Waterfall Braid Tutorial


There are many ways to create a waterfall braid. These styles range from simple flat braids to more elaborate designs with flowers or lace accents. Regardless of how you choose to style your hair, a waterfall braid will create a stunning look. This tutorial will help you learn how to create several different styles.

Misty Sue waterfall braid

This Misty Sue waterfall braid tutorial is simple to do and is a great way to add a dramatic touch to your look. Part your hair into three sections, then pull the middle piece up. Then, braid this section with one regular braid stitch. Repeat this process with the other side.

Fishtail waterfall braid

The waterfall braid is a very pretty hairstyle that is great for beginners. It’s easy to create and can be used for various feminine updos. The waterfall braid starts from the top right corner of the ponytail and drops diagonally down to the bottom left corner. It is then secured with a clear elastic.

You can also add curls to the waterfall braid to give it an even more romantic vibe. If your hair is thin, you can add hair extensions to give your locks a more voluminous look. If you’re short or medium-length, you can use clip-in extensions for an added amount of volume. This waterfall braid can be worn in a high ponytail, or you can even put it into a waterfall bun. This look looks stunning with a flower crown.

To finish this braid, take a small section of hair from the set-aside section. This new section should be parted from the rest of your hair. Then, use the section to cross over the center section of the braid. Use the same technique to braid the part-side section. Then, part the remaining hair in half and use the lower section as your guide. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have the desired length of the braid. After you have reached the desired length, drop a new piece of hair down to complete the waterfall effect.

Floral-like bun accents waterfall braids

To wear a waterfall braid, start by parting your hair into three sections. Braid the front and back strands and incorporate them into the center strand. Next, drop the front strand and pick up another small section. Repeat until all of the strands are braided.

Once all of the hair is braided, insert a floral piece or two into the waterfall braid. This braid creates a fuller effect and will attract attention to your face. You can also use small floral pieces to accent a half-braid. Once you’ve finished braiding your hair, secure the end with a hair tie.

A waterfall braid can easily elevate any simple look and make you look glam. The style can be worn on medium to extra-long strands and will work on many different textures.