The Bohemian Lifestyle


Bohemian lifestyle is defined by unconventional behavior such as music, art, and beliefs that defy traditional morality. This lifestyle has been well documented in both literary works like La Boheme, and pop culture shows such as Rent.

Bohemians are free-spirited individuals who live their lives unconstrained by social conventions. Bohemians often have strong opinions that define who they are as individuals and can usually be found wearing unique clothing that shows this passion.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian fashion typically includes shawls, leather purses, felt hats, and other natural accessories like flowers. Bohemians generally avoid wearing synthetic materials; their favorite colors tend to be natural hues. Furthermore, bohemians adore decorating their homes with flowers – ideal for those seeking an escape from materialism while living more naturally.

Bohemian philosophy is founded upon free-spiritedness and creativity. Initially, this movement reacted against the bourgeois lifestyle that predominated in 19th-century Europe. Today it may appear trendy, but this lifestyle represents more than mere trends – it represents a way of life that blends rebellion with ambition.

Bohemians’ chief passion lies in art and self-expression. They believe the arts can heal and connect people, so they support local artists while encouraging loved ones to pursue their talents. Bohemians tend to be open-minded towards different life forms, cultures, and traditions and willing to try out new experiences or alter habits to improve their lives.

They hold that love can take many forms and is essential to their spiritual development. It can be found in relationships, work environments, and other aspects of their life and how they view the world and treat people.

People living the bohemian lifestyle tend to be open to changes, which means they’ll likely be willing to travel, relocate and switch jobs without feeling tied down by any one place or culture; they have an adventuresome spirit!

Home decor for bohemians often features items handmade from natural materials. Bohemians prefer macrame, crocheted, and other handmade accessories from their collection to complete their home’s aesthetic, like neutral colors in furnishings, and decorate their space with hanging plants or flowers – which is easy to find at any bohemian decor shop.


Bohemian rooms benefit significantly from adding houseplants for an earthy element that complements other boho decor pieces. No hard and fast rules exist when decorating boho spaces, so showcase your individuality by using multiple plants to show your bohemian flair!

Bohemian houseplants often include succulents, which boast an eye-catching artistic aesthetic. Easy care plants like these also purify the air while adding pops of bright green hues that enhance other bohemian accessories. Ferns (Adiantum radium is an excellent selection) or exotic palm species like Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma can thrive even under low light levels for maximum aesthetic effect.

Philodendron Bipinnatfidum can create a more tropical aesthetic. Although difficult to care for due to cold temperatures, pink rubber trees and a string of turtles plants also lend themselves well to creating low bohemian spaces; the latter boasting long wands of lush rose-hued foliage that light up in sunlight.

Plants are vital bohemian accessories, but rugs can also play a big part. Rugs adorned with cultural or traditional patterns make an impression boho statement and often involve hand-knotted or hand-woven techniques using materials like wool, cotton, or silk threads to achieve the bohemian vibe. Designs such as paisleys, flowers, and mandalas help to complete this look and give an authentic bohemian aesthetic.

Though any rug works for a boho style, woven rugs tend to provide the ultimate artisanal touch. Crafted with natural materials such as wool or sisal, they often come in various shades, from browns and deep maroons up to deep reds, with intricate weaves and details that set them apart from their surroundings.


Boho style is defined by its use of natural materials and unique designs made with them, as well as counterculture themes that promote freedom of expression and lifestyle choices. This free-spirited style makes an excellent fit for individuals seeking an exciting life filled with color and creativity; it allows them to show who they indeed are while appreciating nature’s gifts around them.

Critical to bohemian style is mixing and matching accessories to achieve its signature aesthetic. A leather pearl necklace is an iconic accessory for pairing with multiple outfits. Popular online fashion websites offer an extensive selection of these necklaces in various colors and styles; you may even get matching bracelets to pair up perfectly.

Rattan crossbody bags complement bohemian style and are great for pairing with floral dresses, peasant tops, or striped prints. Furthermore, their material makes cleaning and maintenance simpler – plus, this bag’s one-of-a-kind piece will set you apart from others in your crowd!

Bohemians also prefer wearing jewelry made of gemstones and natural materials such as wood and stones. Bohemians believe in following a healthy diet and prefer eating foods grown organically with natural methods rather than processed items found at grocery stores. Bohemianism also supports an eco-friendly approach by favoring food that has been harvested naturally instead of processed foods found therein.

Bohemians are famous for their love of fashion and natural elements and for being active citizens who often challenge established institutions’ views or policies. Additionally, bohemians tend to be rebellious toward restrictive work policies. Bohemianism can escape modern life’s hustle and bustle – the ideal lifestyle option for people wanting a change.


Bohemian lighting captures the free-spirited lifestyle and creativity of the boho interior design style. This eclectic and distinctive aesthetic blends nature, culture, and personal treasures into an inviting space for self-expression. This style can be traced back to the Parisian bohemian neighborhood Montmartre in Paris in the mid-19th century when artists and writers chose this lifestyle as a means of self-expression; today, this lifestyle remains popular with people who value individuality and creativity within their home environment.

One of the hallmarks of bohemian style is its vibrant use of color and texture. This deep look is highlighted by the variety of materials used to craft bohemian chandeliers; for instance, beads or natural rattan weave could adorn their bodies and add an eye-catching element that stands out against other design features in its body.

Bohemian furnishings often boast bright and colorful fixtures that stand out from the pack, yet neutral colors balance this aesthetic beautifully, giving the bohemian aesthetic a modern edge that fits well into any home environment.

Bohemian chandeliers can be an effective way to showcase your favorite pieces without overcrowding or overwhelming the room. Their neutral tones allow them to work well with both modern and traditional decor – making it easier than ever for you to switch styles!

Bohemian style pairs beautifully with mid-century design as they both share several similarities, such as emphasizing natural-colored textures and geometric forms in their plans. Furthermore, boho light fixtures may include different materials and finishes to complete their aesthetic.

No two bohemian spaces are alike, reflecting the individual who lives within. Common features of bohemian design can include Moroccan rugs, colorful poufs, statement wall hangings, and natural-colored textiles. If you want to give your home an earthy boho vibe, try these tips for adding boho flair:

Boho and glam can blend harmoniously, as evidenced by a bohemian chandelier with eye-catching tassels paired with a sleek brass coffee table and abstract artwork – creating a chic yet cozy bohemian space oozing warmth and luxury.