights of Camelot represent civilization and civility in an age marked by violence, inspiring many people to emulate their courage and virtue – such as Jack Kirby, who used Prince Valiant from Camelot as an inspiration for Etrigan in X-Men series comic book comic strip Knighty Knight Bugs movie series which features King Arthur sending court jester Bugs out to defend against Viking raider Yosemite Sam raider raiders.

Adam Glauer founded the Thule Society in Munich, Germany, under the name Rudolf von Sebottendorf in 1918. It combined elements of Sufism, Freemasonry, and Hashshashin sect occult practice into its beliefs; at least some of its ideas could be considered racist and anti-Semitic, while it also had links with Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDP).

In the CW series Supernatural, one member of the Thule Society attempted to prevent Dean from resurrecting Adolf Hitler. Meanwhile, in 11eyes’s eroge/anime adaptation, Loki wears a ring bearing the Thule Society logo as he investigates disappearances involving abducted children.

Although the Society never officially disbanded, its membership declined significantly after World War One. Thanks to its secretive nature, however, the Society remained intact into the 1920s before returning to strict Pureblood supremacy and giving rise to Nazi power.

Over decades, Auror squads tracked members of the Thule Society down for wizardry tribunals, sending many to Azkaban or Nurmengard, and many even received Dementor’s Kiss as punishment.

Fantagraphics Books has published hardcover collections of Prince Valiant since 2009. In 2018, Fantagraphics completed reprinting all of Hal Foster’s pages drawn for Prince Valiant (excluding Page 2000 ) into 18 volumes as part of its Reprint Project.

The Misty Isles

Misty Isles is a symbol of West Coast culture and Desolation Sound legend. Once operated as a pleasure ship for many years, she now works as a passenger vessel maintained with care by an experienced team of mariners, woodworkers, and troubleshooters – providing comfort, seaworthiness, and craftsmanship in an age where mediocrity and incompetence seem the norm.

After Val gave birth to his son in Volume One, one would think he’d settle down into family life. Unfortunately not; rather he is soon off fighting Picts in Scotland before going back home to Thule and stopping another king from conquering England. Meanwhile, Gawain and Val reunite and are sent on investigations of black magic before engaging in a pitched battle at Castle Illwynde.

Val has long been entranced by Aleta, his beautiful gray-eyed Queen of Misty Isles, who casts a spell over him and still makes him yearn for her even after meeting with Horrit, his witch friend, to confirm he will never find happiness.

When Sea King Angor Wrack captures Val’s ship and takes her sword, he vows to get it back when given the chance. Unfortunately, however, his next opportunity comes up, but instead, his boat gets lost in the Mediterranean without food for months – until eventually making landfall, where Aleta greets him with her beauty and charms once more.

The Misty Isles is a more complex adventure than Palace of the Vampire Queen or Dwarven Glory, providing more narrative and setting context. Additionally, this was the first outdoor hex crawl featuring islands that characters could visit with ships delivered. However, its presentation may seem disorganized compared to more contemporary games like Wilderlands of High Fantasy; nonetheless, it remains an enjoyable historical curiosity.