Don’t Be Common Fashion


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Everyday fashion can be tedious and uninspired while hurting the environment. To avoid it, invest in quality pieces, experiment with various styles, tailor them appropriately, and shop sustainably.

Invest in quality pieces.

Investment pieces, like classic designer shirts or tailored blazers, can help keep your wardrobe fresh by mixing and matching these items to create different looks that suit other occasions and seasons. Quality fabrics will withstand repeated wear and tear and will likely fit better to flatter your figure so you feel confident wearing them.

Quality clothing investments are also more sustainable options than fast fashion. Clothes constructed from sustainable materials usually outlive their counterparts and reduce waste and overconsumption; furthermore, sustainable fashion tends to be better for both the environment and workers than cheap fast fashion alternatives.

No matter your style preference – be it minimal or signature – experimenting with various styles and textures is critical in finding what works for you. By testing out multiple aesthetics and fits, experimenting can help build a wardrobe that will remain versatile, chic, and flattering over time.

Tailor your clothes

Custom tailoring your clothes is one of the best investments you can make to elevate your style and reduce waste in our world. By having items tailored specifically for you and altered to fit, you will enjoy wearing your items for longer while decreasing waste production and conserving resources.

A great tailor can quickly turn drab clothing into stunning wardrobe staples in no time. From shortening sleeves and lengthening pants legs to tightening waistlines on skirts and dresses – they will soon transform your attire from dull to stunning in no time! They can shorten sleeves, lengthen pants legs and tighten waistlines on skirts and dresses for an exquisitely fitting appearance that looks flattering on you. They can even help find you the proper size, saving time and effort when shopping! You must find someone trustworthy, so seek referrals from friends with great style or visit boutiques known in your area for recommendations or referrals of tailors you trust if possible!

Most commonly, people visit a tailor for hem alterations; however, your tailor can do much more. Perhaps your trousers are too long and pull at the bottom of your legs, or your dress has too tiny waist or bust space that needs taking in.

Tailoring helps clothes last longer by caring for minor repairs and fitting them perfectly to your body. By tailoring, your wardrobe will continue to provide years of enjoyment without needing new purchases whenever something unique needs replacing.

Fit is of utmost importance when it comes to shopping sustainably; wearing something that fits well is more comfortable and can give you confidence and make you feel more beautiful than something that doesn’t fit quite right. Embassy Cleaners’ professional alterations service will keep your wardrobe looking its best with their help in purchasing pieces tailored specifically for your wardrobe needs.

Shop sustainably

As climate-related disasters and devastating scientific reports highlight the impacts of overproduction, more consumers are becoming environmentally-minded shoppers. Thanks to more companies embracing sustainable production methods, it’s easier than ever before for them to shop sustainably.

One way to shop sustainably is by supporting small and medium-sized businesses in your community. These types of organizations often adhere to more sustainable and ethical practices that have a positive effect on the environment as well as local economies. Furthermore, many local brands provide unique products that align with your style and values.

Focusing on sustainable fabrics and materials is another effective way of shopping sustainably and can reduce both environmental impact and clothing longevity. Recycled or organic material brands use recycled and organic fibers, while ethical factories partner with them for fair labor practices. You can discover more about any brand’s sustainability efforts through the Goodonyou website – which rates fashion brands according to environmental and social commitments.

Once again, shopping sustainably requires going beyond fast fashion brands alone. Instead, opt for sustainable brands with fair labor practices and promote transparency like Nisolo, which has an extensive transparency policy, uses eco-friendly materials in their designs, and encourages repair/maintenance services in their plans, thereby reducing waste/pollution levels in the process and offers dresses which make significant investments that will keep on giving.

Personalize your style

Creating your style is an effective way to express yourself. While fashion may appear frivolous and disposable, it can be a powerful means of expression and communication. Whether you want to show the world that you are sophisticated, compassionate, or powerful – your style can speak volumes without even saying a word! Pick three descriptors that best represent how you wish people would perceive you – then use those as style descriptors. Create and experiment with different styles until you discover those that feel most authentic to you, then add unique touches like lace gloves or jewelry from deceased loved ones to truly personalize your look and make it stand out.