Types of Trade Signals Review


There are many different types of trade signals that are available to the market today. They are designed to help you make the right decisions. Some popular ones include Signal Factory, CoinRule, and Zero to Hero.


Learn2Trade is a forex signal service that combines artificial intelligence and machine learning with the knowledge and expertise of a team of professional traders. The company has been in business for over a decade and boasts a large community of satisfied users.

It has a solid reputation in the forex industry and a variety of packages for traders to choose from. In addition to a free forex signal group, the site offers hundreds of educational guides and a full-fledged forex course.

Learn2Trade signals can be combined with automated forex trading software to eliminate the need for traders to think about their investment strategies. Alerts are available in various time frames, from short-term scalps to long-term position trades. However, it is essential to note that the site does not guarantee investment returns.

Profit Forex Signals

Profit Forex Signals is a forex auto trading service. Serbian businessman Ninoslov Golubovic runs it. He and his wife, Anna, have been involved in the forex industry for eight years. They claim they have over ten thousand clients and three hundred thousand Facebook fans.

The website claims to have been offering the best Forex signals since 2010. According to them, they have provided more than one million pips to their clients.

Despite this claim, the site provides no proof of their success. Therefore, checking their testimonials and trading history before committing to their service is good.

The site offers a variety of packages, including a free signal group, premium Forex signals, and a yearly subscription. Each offers different benefits.

Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero is a Forex signals service that provides signals for several Forex currency pairs. It claims that it can help traders achieve high winning rates. The company offers a free trial as well as paid memberships.

Zero to Hero uses a trend-matching strategy. This strategy involves analysts entering trades in a specific direction. However, it’s not very clear how reliable the system is.

One of the most important factors to consider is the risk-reward ratio. Zero to Hero’s system is conservative, meaning the risk-reward is lower than other signal providers. To combat this, it recommends waiting for the price to drop below a few pips before entering a trade.

Zero to Hero has four years of experience in the market. They claim to have an expert team and that customers endorse them.

Signal Factory

The Forex Signal Factory is a service that offers free forex signals, recommendations, and stock alerts. It provides real-time buy and sells signals for various currency pairs. It has a relatively decent social media presence. But, it also lacks transparency and accountability.

While the signal provider claims to have 45k users and a fast-growing capital, the company does not offer proper customer support. Moreover, trader-to-trader interaction is relatively limited.

Signals are delivered directly to trading platforms and include buy-and-sell orders and recommended take profit levels. In addition, the provider uses an automated third-party service to publish trading ideas. However, it does not disclose the source of the widget.

Unlike many signal providers, the Signal Factory is an independent service that does not force users to use a specific broker. However, they claim that their proprietary trading algorithms make them the best in the business.


Coinrule is a UK-based startup that allows users to create trading strategies. The platform uses ‘If-This-Then-That’ parameters to allow for custom-made trading rules.

Users of Coinrule can connect to a single exchange or several. They can also run strategies across multiple coins. In addition, the system will automatically execute orders if a market change occurs.

Coinrule offers a free demo account. This option lets users test and implement strategies without risking their own money. However, users are limited to two live and two demo rules.

Coinrule’s interface is intuitive and easy to use. While it does not offer to backtest, advanced traders will benefit from its features. For example, the platform supports limit orders, which can be set to make or break a trade.

Customers of Coinrule can reach the company’s customer support team through social media. They can also subscribe to news feeds and trading tips.