Conversion Kits for the QS120 E Bike


E-bikes make riding fun and more accessible on joints, but they can be pricey. Conversion kits provide a more straightforward solution by adding pedal assistance to any existing bike at a much more reasonable cost.

Though some of the cheaper models do not feature brand-name electrical components, they still offer exceptional range and reliability – for instance, Aventon’s Pace 500 can reach speeds of 28mph with throttle.

Large Battery Capacity

The QS120 E Bike boasts a large battery capacity for extended range and uses high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with EV-class safety standards for safe storage and longer battery life. With its large LCD screen riders can track speed, distance and remaining charge while riding; plus five levels of pedal assist as well as full throttle capabilities plus 6 km/h walk mode add layer of convenience.

FUELL has recently unveiled their Flluid-2 model with two removable 1 kWh batteries for an impressive 2 kWh total capacity, giving riders access to real-world throttle and pedal assist over an impressive distance of 225 miles (362 km).

Easy to Operate

Riding an e-bike is similar to riding any traditional bicycle, with the added advantage of power assistance. You can pedal normally or use throttle power as desired – you decide how much pedal assist is appropriate depending on your speed and comfort needs. At Charge, all our e-bikes feature an easy-to-use LCD that clearly displays battery life, real-time speed, and pedal assist settings, plus smart air pressure sensors that alert when your tires require additional air pressure.

We designed our drive system to be compact and sleek for easy installation on existing bikes. Plus, it includes a handlebar-mounted voltage meter to give an instant overview of battery status at any given moment.