The Best Sweet Shops in Oklahoma City


Nothing beats a sweet treat, and Oklahoma City offers plenty of mouthwatering dessert spots to satisfy your sweet tooth. These shops will surely leave your mouth watering, from artisan chocolate to saltwater taffy.

From delicious fudge to towering caramel apples, these candy shops in Oregon will satisfy all your sweet tooth without breaking the bank. So if you have a candy-obsessed crew in your household, make these stops one of your top priorities when visiting this state.

1. Chutters

Chutters is the candy store of dreams – featuring the world’s most extended candy counter at 112 feet!

This Littleton shop boasts over 500 varieties of candy in glass jars and homemade fudge and chocolates. A must-visit when in town – you’re sure to leave with a sense of nostalgia for simpler times.

2. Black River Candy Shoppe

Black River Candy Shoppe offers a tempting array of classic and modern confections at its Bricktown location. With 900 different candies to choose from, you’re sure to find something delicious. Plus, don’t miss out on great deals on other treats! See you there!

3. Sweet Pete’s

Sweet Pete’s is the perfect place for candy enthusiasts. There’s something here for everyone, from their famous skillet Cinnamon Rolls and Kentucky Bourbon Pie.

Two group versions remain active today: “Andy Scott’s Sweet” and “Steve Priest’s Sweet,” with the latter regularly touring Europe.

4. Hansel & Gretel Candy Kitchen

Hansel & Gretel Candy Kitchen is a must-visit for chocolate connoisseurs and peanut butter fans. Situated in two locations, the leading shop sells fudge and brittle, while their factory location just outside town produces delicious treats.

Not to mention, you’ll find some pretty tasty gummy worms here too.

5. Nisshodo Candy Store

This shop, situated in an industrial complex, has been around since 1922 and has earned numerous confectionary awards. Its specialty items are chichi dango and mochi – rice flour balls filled with bean paste and coconut.

But this place isn’t just about desserts – it also boasts the city’s finest gelato! So come on by – you won’t regret it!

6. Cravin”s

This one has it all if you’re searching for a sweet shop with an old-school vibe. It’s filled with captivating round rainbow lollipops and nostalgic candy to take you back to childhood.

Enjoy 24 delicious flavors of gelato that look as good as they taste! Bring the whole family for a sweet memory that will last a lifetime!

7. Katherine Anne

Experience the high life at Katherine Anne Chocolate Shoppe. Enjoy their high-end chocolates, or take a trip down memory lane with an old-fashioned candy cane. Plus, they have an impressive selection of candy ribbons, fudge, and more – making this place a must-visit in Oklahoma City! You’ll find Katherine Anne down a long narrow alley in Oklahoma City’s Historic downtown district.

8. Doc Sweets.’

Doc Sweets’ is every sugar lover’s paradise, boasting thousands of candy treats. From nostalgic cow tails and gummy rings to chocolate-covered insects in all shapes and sizes – there’s something for everyone at Doc Sweets’!

For something truly delicious, try the Goo Goo Cluster made with caramel, peanuts, and marshmallow nougat – it’s a Nashville must-try that even featured in gift bags for the Grammys!

9. Jim’s

Jim’s Candy Boutique offers a vast selection of sweets; whether you’re searching for classic favorites like gummy rings and old-time cow tails or something more unusual, you’ll find it here.

This sweet shop, established in 1919, is sure to please any sweet tooth! With nostalgic treats like salt water taffy and sparkling rock candy, you will find something that tickles your taste buds.

10. Cyndi’s

Cyndi’s offers a nostalgic touch with glass apothecary jars and bins bursting with gummies, hard candies, and more. Popular items include saltwater taffy and artisanal truffles – both classic favorites!

But it’s the store’s expansive 112-foot candy counter that truly shines. Here, you’ll find 500+ treats ranging from the bizarre and intriguing to tantalizingly named. Regardless of your sweet tooth desires, this store will satisfy them all!