Fallout 4 Best Quests


Fallout 4 is an outstanding game to experience. With an in-depth storyline, an engaging settlement-building system, and plenty of side quests awaiting players, Fallout 4 makes for an immersive gaming experience.

Devil’s Due is a thrilling quest that starts when players visit the Museum of Witchcraft located south of University Point near a ruined house.

A child can be heard calling out inside a refrigerator, and you must rescue him as quickly as possible.

1. The Silver Shroud

Fallout 4 features one of its most memorable quests in Goodneighbor Settlement. Here, players meet Kent Connolly, who is an ardent admirer of The Silver Shroud comic book hero who he thinks outshone both Grognak and Manta Man combined in terms of popularity, so much so that he wishes to bring them back onto radio waves across the wasteland.

Gamers who accept Kent’s offer will take on the role of The Silver Shroud, patrolling Goodneighbor, killing thugs and assassins while dishing out trash talk on radio waves while simultaneously killing NPCs with deadly precision. This quest provides ample amusement as players become an unwavering champion of wasteland justice! Bethesda certainly had fun creating it!

After dispatching low-level murderers and chemical dealers, your quest will move towards higher tiers of society, ultimately leading to Sinjin – an enjoyable yet challenging mastermind who may vary depending on player levels – this quest offers a fantastic reward if completed: in addition to receiving a generous bounty reward, you’ll also earn the Silver Shroud armor which reduces human damage by 15%!

After finishing their quest, gamers should listen for Kent’s reports on the radio and head down an alleyway near Bobbi No-Nose’s shop in Goodneighbor. AJ, an underage drug dealer trying to push his product on children, is the target. Gamers should take him and his two bodyguards out while leaving behind calling cards as clues for future suspects.

2. The Lost Patrol

The Lost Patrol quest stands out in Fallout 4, offering players an unforgettable and complex challenge. When players discover a refrigerator with an abandoned child in one of the abandoned houses south of University Point, they can take him home with them or sell him off to the local gang Gunners, who will use him as slave labor. This emotional quest reminds players just how mighty kindness can be!

The initial part of this quest can be initiated at any time; to unlock its second half, however, one must first join the Brotherhood of Steel officially by completing the Show No Mercy quest at Act 1’s conclusion. Once entered, Kells will issue this mission to them.

Fallout 4 quests provide players with an ideal way to do good while unlocking power armor, with this one offering both. Once the player completes it, they’ll gain access to an armor set they can use anytime they like! Ideally, players should search out patrol members who went on a recon mission but haven’t returned home, using distress beacons that emit a pinging noise when approached by players.

This quest offers something lighter and more fun than the more severe and dark Fallout 4 missions. Players will discover the U.S.S Constitution – commonly called Old Ironsides during the War of 1812 – stuck inside a savings and loan building and needing help fixing by robots to become an airship like Prydwyn for launch into space.

3. Beyond the Beef

Beyond the Beef is one quest that truly puts Fallout 3 and New Vegas in their rightful places, offering moral dilemmas and morbid humor in a highly immersive setting – genuinely making an impressionful statement about Bethesda’s quest design capabilities.

Players are challenged with investigating the disappearance of Heck Gunderson’s son, suspected of being taken hostage by the White Glove Society. This sidequest begins at Ultra-Luxe Casino on the Strip, where you will meet Heck; once engaged with him, he will discuss his son and how it has vanished. When confronting him, you have two choices: help expose or kill them to get revenge against the White Glove Society members; both options offer equally satisfying outcomes.

As well as this option, players may agree to help Mortimer return the White Glove Society to its cannibalistic ways – an endeavor which requires high Speech skill but will pay dividends with both Strip reputation and Karma for themselves – as well as helping avoid killing Benny – something many players will undoubtedly appreciate.

One final option to help Heck expose the White Glove Society is to sacrifice one of your followers as part of his plan to take down the White Glove Society. This will quickly end his quest, giving them access to a Saw-Offed Shotgun but at the cost of one less follower in their save file – but such is the price for such an unforgettable side quest!

No matter the choice made by the player, this side mission stands out among others in Fallout: New Vegas. Packed with memorable characters, an engaging plotline, and stunning visuals, every player should attempt this quest at least once as it showcases how great this series truly is; thanks to this mission alone, the Fallout franchise has never been the same again!

4. The Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution

Since 1872, workers slavishly labored under Boston to build “The Big Dig,” an interstate highway tunnel known as an expressway tunnel. In Fallout 4, that unfinished tunnel serves as a home base for an undead criminal planning a bank heist attempt – making for an unforgettable quest that allows players to experience part of the Commonwealth as intended, with unexpected twists leading up to its conclusion!

The USS Constitution was one of the most celebrated battleships in American history, serving as an icon of freedom for generations of citizens. In Fallout 4, its presence becomes central to a hilarious side quest in Boston’s downtown core, where its massive ship becomes trapped adrift and manned by old-fashioned sailor robots – delightful characters in themselves despite all of the destruction around them.

Sole Survivor will assist Ironsides and his crew in returning their ship to the ocean as part of their quest. Along the way, they must repel Scavenger attacks by heading below for another gun battle or leaping onto nearby streets where ruined buildings host these enemies. Once this enemy threat has been dealt with, Ironsides will present them with Broadsider, an insane cannonball gun designed for them, then ask them to switch a circuit breaker to allow their ship to retake flight.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that the Constitution will fly, and tinkering with its engine might not do the trick, but this remains an enjoyable and entertaining way to pass the time in Boston. Even if she doesn’t set sail away, even for just ten seconds, the view from its deck will still be stunning – the Sole Survivor may even jump on deck during flight and experience it firsthand (though they’ll likely die at the end). If they follow through with their betrayal and join Mandy, she will give them Turbopump Bearings stolen from Ironsides, which she then converts into sabotage tools – all within Boston city limits!