Autotrader Gold 4.0 Review


This Autotrader Gold 4.0 review will show you the risks of buying this trading software. In addition, it will show you the trading strategy that this system uses. It is important to be well-informed about a product’s risks and reputation to avoid falling victim to a scam.

AutoTrade Gold 4.0

If you’re looking for a free stock trading app, you’ve come to the right place. AutoTrade Gold 4.0 supports both iOS and Android platforms. It’s possible to download and use the app on your Windows PC or Mac. You can even use it on your PC as an Android smartphone.

AutoTrade Gold 4.0 focuses on trading in the XAU/USD pair and the mass market. It uses a script algorithm to analyze market conditions and determine entry posisi for trading. This allows the software to enter and exit positions automatically. The software can also set stop loss and limit orders to help you avoid losses.

The AutoTrade Gold 4.0 trading robot is an Indonesian-based program that promises to make you money in the financial markets. The software trades the gold/US pair and aims to make 0.5 to 3% daily returns. Before using the software, you must open an account with a broker and deposit at least 100 USD. The price of the software depends on the size of your trading account.

Risks of buying Autotrader gold 4.0

Before purchasing Autotrader Gold 4.0, you should know the risks involved. This automated trading robot claims to make 891% in a year. This is a high percentage and may seem like a lucrative opportunity, but the software runs like a Ponzi scheme so you may lose money. It makes money by referring new clients to an unregulated partner Lego Market and by selling the robot itself.

The Autotrade Gold 4.0 robot trades in the gold market and aims to gain between 0.5 and 1.5% daily. Because it uses scalping, it limits its latent losses to less than 3% daily. In addition to gold, it trades on the oil and Forex markets. Therefore, if it loses, it will try to make it up by trading on other assets.

Scam nature of Autotrader gold 4.0

The Autotrade Gold robot promises you to make money in financial trading by automatically trading gold against the US dollar. The system supposedly makes 0.5 to 3% returns a day. To use it, you must open an account with a broker and deposit at least USD 100. However, this amount can vary depending on your trading account size.

Despite the high claims, the program is a scam. It claims to be a member of the National Futures Association, but the company is not. AutoTrade Gold also claims to expand to other markets, including oil and cryptocurrency trading. However, the company doesn’t provide any proof that it performs trading. It doesn’t even provide its financial reports, which would be acceptable for a legitimate company. Moreover, it fails to address the fact that AutoTrade Gold is an unregistered securities offering.

The trading strategy used by Autotrader gold 4.0

Autotrader gold 4.0 is an automated trading robot focusing on the gold market. Its strategy aims to make a daily gain of 0.5 to 1.5% of the invested capital. The program uses a scalping mode to achieve this goal and only opens one position at a time. If the robot loses money in a trade, it will try to make it up the next day. In addition to gold, the robot will also trade in the oil market and Forex.

The trading strategy used by this robot is based on information designed by PT Sarana Digital International, an Indonesian company. This strategy uses logic trade-based price action and uses 3% risk management. It only trades once a day unless it hits a target. It is available in five different purchase packages, each with different maximum balances.

The application works by identifying trends in gold. This strategy is useful for identifying the best months to buy gold. This strategy is based on the seasonal price pattern, which repeats itself over time. Smart money follows this strategy and tries to buy gold at these times.