2022 Bowman’s Best Checklist


2022 Bowman’s Best follows in the footsteps of Topps Chrome by offering an established spin on chromium designs featuring stars, rookies, and prospects alike. Collectors can expect four autographs per Hobby Master Box.

Prospective Royalty (1:3 packs) spotlights minor league ball’s future royalty before their crowning as royalty; Elements of Excellence (1:6 packs) acts like a mini-puzzle set.

Base Set

Bowman has released 2022 Bowman’s Best Baseball for their second release of 2019 to cap another season of prospecting with chrome, color, and an abundance of autographs. Collectors will find four autographs per hobby master box, including up-and-coming talent alongside veterans. Refractors have Mini-Diamond (numbered 299/250 respectively) as standard Gold/Blue Refractors and Atomic Lava Refractors numbered 50 or Superfractors (1/1).

As well as its base set, 2022 Bowman’s Best offers several insert sets that enhance its value for collectors. Prospective Royalty allows fans to focus on the crown jewel prospects from all teams’ farm systems in pursuit of MLB royalty; Bowman UFO commemorates those power hitters launching souvenirs into space every night; Elements of Excellence connects baseball’s essential elements — earth, wind, fire, and water — while Global Impact Die-cuts pay homage to some of its biggest international names.

2022 Bowman’s Best offers an exciting collection of autographed cards featuring veterans and prospects, emphasizing autographs from veterans like Hall-of-Famers. For collectors seeking autographed versions, the Best of 2022 Autographs provides both base version serial numberings numbered 25 plus two signed versions numbered 10. Additionally, look out for dual autographs — each serial-numbered to 25, plus rare up-and-coming stars from MLBPAA League League!

Finally, the Elements of Excellence (1:6 packs) insert set acts like a mini-puzzle and showcases players with multiple skills. These sets combine earth, air, and water elements with defense pitching power 5-tool players and defense pitching power players who feature defense pitching power 5-tool players who show their versatility on defense pitching power 5-tool players. Furthermore, this set has Atomic, Lava, and Superfractors (1/1) parallels, making this tricky pull even more challenging!

Prospective Royalty

2022 Bowman’s Best is packed with prospects and features four autographs per Hobby Master Box and numerous parallel and insert sets to add some fun and bring potential value.

Prospective Royalty set (1:3 packs) showcases the top prospects in baseball’s farm system. Each design includes player information such as their name and team logo and an eye-catching stylized background design – this set comes in Red Lava Refractor, Speckle Refractor, and SuperFractor parallels!

Other insert sets include the Elements of Excellence (1:6 packs), which connects baseball to earth, water, air, and fire elements; Global Impact Die-Cut (1:12 packs), which pays tribute to international stars; Prospective Royalty Autographs (1:3 boxes), which feature signed versions of top prospects with Refractor parallels such as Lava Speckle Atomic as well as one-of-one SuperFractor versions;

There is also an exciting array of case-hit Autographs numbered 25 that showcase Tyler Wood, one of the Padres prospects who has enjoyed early hype but will take time to become a star player in the majors.


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The 2022 Bowman Masterpieces checklist offers collectors something extra to hunt down beyond standard parallels and autographs: Prospective Royalty (1:3 packs) highlights minor league baseball royalty, while Bowman UFO (1:6 packages) adds neon elements to spotlight players who can put the ball into orbit; parallels include Atomic Refractors, Lava Refractors, and 1/1 Superfractors.

Collector’s Choice returns with an updated look and new color scheme; Canvas Gallery cards feature full-bleed designs and come with different serial-numbered foil parallels; another option is Metallurgy, which has metal cards featuring serial numbers; Preserved in Amber is another lenticular card series which displays three images, while Battle Spectrum utilizes rainbow hues in its parallels.

Collectors will also find several autographed pieces in this release, including Prospective Royalty Autographs and Bowman UFO Autographs and Signatures (limited run ) featuring elite prospects. Furthermore, Dual Autographs by Dan dos Santos may also be found here.


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While 2022 Bowman’s Best Baseball continues to put its established spin on chromium designs, most of the inserts in the set are making their debut this year. Prospective Royalty (1:3 packs) focuses on the top prospects in the game, while Bowman Masterpieces (1:18 packs) brings back an art-deco style from last year’s release with neon elements. Meanwhile, the new Bowman UFO (1:6 packs) is a space-themed take on the players who launch the ball into orbit. Its design is reminiscent of the classic Star Wars movies, with some significant players featuring their ships and visors.


2022 Bowman’s Best Baseball is known for its innovative chromium designs, offering prospects-heavy coverage of top MLB stars, rookies, and prospects. Each Master Hobby box delivers four autographed mini-boxes.

This year’s base set contains 100 cards showcasing current players and up-and-coming talent. The design is sleek and minimal, putting player photographs at the forefront. Autographs abound, with many coming from Best of 2022 Autographs set seeded 1:3 packs; there are also signed versions of insert sets with variable print runs.

Prospective Royalty, Bowman UFO, Global Impact Die-Cut, Elements of Excellence and Bowman Masterpieces also contain autographed insert sets that have dual autographs serial-numbered to 25 copies or less; Refractors (Blue/150), Green Mini-Diamond (/150), Gold Lava Atomic Red parallels as well as one-of-one SuperFractor parallels can also be found among these insert sets as well as printing plates for convenience.

Bowman’s Best Baseball features prospects and veterans making their first appearance, such as Alex Bregman, Tyler Glasnow, and Matt Chapman – some of whom may debut. Furthermore, this set’s insert sets have more eclectic looks than its predecessors, reflecting this prospect-heavy feel.

Each of these sets features its own theme and photographic style. Highlights of these cards include the X-Rays of Success insert that honors the fastest players with blurry images of them and Bowman’s Best Moments insert that honors memorable events from each team’s history, as well as its Gold Refractor variant numbered 50 copies or less featuring a unique backside etching inscription.