Birthday Cakes at Kok Sen


If you’re looking for a tasty meal in Singapore, you’ve probably already heard of Kok Sen. It’s a popular restaurant that serves authentic Chinese fare. Its dishes include fried beef hor fun, fried spinach, and prawn mee w/ big prawns. But did you know that you can order a birthday cake for your loved one? Kok Sen is also perfect for dates, out-of-town guests, and groups. However, it is important to book a table in advance if you’re dining here.

fried beef hor fun

Fried beef hor fun is a staple of the Klang food scene, and the kway teow at Kee Hock Cafe is a local favorite. Here, the kway teow is stir-fried before the sauce is added to create a delicious gravy. The beef is thickly sliced and covered with a thick layer of gravy.

Besides fried beef for fun, Kok Sen has a huge prawn for fun. This dish is twice the size of the average hor fun and is studded with chili. It’s served with signature gravy and sambal chili. The dish is a must-try when in the Keong Saik area.

This restaurant was founded by Mr. Wong’s father in the 1980s and has been featured in the Singapore Michelin Guide with a Bib Gourmand. It is only open on weekends. The restaurant also features a Michelin guide but is more expensive. The famous Big Prawn Bee Hoon Soup costs $17 and is one of the most expensive dishes at Kok Sen.

fried spinach

Fried spinach is one of the most popular dishes on the Kok Sen menu and is a must-order in this Chinese restaurant. Here, it is perfectly cooked and still retains its crunch. The dish is enhanced by the use of salted eggs and fried whole garlic.

The restaurant offers takeaway or island-wide delivery. Kok Sen is a Michelin-starred restaurant, so expect to pay more for your meals here. The restaurant is popular among locals and tourists alike. Among its famous dishes is the Big Prawn Bee Hoon Soup, which is $17 for a small portion.

This dish is commonly served with minced pork, egg, and oyster sauce. The dish is often accompanied by asparagus beans and is made with chayote, a plant grown in the mountains of the north of Thailand. This leafy vegetable has a mild anise taste and is perfect for stir-frying.

prawn mee w big prawns

The prawn mee w big Prawns is one of the most popular items on the Kok Sen menu. This dish is served in a bowl topped with prawns and is incredibly good, but I have to say it’s also pretty pricey. It comes with a price tag of $17 for the smallest serving.

The prawn mee with big prawns is a special dish that has been on the menu at Kok Sen for almost four decades. The dish is made with broad rice noodles studded with chili and served with a generous dollop of prawn meat. It was inspired by a soup called ‘bee hoon’ that featured big prawns.

The dish is a staple of Hong Kong cuisine. Served with flat rice noodles, kai-lan, and big prawns, it’s one of the most popular dishes on the Kok Sen menu. The broth is made using wok hei, giving it a smokey aroma. The dish is also served with plain rice, and you can’t go wrong.

har Cheong Gai

Har Cheong Gai is a fried chicken dish that originated in Singapore. It is made with fermented shrimp paste and a variety of other ingredients. Unlike Malaysian har Cheong Gai, the paste used in Singapore is pinkish-grey.

This restaurant has been open for more than 50 years and has won several awards, including two Michelin stars. The decor is reminiscent of a cozy coffee shop and is clean and air-conditioned. The waitstaff is warm and attentive. The food is also reasonably priced and the service is excellent.

Another must-order dish at Kok Sen is the clay pot Yong tau foo. This dish uses a trinity of seafood stuffing in its clay pot, imparting firmness to the bite. The dish is cooked in a thick, rich sauce and tastes like chili crab or satay. Besides this dish, you can also try the Deep Fried Prompt, which is a favorite among staff members.