The Best Mobile Car Detailing Near Me in NYC


Car detailing is a proactive measure that protects vehicles from costly repair costs while increasing their resale value. It entails meticulously cleaning away urban residues to restore their original beauty and keep costs minimal.

Auto detailing services come in various packages depending on the size and condition of your car, from basic interior details such as shampooing carpets and seats to applying rubber protectant to engine components. Some companies even provide complete interior detail services, including entire carpet and seat shampooing, while others may apply engine sealant protectors to engine components.

Birdie’s Auto Spa

Birdie’s Auto Spa offers eco-friendly car detailing using steam. Their mobile service uses less than one gallon of water per vehicle and eliminates wastewater runoff, creating a professional mobile detailing experience perfect for busy business executives or car enthusiasts who demand meticulous care to every curve and crevice of their vehicle. Services range from $75 to $300 by appointment only.

This company specializes in cleaning vehicles of all kinds. Their team of skilled technicians offers exterior and interior detailing, from scratch removal and swirl removal, restoring faded paint to applying ceramic coatings and leather conditioning services, stain removal and stain removal as well as stain removal/leather conditioning services, hand polishing/machine polishing to carrying various waxes/clay bars – providing comprehensive vehicle care.

KS Detailing & Ceramic Coating is a family-owned and operated business serving New York City clients. Their experienced automotive staff specializes in ceramic coatings and paint correction, restoring headlights, tinting windows, and removing stains from interior surfaces, as well as selling STEK clear bra to protect the paint against chips and scratches.

Williamsburg Hand Wash & Detail Center has long been providing automotive services. Their specialists specialize in manual hand washing, ceramic painting, tire and molding coating, and interior detailing services such as shampooing seat belts and cleaning roof linings. Furthermore, they use premium car care products from Novitec, AL Priority, and 1016 Industries manufacturers.

This company specializes in customer satisfaction. Their crew consists of trained professionals who are flexible with scheduling and bring all necessary equipment directly to you at home or the office, such as a detachable steam chimney, polishing machine, and 50-foot hose for cleaning your vehicle and applying compound cream using another polishing machine if desired. They also sell paint protection films to protect from environmental contaminants.

Five Corners Auto Salon

Five Corners Auto Salon provides various automotive services, such as hand washing and ceramic coating. Their mild detergents do not damage protective waxes. Furthermore, Evo8 Protection Systems’ antibacterial treatment removes odors and germs from vehicles. Based out of Lynbrook in New York State, Five Corners is a family business.

Mobile car detailing services offer convenience and luxury to busy professionals, offering complete exterior and interior cleaning using hand-cleaning techniques and different mitts for each car part. In addition, they also provide ceramic coatings and paint correction, using high-quality products like STEK clear bra to protect you from potential damage.

If you plan on selling your car, having it regularly detailed is essential to getting a better trade-in offer and protecting against scratches and stains that might otherwise damage it. Furthermore, well-cared-for vehicles typically outlive those that are neglected over time.

KS Detailing & Ceramic Coating offers professional detailing services in New York City for automobiles of all types, such as sedans and SUVs. Their technicians can perform complete detailing services on all vehicles, ranging from sedans to SUVs, and restore headlights and tint windows as needed. Furthermore, this company can apply a ceramic coat over your paint to protect it against rainwater and ice damage.

Mobile car detailing services offer an efficient solution for keeping your vehicle looking like new. An intensive detailing session should include:

Formula Auto Care

Mobile car detailing services add luxury and convenience to a client’s driveway, eliminating tar spots, paint scuff marks, and other contaminants from vehicles – leaving them looking brand new! They also remove rust, clean headlights, and apply ceramic coatings that protect against harsh weather conditions – perfect for busy professionals and car enthusiasts alike. These services are ideal for both busy professionals and enthusiasts.

Formula Auto Care has been providing mobile auto detailing services since 2012. Their technicians boast over two decades of experience and can work on all makes and models of vehicles. Formula’s technicians pride themselves on offering top-tier customer service while using only premium car care products. Plus, their experts possess in-depth knowledge about automotive detailing processes and provide packages tailored to their client’s needs.

KS Detailing & Ceramic Coating provides automotive detailing services in the Greater New York City metropolitan area, with eco rinseless wash, paint correction, ceramic coating, and paint protection film among its offerings. Their team of trained professionals utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure every vehicle receives a thorough cleaning while remaining protected against scratches and chips; furthermore, they also offer decontamination details and interior rejuvenation as additional services.

STEK FORMULA FUSION is an all-in-one paintwork cleanser, glaze, and hydrophobic coating designed to give vehicles a vibrant finish. Its gentle ingredients remove oxidation, light water spots, and hairline scratches with minimal risk to surface finish; free from harsh abrasives or solvents – ideal as a pre-wax cleaner or to remove contaminants before PPF installation. Meanwhile, STEK FORMULA IRON neutralizes hard-to-remove iron deposits and breaks dust while its fast-acting effects turn violet once their reaction is completed, so professionals know when their work has been finished.

Polished Clean Mobile Car Wash

Polished Clean Mobile Car Wash offers fast, quality auto detailing at your convenience, whether in a hurry or with more time. They specialize in interior and exterior cleaning, engine detailing and paint protection film application, air freshener/vacuuming services, and ozone odor removal. Using only three to five gallons per wash with commitments towards responsible water management while being phosphorus-, APE- and NPE-free!

As part of starting up a professional detailing business, you must take several factors into account that affect pricing. You will need to decide what service packages and their associated prices you will offer customers; in addition to considering each customer’s vehicle size – larger ones require more cleaning time, so charge accordingly.

Some auto detailers offer additional services as part of their packages, like headlight restoration or leather conditioning. As these extra services can add up quickly, be transparent about pricing. It’s also essential that your prices remain competitive; one way you can do this is by reviewing prices offered by competitors locally.

If you’re planning to sell or trade in your car, professional detailing can increase its resale value and help secure a higher trade-in price from dealers while preventing expensive repairs in the future. In addition to basic interior and exterior detailing services, ceramic top coat protection from stains or UV rays may also help. Easily applied sprayable coating is available in different finishes.

Detailing Dynamics

Detailing Dynamics offers mobile car detailing services throughout New York. Their shop provides paint protection film, ceramic coatings, paint correction services, and machine polishing. Furthermore, interior cleaning, shampooing, and leather degreasing are available onsite and via their app.

Whether living the hectic urban rhythms or a luxurious life, a properly maintained vehicle is vital for keeping up with your professional and personal life. Regular detailing can protect against urban residue build-up while increasing its resale potential and protecting your investment.

For an outstanding first impression with potential employers, a powerful resume is vital. Here are some helpful hints for creating an eye-catching one for car detailing jobs:

List your job responsibilities in bullet-point format, emphasizing those most relevant to the position. Include them chronologically: for example, list your current employer first before listing every previous one below it in descending chronological order. Also, be sure to list education in its section: include the school’s name, graduation year, and city and state where it occurred.

KS Detailing & Ceramic Coating offers auto detailing services in New York and its surrounding areas, interior and exterior detailing services, vacuuming, shampooing, and handwashing, among many others. Their staff also specializes in paint protection film installation and repair of rust corrosion or powder-coated brake calipers; in fact, they’re certified installers of Novitec, AL Priority, and 1016 Industries paint protection products!