Best Places to Visit in January in India


If you are planning a trip to India in January, you should look for places that are not only beautiful but also affordable. Some of the best destinations in India during January include Ooty, Rishikesh, and Wayanad. In addition to these, you can also explore the spice plantations in Kerala.


You can visit the Khajuraho temple complex and witness the intricate works of art. This ancient town is the home of several thousand temple statues, and the Western Group of Temples has more than eight hundred. You can even attend a spectacular sound and light show. The show is performed with Indian classical music and technicolor floodlights, narrating ancient India’s story. The entrance fee to the show is only 120 rupees for Indians and 400 rupees for foreigners. However, check the timings, as they are subject to change.


Rishikesh, India, is an adventure vacation destination. The peak season offers sunny days and cool evenings. In winter, the city is a little bit chilly but still pleasant. In January and February, temperatures are pleasant, and there is less crowd.


In South India, Ooty is one of the most beautiful places to visit in January. Surrounded by lush green hills, beautiful lakes, and dense forests, this hill station is a paradise for nature lovers. The region offers many scenic picnic spots, abundant flora and fauna, and many attractions and activities.


Udaipur is a city surrounded by mountains and lakes. Lake Pichola is the most popular of these, which is surrounded by heritage buildings. You can also take a boat ride on the lake to enjoy its beauty.


Jaisalmer is located in far western India, just a stone’s throw from the Pakistan border. The golden city is full of exciting sights, including sun-kissed houses and a fort perched on a hill in the center of town. The city also has spectacular dunes and is a top tourist spot. There are so many things to do in Jaisalmer that you’ll be spoilt for choice!


If you plan a trip to India during winter, you should plan a trip to Jaipur. The pink city has a lot to offer during this time of year. You can enjoy several fun activities and cultural events. The city also holds a literary festival in January, which draws renowned authors worldwide.


If you are looking for a varied experience, Ahmedabad is the place to go. You can enjoy art, culture, and architecture here. The city’s vibrant atmosphere will appeal to both art and architecture lovers.