Gloverall Duffle Coat Review


In this Gloverall Duffle Coat Review, we take a closer look at one of the brand’s classic coats. Originally inspired by the Polish “frock,” this classic style is bulkier than modern duffle coats. Its versatile style also makes it suitable for casual wear with jeans, chinos, and corduroys.

Gloverall Duffle Coat is a British high-street brand

If you are looking for an authentic duffle coat, you may want to try Gloverall. Founded in 1951, this British brand offers a classic design with premium quality materials sourced within the UK. The brand has won several awards, including one for export, and now sells its duffle coats in more than 40 countries worldwide.

The Gloverall duffle coat is still produced in London. The brand was a titan in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1980s, and it continues to be very popular. The brand is now owned by a Korean retail group, E-Land, but is still highly successful. It has even come back into fashion in some other countries, including the UK.

It is inspired by the Polish “frock” coat

Generally associated with Britain, the duffle coat was designed by John Partridge and is clearly inspired by the Polish frock coat. Originally introduced around the 1820s, the Polish frock coat was a utilitarian winter coat that featured a large hood and toggle fastenings. Its design was influenced by the frock coats of the Polish navy, and the coat quickly gained popularity in continental Europe. The coats were so popular that, during the Second World War, they were widely worn by British troops. After the war, they were sold in large quantities to civilians and quickly adopted by young people in the British community.

The original duffle coats had a single-breasted design with wooden toggles and hemp cord. However, modern duffle coats usually feature horns or leather ties instead of wooden toggles. Most duffle coats have three or four toggles, although the Royal Navy traditionally favored three. However, there are purists who favor four toggles. Toggle closures are much easier to use with gloves than buttons, and they give the coat a distinct look.

It is bulkier than modern duffle coats

The Gloverall Duffle Coat was an evolution of the duffle coat. It was reimagined in the 1950s to be more modern and slim-fitting, with leather fastenings, buffalo horn toggles, and double-faced check lining. The coat also featured smaller front pockets and less bulky fabric. These coats were popular with students and fashionable youth.

The original duffle coats were much larger and bulkier than modern duffle coats. But the current versions have a much more modern fit, while still maintaining a boxy look. When buying a navy duffle coat, make sure it is fitted enough to give you room to move. The shoulder seam should finish just above the shoulder, and the sleeve should hit just above your knuckles.

The Gloverall Side Vent Duffle Coat is a modern duffle coat with side vents and shoulder straps. Its side vents are adjustable, and it has a button snap system. It is also longer than modern duffle coats.

It is available at Uniqlo

The duffle coat has become a classic wardrobe staple. Popularized by the British Navy during World War I and II, it has returned to the foreground of winter style in recent years. Featuring large hoods and toggle buttons, duffle coats are the epitome of classic cool in the frigid months.

The original duffle coat lacked a lining but Gloverall decided to add one to their coats in 1954. Some companies even use the Union Jack on the lining. If you’re looking for a true vintage duffle coat, however, you might want to skip the lining.

This classic duffle coat is available in a variety of colors and patterns. You can find a fleece-checked one at Uniqlo or a Paddington Bear wool-blend one from Gloverall. These coats are a classic staple for kids.