iMarketsLive Review


This iMarketsLive review will give you a brief overview of this trading platform. This website also offers forex signals and automated trading software. However, it does not offer any training in trading. The focus is more on marketing than helping members become efficient traders. This is a major concern for many traders.

iMarketsLive is a trading platform

The iMarketsLive trading platform is designed to help you invest in the currency markets. The platform offers a wealth of resources, including 500 training courses, two live chat rooms, and a keyword tool. These tools can make the right investment decisions for your trading style and investment goals. The platform also offers a training section where you can learn from expert traders and read articles and videos.

The company was founded in New York City in 2013 and is run by Christopher Terry. Before starting markets live, Terry worked as a construction manager. He has experience in multi-level marketing, having worked for Amway and Zeek Rewards. However, his experience in this industry is not without controversy.

It offers forex signals.

Imarketslive offers forex signals based on fundamental and technical analysis. These signals are useful for both short-term trading and long-term investing. They use price patterns, trend lines, and other technical indicators to generate hot tips. Short-term trading signals can incorporate fundamental factors like economic news and data releases.

Imarketslive provides forex signals twice a day. The signals are available at 11:00 GMT and 16:00 GMT. This means that the signals must be available at those times to be effective. The signals would not be viable during the night. However, the vendor claims the service has been around for several years. The domain was registered in 2017, and the site was founded in 2012.

A good forex signal provider will have an algorithm that predicts which forex currency pair will perform well in the long run. The service should also give you an average success rate. If you follow the strategy correctly, you can make a profit.

It offers automated trading software

iMarketsLive offers several automated trading software solutions and a comprehensive suite of trading education and support. Their trading library contains more than 100 educational videos that teach advanced strategies for Forex and cryptocurrency investing. They also offer proprietary financial trading software, such as the Harmonic Scanner, which enables users to search for harmonic patterns in a given market.

Although iMarketsLive claims to help you earn a large amount of money with its automated trading software, its compensation plans are geared toward marketers rather than traders. The site is full of pressure to sell a product and convince people to sign up for a monthly membership. In addition, iMarketsLive forces its affiliates to become sales personnel and network to recruit other members.

It is an MLM opportunity

iMarketsLive is a multilevel marketing (MLM) opportunity that pays out commissions to its members. Like other MLM opportunities, you earn a commission each time someone subscribes to your downline. There’s also a minimum number of people below you that you must sign up to earn a weekly or monthly commission.

While iMarketsLive promotes recruiting new members, the program provides no real value. Those who want to learn Forex and Cryptocurrency trading should seek out training and courses instead of joining iMarketsLive. Instead, the company’s marketing efforts are not worth your time and money.

To become successful in this opportunity, you must be willing to spend a certain amount of money on training. The cost for such training is around $215 per month. Once you’ve completed training, you can start selling the program’s products to other affiliates.

It is a scam

IMarketsLive is an internet marketing business that offers several retail trading products and education services. It also offers mentorship and life education sessions. The site also offers mobile apps and a seven-day money-back guarantee. Although it sounds great, iMarketsLive is a scam.

Many users have reported losing thousands of dollars. They also found out that their credit numbers were stolen. The Central Bank of Curacao and Sint, also known as the Bank of Netherlands Antilles, has issued a warning to the public. This scam is aimed at new members and those interested in Forex and Cryptocurrency trading.

In addition to the Web Analyzer, iMarketsLive offers the Crypto Trade Alert Tool. This tool alerts you to potential Crypto trade opportunities. This product is only available to members who pay more than $100 monthly. The more expensive membership will grant you access to more iMarketsLive products. The website also offers a seven-day money-back guarantee, and it will give you two free months of membership if you refer two people to the company.