Top 5 Asphalt Paving Companies


Asphalt paving companies vary significantly in many ways, from expertise and dedication to high-quality materials to customer-centric practices that ensure the success of a construction project. All these factors play a vital role in ensuring everything goes according to plan. Find out the best info about asphalt paving in Fairfax.

Search your neighborhood for a dependable asphalt contractor. Homeowners associations typically maintain lists of licensed companies they recommend to homeowners for driveway and other exterior paving projects.

Nynas AB

Nynas AB produces naphthenic specialty products and bitumen for industrial applications. Their products can be found in insulating and cooling transformers, acting as base oils for greases, industrial lubricants and metalworking fluids, tire and rubber oils, and much more. Furthermore, they have an extensive collection of special binding agents for asphalt surfaces (emulsions/binding agents for cold mix asphalt), which they offer with local support/service available throughout their vast distribution network.

Since 1928, this Swedish-based refiner has been producing products at its refineries in Nynashamn and Gothenburg and through joint ownership in Hamburg. These refineries boast an annual capacity of more than 1.3 million tonnes and export to over 70 countries worldwide.

In 2018, Nynas initiated a financial restructuring program to increase profitability, including divesting from Venezuela’s state oil company PdVSA by moving assets out from under its control and selling shares to Dutch foundation Nynasstiftelsen as well as Bitumina Industries Ltd and Neste Oil A/S to avoid U.S. sanctions. This allowed Nynas to escape U.S. regulations.

This company operates out of Europe, and its plants enjoy access to an expansive international distribution network. Central warehouses and blending stations, as well as regional offices, make this facility accessible for customers; furthermore, local depots make products easy to access. Lastly, this business also provides custom blending and supply services.

Nynas’ products contribute to creating a sustainable society by saving energy and lowering carbon emissions. They also help decrease water usage and waste, with far fewer adverse environmental impacts than conventional oil products. They can even be recycled, helping preserve our planet for future generations!

Davidson Kempner Capital Management, a US investment firm, owns a stake in the company and played an instrumental role in its recent financial restructuring by helping restore balance sheet equity and secure new financing. The firm has investments in multiple companies and manages more than $36 billion in assets under management.

CNOOC Limited

This company operates through the exploration, development, production, and sales of crude oil and natural gas, as well as related products and services. Customers are serviced worldwide, with significant regions including China, Africa, Asia, and Oceania covered. Its headquarters is in Hong Kong, and its stock is listed on both the HK Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

CNOOC Limited maintains an effective process for handling complaints and grievances. This system allows anyone to report allegations and grievances via letter, in person, telephone call, or email. All reports received through this system are reviewed by full-time positions before being periodically reported back to the Company’s audit committee. Furthermore, regular reviews of its complaint management system are performed to ensure complaints are dealt with appropriately while all financial control issues are identified and addressed effectively.

In addition to its internal systems, the company also emphasizes environmentalism and human resources. This includes gender equality, which is addressed by offering training to female employees. Furthermore, the company respects cultural traditions from around the world and encourages employees to adopt global perspectives. Environmental protection and energy-saving projects are also top priorities.

Environmental concerns are of the utmost importance in its areas of operation, and great care is taken in protecting marine eco-civilization near its areas of operation. Its goal is to achieve win-win results between ecological protection and project construction by rehabilitating the environment, reducing water consumption, treating all waste correctly, and setting goals for carbon reduction and new energy output.

Environmental sustainability and social responsibility activities have both been at the core of the company’s activities. Numerous projects designed to support community development in regions where it operates and offering poor residents basic training skills such as tapping potential have assisted poor residents by tapping their potential while providing job placement through its market-oriented operations and contributing to charity with significant donations of money and time.

Though successful in its operations, the company nevertheless faces numerous obstacles to growth in the future. One major threat is U.S. sanctions on its subsidiaries located in Iran and Sudan; international competitors also pose formidable competition, particularly in areas like technology and service delivery.

CSL Limited

CSL Limited engages in biopharmaceutical product and vaccine research and development, as well as manufacturing, marketing, and sales worldwide. Their operations span Australia, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, as well as other nations where its products, such as plasma-derived biologics, immunoglobulins, hemophilia therapies, coagulation therapy, cellular and gene therapy products, are used to treat chronic and acute diseases.

CSL Limited was established over 100 years ago as Commonwealth Serum Laboratories of Australia and today serves as one of the world’s premier collectors of human plasma. Their latest acquisition, Vifor’s kidney disease specialist purchase for $11.7 billion, adds diversification and R&D strength while serving as a commercial partner to uniQure’s innovative hemophilia B gene therapy Hemgenix, which may revolutionize treatment options.

CSL is a publicly listed company traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). CSL completed an initial public offering (IPO) at A$2.30 per share in June 1994, which was 500 times oversubscribed. Now, over 30 years later, with more than 30,000 workers worldwide and products sold across 35 countries, including Behring Plasma Seqirus Behring Behring Seqirus with headquarters located in Parkville, an inner suburb of Melbourne with additional laboratories in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania King Berne Switzerland Berne Berne Marburg Germany among others.

CSL quickly flourished when it first opened for business without real competition, as no such rival existed to restrict its growth and meet high market demands in an uncharted market. They quickly built a name for themselves by producing high-quality vaccines and cures on demand that were available when customers needed them – something any successful business should strive to emulate by limiting its dependence on external factors like government and competition; doing this allowed CSL to accelerate growth while improving production lines with greater efficiency while avoiding overcharging the market which could reduce profits.


LATT is a company operating multiple businesses in agriculture and real estate development. Based in Central Florida, it specializes in cattle, citrus, banking, and real estate services while remaining flexible to changing market conditions. As a fourth-generation family enterprise with deep roots in ranching and agriculture operations, LATT also holds membership in the NASDAQ Global Select Market.