What is a Claim?


A claim is a statement in a written document intended to persuade the reader. The claim should be clear enough that the reader can quickly determine whether it supports the author’s viewpoint or not. If the claim is not convincing, the reader may want more information. Claims play an essential role in the literature of all types. They make stories more interesting, add complexity to characterizations, and establish the author’s unique perspective.

Claims are written agreements between a claimant and a defendant’s insurance company.

A claim is a written document that outlines the details of a lawsuit. In addition to stating the specifics of the incident, a claim should also describe the insurer’s insurance coverage and limits. The purpose of a claim is to protect both the insurance company and the injured party from fraud and short-changing. In a car accident, for example, a claim may include the names of the drivers involved.

A legal claim involves filing a case with the insurance company of the person or business responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries. In such a case, evidence must be gathered to show that the defendant was at fault for the accident.

They explore ideas, theories, points of view, and concepts

A claim is an argumentative statement presenting an idea or theory supporting a specific position. Claims usually consider several contrasting points of view and support their position with evidence, research, and academic reasoning. When possible, they also acknowledge counterclaims and provide counterarguments.

They are debatable

A claim is debatable if it has at least one dissenting viewpoint. It is not true that all opinions about the issue are right or wrong, but the evidence supporting the claim must be strong enough to overcome such objections. A debatable claim can be characterized as a strong claim if it is focused and specific. It also has strong reasons that directly support it. It should also be backed by relevant, accurate evidence. Some examples of solid arguments include the #metoo movement, manufacturers’ responsibility for chemicals, and the problem of fake news.

In an argumentative essay, a claim is debatable if there is more than one viewpoint. In addition, it must involve an argument of cause and effect or a statement of value. If the claim is not debatable, it will not be a valid argument.