Empress by Boon Restaurant in Chinatown


Chef Ho Chee Boon’s empress by boon menu

Chef Ho Chee Boon’s empress by boon menu offers seasonal Cantonese cuisine, alongside wines and cocktails. Booth seating is available for intimate dining. Guests can enjoy the warm, cozy atmosphere with a view of the river or the city.

The menu offers modern Cantonese cuisine from a Chinese perspective. The menu changes daily and consists of three different courses. Chef Ho Chee Boon has over 30 years of experience in the industry, including stints as international executive chef for the Hakkasan Group in New York and at several restaurants throughout the world. He then relocated to the United States in 2012, where he opened Empress by Boon, which features his award-winning menu.

For the first month, Empress by Boon serves a prix fixe menu, which includes such items as steamed shrimp with kaluga caviar, grilled ribeye with mala sauce, salt-baked chicken, and hand-pulled noodles with enoki and shiitake mushrooms. Later, the restaurant will introduce an a la carte menu that incorporates fresh ingredients from its own farm in Northern California.

The Empress by Boon menu is also notable for featuring an exclusive duck. The chef has worked with local farmers to raise the duck at Empress by Boon. The duck at the restaurant is fed an organic diet, and the chef says the duck is humanely raised.

Restaurant space designed by Atelier LLYS

In a Chinatown space, a new restaurant concept has opened on the former site of the Empress of China. Empress by Boon’s new design honors the original elements of the former restaurant, such as the carved panels and wooden pergola. The space features a sleek look with skyline views.

The new restaurant features a blend of traditional and contemporary features while repurposing elements from its predecessor. The restaurant space includes a carved wooden pergola at the entrance and intricately carved panels in the walls. The restaurant space offers views of both the city skyline and the historic district. The design team created distinct atmospheres for each view.

Empress by Boon features two private elevators for guests to access the top floor. The restaurant is set in a multi-level space with a terrazzo floor that makes the space look like it’s part of a hotel. The restaurant is 7,500 square feet in size and features seating for 156 guests.

Price range

The Empress by Boon menu offers upscale Cantonese cuisine, with an emphasis on local, organic ingredients. It will also feature dishes from Boon’s native Malaysia. The restaurant will debut with a prix-fixe menu, which starts at $68 per person. It will later add a la carte items as well as seasonal prix-fixe offerings.

Originally called the Empress of China, the restaurant has been around for decades. This is the same building where the Empress of China used to be located. The new restaurant opened in the same location but has a much more upscale menu than the old one. It will have a higher price range, which will add to the gentrification concerns in the area.

The Empress by Boon menu is priced at $68 per person. A six-course meal can be ordered from the prix-fixe menu. There is an a la carte menu, too, if you’d rather have something smaller or more inexpensive. The menu features classic Cantonese dishes, such as chicken fried rice, steamed rice, and beef.

The Empress by Boon is a 7500-square-foot restaurant with a pergola, skylit pergola, and classy bar areas. It has seating for large groups and couples. The restaurant is situated on Grant St. and overlooks the beautiful North Beach.