Fortnite Best Players


If you are an avid Fortnite player, chances are you have heard about some of its finest players – Kyle Giersdorf, AKA Bugha, was unmistakable in his performance at the 2019 Fortnite World Cup and won every accolade.

Quesy and Veno stand a good chance at winning the Chapter 4 FNCS duo tournament, being formidable European opponents.


Competitive Fortnite players require skillful gameplay to succeed, spending hours prepping matches and honing tactical abilities to win matches. There are various ways for gamers to advance in the game, including earning Battle Pass rewards, which can be used to purchase weapons and equipment. Some become so skilled they compete professionally in tournaments – these professionals are known as Fortnite Best Players.

The top 10 best Fortnite players represent an array of personalities. Some belong to an esports team, while others play solo or with friends; they compete in cash cups FNCS Invitational events, and their list is ranked according to total earnings.

Veno, from the US, is one of the greatest players worldwide. He competes in the FNCS North America West region and is a veteran of many events, such as cash cups and LAN tournaments, earning more than $300,000 during his career.

JannisZ is another US-based player who has participated in multiple events and earned over $700,000. As a versatile player capable of solo dominance or duos and squad play, he has amassed an estimated wealth of $700,000. Most recently, he won two FNCS tournaments before contributing as one-half of the Guild Esports winning duo Chapter 4, Major 1.


Setty, a 19-year-old Polish pro-Fortnite player, has quickly made waves in the competitive scene. He has won some of the game’s premier tournaments, such as DreamHack Summer Event and FNCS Invitational. Setty thrives under pressure and performs admirably on big stages; also, his unique playing style of Fortnite makes him highly sought-after by opponents.

Setty has had some success competing in solo cash cups, though not to the same degree as some of his teammates. He’s still a solid player and likely to improve over time.

Aqua is another of the top players on this list and an outstanding competitor. He’s won several major tournaments and placed within the top ten finishers in team FNCS competition – not an easy feat when playing Fortnite! Aqua merits checking out.

Rehx is another European player worth keeping an eye on. He used to play for Absent eSports’ Fortnite squad before leaving in pursuit of higher goals. Rehx excels in both duo and solo play – having won many FNCS tournaments while earning high placement rates at European Championships and Winter Royale competitions.

Edgey & Dukez

Edgey is one of the premier Fortnite players ever, boasting an impressive list of victories. His success in the game has made him a household name; more than $3 Million worth of wins has come his way since joining NRG team NRG and showing excellent skill in Fortnite!

Dukez brings much to Fortnite esports. With extensive experience as a high-ground player and multiple Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) tournament wins to his credit, Dukez stands as a stand-out contender in the NAC region, which now encompasses both NA East and West regions.

Queasy is an expert strategist with an in-depth knowledge of Chapter 4 meta. He won his inaugural FNCS tournament alongside Jur3ky and TruleX in 2021 and has seen steady improvement ever since.

Mero has quickly made waves in Fortnite esports since joining in 2020, quickly becoming a top player in North American regions such as North America. He won several FNCS tournaments and finished second at Gamers8 LAN recently; additionally, he formed a highly effective Duo with Bugha and Dukez that proved themselves victorious on numerous occasions.


Acorn is one of the world’s most consistent players, consistently placing in tournaments thanks to his quick decision-making and support for teammates in tactical situations. He has won multiple grand finals thanks to these talents as a team member, earning himself a reputation as an elite IGL in this game.

Many may be surprised that the top Fortnite players in 2021 do not include significant streamers or content creators. However, Esports players require different skills than an average player; many can achieve results far surpassing 99% of players.

He is one of the premier players in the world. Competing professionally since 2019, Hen has already amassed early victories in the FNCS season and excels at both duos and squad play – ranking him seventh across Europe.

Hen is unlike other top 10 Fortnite players because he does not rely on flashy mechanics to win. Instead, his strength lies in reading opponents and understanding game sense, which has allowed him to dominate the game and pose a considerable threat against anyone in his path. Hen may become the first European player to win an FNCS grand final tournament!


Mustache is one of the finest players in Fortnite. He has participated in multiple tournaments and earned himself an incredible amount of prize money. A master team player, Moustache excels in both duos and squad play. In addition, his stream has garnered him an immense following; he is currently playing for the Dignitas team.

Tfue is another acclaimed pro player with an immense fanbase. He has won multiple tournaments, such as the 2021 FNCS Grand Royale EU. Since then, he has become one of the premier competitors in his game.

Mero, an impressive Fortnite player from the US who debuted in 2019, began his esports career working with several e-sports organizations before signing with Dignitas last November. He boasts an incredible following on both Twitch and YouTube.

Mr. Savage is one of the youngest players in esports but still manages to build an enormous fan base. Since emerging on the scene in 2019, he has quickly become one of the most beloved duo players globally, having competed in major tournaments and earning massive amounts as prizes during games such as Gamers8. Recently, he won this event alongside Benjyfishy, making even more prize money!


Hen, who plays Fortnite for Absent eSports, made headlines toward the end of 2018 and at the beginning of 2019 as one of the premier duo players worldwide alongside Benjyfishy. They dominated European World Cup qualifiers while amassing millions of followers. Hen is considered an exceptional player due to his unique skill set, making him stand out in both duos and solos.

Hen has succeeded in solo tournaments, finishing in the top 10 several times in the Cash Cup. Hen is a true performer who thrives in high-stakes environments where mistakes could cost thousands.

Tayson is another player to keep an eye on in 2022. Hailing from Slovenia, this experienced competitor in esports events such as FNCS Chapter 4, Major 1 has proven that he can outwit any opponent on any given day.

He is an exceptional Fortnite player who has quickly made their mark in competitive Fortnite. Competing at various significant events and constantly finding himself in the final stages, he has even taken home substantial victories such as the Dreamhack Summer event and the FNCS Invitational tournaments- two of the biggest games annually – and several others throughout his career. One to watch out for in 2022!