What to Do When Someone Breaks a Promise Best Left Unkept


Failing to fulfill small promises can cause irreparable harm to your credibility. People may conclude that more enormous promises won’t be kept either.

Avoid this situation by keeping your promise-keeping routine straightforward. Decide what’s important to you and commit to following through every day on it; set aside a specific time in your schedule for this purpose.

3. It’s not realistic

When someone breaks a promise that was never realistic from the outset, it’s important not to let their behavior get you down. Take a step back and evaluate whether accepting that promise sets them up for failure in the first place.

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4. It’s selfish

Breaking promises made to you can be a telltale sign that someone is acting selfishly in pursuit of what they want rather than fulfilling what you expect of them. A small thing here and there may not indicate much, but repeated incidents might mean they don’t commit fully. Before becoming angry about their breaching of a promise made, consider its significance for both of you; otherwise, you might end up playing the blame game, enabling unrealistic promises that cannot be kept – unsuitable for any relationship!