The Best Sweet Shops in El Paso


El Paso has some of the finest charming shops around if you love sweet treats. From traditional conchas to authentic chocolate shops, there is something here for everyone.

Ixcacao, a Mexican artisanal cacao chocolate shop, has opened in downtown El Paso! This exciting addition to the dessert scene will surely please everyone’s palettes!

1. Fudge Farm

Fudge Farm is the perfect spot on East Carson Street to satisfy your sweet tooth. They’re renowned for their ice cream cookie sandwiches, brownies, and milkshakes and for selling an extensive range of fudge, chocolates and other confections.

General Manager Don Heiduk has always had a passion for food but never imagined himself owning his own confectionery business. After working at a pizza place during high school, he decided to venture out on his own to pursue his hobby of fudge making. Over time his Solvang business expanded by adding a pretzel store, an ice cream shop next door, and mail-order fudge orders.

Over the weekend, two shootings on Chicago’s South Side caused businesses to close early and alter their customer service strategies. Fudge Farm announced they would close their East Carson Street location due to “security concerns.” This marks the second time in less than a month that an eatery has shut its doors after multiple shootings on this stretch of roadway.

2. Fudge Shop

For years the Fudge Shop has been the go-to spot for sweet treats. Their signature red strawberry was always a crowd-pleaser, but now the shop has upped the ante with an array of new flavors sure to please both discerning sweet tooth and kids in the know. What’s great about these confections is they can be enjoyed immediately or taken home and toasted later – the choice is yours! To learn more about what’s new at The Fudge Shop, check out their website; you can even get some award-winning wine to accompany your chocolates!

3. El Mejor Pan

El Mejor Pan is situated in a residential neighborhood on the south side of El Paso and offers an array of sweet treats like pan dulce, brownies, cookies, and more.

The bakery offers various services, such as catering and custom cakes. Plus, its delicious selection of coffee, tea and juices is unbeatable!

This family-run establishment serves up traditional Puerto Rican dishes and desserts. With a loyal following, this eatery opens its doors daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The owners of Crave Kitchen & Bar, Octavio Gomez, Rudy Valdes and Nick Salgado, are responsible for many of El Paso’s most successful restaurants and have spearheaded its current renaissance. Their first venture together was Crave Kitchen & Bar, which opened in 2008 on Cincinnati Street.

4. Sweet Life Bakery

Sweet Life Bakery is one of the best places in town for cupcakes, their cakes are to die for, and their coffee selection is unbeatable. Plus, they’re conveniently located in El Paso with Postmates free delivery within a certain radius of their Lakeview location plus, they have a mobile app to place orders and schedule pickups – perfect when craving something sweet! You won’t regret calling them – plus, their friendly customer service may even surprise you! Plus, don’t forget – they’re open late on weekends too, for those needing something sweet afternoon!