Tata Steel E Learning


Tata Steel e-learning is a free, mobile-based training program designed to increase employee knowledge of products and services offered by Tata Steel.

This has led to a dramatic improvement in average knowledge assessment scores and increased user engagement with the platform.

Customized Learning Content

Tata Steel is one of India’s largest and most trusted business conglomerates, known for its dedication to innovation and sustainable growth. Their diverse workforce is empowered to take risks and push boundaries to reach new heights of performance. Tata Steel offers competitive compensation packages, learning opportunities, a comprehensive benefits package, a robust wellness culture engagement with employees, and global career prospects for their employees.

Gareth Howard, Manager Contract Coordination of Tata Steel Netherlands, attributes their commitment to employee development as the driving force behind his long and prosperous career. Thanks to Tata Steel Netherlands’ flexibility, Gareth has found work projects that suit his skill set and interests, allowing him to hone his craft professionally while meeting personal goals.

Tata Steel Europe sought an innovative method for training employees on product knowledge. Wranx provided them with the ideal platform to take a modern approach to learning; their learning platform employs Spaced Repetition technology, which reinforces information in short bursts over time to increase retention and recall.

This program gives trainees an experience across several disciplines at the company’s manufacturing facilities. Trainees learn to use various tools and equipment while working on different production processes – providing a unique perspective into manufacturing as well as a better understanding of products by the company. Furthermore, leadership and management training is also offered to prepare them for future leadership roles at the firm.

Interactive Learning Videos

Technology has revolutionized numerous aspects of business, and training methods are no different. Training methods are even more crucial in an industry like steel, where equipment requires extensive specialized training to operate successfully.

Tata Steel eLearning provides interactive video courses to keep its employees abreast of new procedures, providing valuable knowledge that will enhance productivity at work and be accessible at any time – perfect for busy professionals!

The Capability Development Department curated these e-learning courses that ranged from technical disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, and metallurgy to current industry trends and competencies – each offered at a nominal fee of one rupee. The department also hosted webinar sessions featuring speakers from various professions to help guide young Jamshedpurites on career decisions; more than 2000 youngsters across Jamshedpur benefitted from these webinars for the first time in India – inviting experts from defense forces, architecture, and civil services fields among others to offer career advice.

3D Content Creation

Fortuna Pix, a well-established provider of 3D educational content for K-12 education, boasts an experienced team of instructional designers, subject matter experts, graphic artists, 2D/3D animators, and multiple media specialists who produce quality educational material utilizing tried and accurate development processes that adhere to set pedagogy standards.

3D educational content offers an immersive learning experience, helping to increase student engagement and boost learning outcomes. Available formats include virtual labs, interactive activities, simulations, and assessments, which students can access on various devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops – making this tool extremely popular amongst them.

Tata Steel Europe sought an alternative method of training its employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, replacing their current e-learning modules with something more recent and contemporary, like micro, mobile, and gamified training solutions provided by Wranx.

Wranx’s solution included Spaced Repetition, an effective learning technique that employs short bursts of learning delivered at increasing intervals to boost recall among the learner population. As a result, 97% of the learners improved their knowledge from pre- to post-assessment assessments.

Tata Steel used its digital platform for training purposes and partnered with strategic vendors to conduct multiple sessions on supplier-led innovation. These sessions enabled Tata Steel to identify and pursue high-impact innovation opportunities with suppliers while building stronger business relationships that created value for both parties involved. Furthermore, this program helped reduce costs by managing supplier performance, increasing productivity, and making critical decisions quickly and efficiently.

Streamlined Workflow

Streamlined workflows offer employees an easier way to access information and make decisions, something which is especially crucial in complex operations like steel production, where large machinery must be maintained efficiently. Tata Steel uses its streamlined workflows to focus on innovation and improvement and offer its customers quality products at competitive prices; furthermore, it promotes educational initiatives such as the PET IJmond project that gives students from 40 local schools an opportunity to learn about technology and intelligent maintenance practices.

Tata Steel provides more than an e-learning platform to its workforce. For example, work-from-home internships are offered, and access is given to online courses that help employees prepare themselves for industry standards. Tata Steel has made efforts like these in order to attract top talent and retain employees within its ranks.

Tata Steel is one of the world’s foremost steel producers. Headquartered in Jamshedpur, India, and recognized for its strong ethical values and dedication to employee welfare, Tata Steel supports community involvement initiatives and environmental sustainability programs and has been honored with numerous awards and accolades for excellence.

Tata Steel’s training team wanted to enhance product knowledge within its European workforce, so they implemented Wranx, a mobile and gamified solution using Spaced Repetition for learner recall. Within two months of implementation, their learners saw an unprecedented 97% increase in average learner scores on Hot-Rolled Steel assessments! In addition, employees are now answering more correctly during post-assessments, which is evidence that gamified learning has enhanced the performance and productivity of Tata Steel employees.

Automated Reporting

Utilizing an automated system, all learning materials produced are stored centrally and are easily accessible to everyone within the company. This allows them to easily track all learners’ progress while providing reports about their performance; such words can then be used to evaluate and improve programs for future use.

Tata Steel began its digital transformation journey with research on customer decision journeys and efforts to address pain points with digital technologies, leading to two digital initiatives called PARAS and AMRIT – focussing on geospatial satellite-based demand sensing as well as using macroeconomic variables for forecasting brand Shaktee demand, while AMRIT worked to enhance value realization from extra-to-order (ETO) products through digital analytical models and automation of workflow.

To expedite the implementation of these digital projects, the company established robust governance mechanisms – monthly steering committee meetings and weekly project management office meetings were organized under top management’s facilitation to meet stakeholder expectations and to expedite implementation.

Tata Steel also provided its employees with reverse mentorship programs designed to expose them to digital technologies and share experiences with peers. Sixteen reverse mentors were paired with senior Tata Steel executives for meetings every month concerning digital technologies and business practices.

The results of these initiatives have been astounding; Tata Steel has made considerable strides toward Industry 4.0 maturity, and both its Kalinganagar and Jamshedpur plants are recognized as lighthouse sites. Tata has also earned many accolades for their commitment to sustainability, including Climate Disclosure Leader in Steel category by CDP and Authorized Economic Operator status from Directorate General of Customs.