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Composite decking may look similar to wood, but unlike traditional wood decks, it requires much less maintenance. Installation is more straightforward, mold and mildew are less likely to grow on it, and staining is significantly reduced; additionally, maintenance requirements are reduced considerably compared with wood. Get the Best information about Haven Deck Builders.

Green Shield Home Improvement offers an array of home improvement services. Their team specializes in building backyard decks and patio covers, carpentry projects, remodeling initiatives, and renovations.

Chapton Construction & Renovation LLC

Champion Construction & Renovation LLC of Grand Rapids is a Michigan-based home improvement business providing services to clients in Grand Rapids. Their contractors build custom decks using composite and wood materials according to client design specifications; additionally, they offer lifetime warranty coverage on their balconies for added peace of mind. Furthermore, free estimates and a 30-day price guarantee complete the offer.

Green Shield Deck Builders utilize eco-friendly wood-free composite material with numerous color choices, including tigerwood, Amazon grey walnut, and tropical Brazilian cherry hazelwood. All materials come with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty with low water absorption rates; this company specializes in aluminum rails made locally in Grand Rapids.

Our company is expanding eastward from Grand Rapids, and we need someone to lead this expansion as a project manager. You will oversee new projects while implementing procedures to streamline company operations. This position is open to all applicants, with three-month training at our Grand Rapids office.

Nate Fugitt Construction helps clients extend their outdoor living spaces with decks constructed of various lumber and composite materials. This Grand Rapids-based company can also repair existing decks and porches and create stairs, railings, and pergolas as needed. They can also build sunrooms, closed patios, and game rooms, as well as do carpentry work on basement, kitchen, and bathroom remodel projects in Detroit and Ann Arbor areas as well as provide carpentry work for basement remodel projects – and are available in Michigan’s counties, with owners boasting over 25 years of industry experience! Established in 1999 with operations out of Grand Rapids-MI, their owners possess over 25 years of industry expertise!

Gallagher Design Inc.

This company specializes in residential and commercial outdoor living projects for residences and businesses alike, such as deck design/construction/installation/installation of wood flooring/roof/siding installation. Their services can be found throughout Grand Rapids and its surrounding communities – their professionals excel in carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, gutter/downspout cleaning/install/replace/home remodeling, among many other specialty areas.

Carpenters from this team specialize in designing custom decks to meet each client’s specifications, installing features such as benches, planters, railings, stairs, and hot tubs. For functionality, underdeck storage spaces and staircases may be added; privacy fences and pergolas can make spaces even more accommodating. Additionally, these teams build decks of all shapes and sizes, including those featuring curved or circular sections.

Not only does the company specialize in composite decking, but it also builds porches, pergolas, and porch covers. Each deck is crafted using long-lasting materials backed by one of the industry’s best warranties. It comes in different color choices, such as Tiger Wood, Amazon Gray, or Walnut; their team has over 100 years of combined experience in construction.

This company utilizes innovative building materials, which enable it to compete against larger national competitors. Founded by two 29-year-old entrepreneurs with solid community ties – they pride themselves in employing locals and giving back to the area in which they reside. Their founders hope to expand beyond Grand Rapids; serving customers in Lansing, Kalamazoo, and Traverse City would be welcomed; entering Chicago would also provide additional opportunities to grow. With the pandemic spreading quickly across America, they see it more important for people to spend more time outdoors – something they believe makes it important through the pandemic spreading!

Acme Pool Construction

Green Shield Deck Builders of Greater Grand Rapids is expanding their operations and hiring new people, using innovative materials to construct composite decks for homeowners in the Greater Grand Rapids area. Furthermore, this company uses recycled materials while giving young professionals opportunities to gain valuable trade experience.

Green Shield Decking Solutions specializes in wood-free, eco-friendly composite decking materials with heat-blocking properties and several color choices, including tiger wood, Amazon grey, and tropical. Their lifetime warranty offers peace of mind as they stand by their work, while their 30-day price guarantee ensures competitive pricing. In addition to building and installing decks themselves, the company also provides railings and stairs.

Experienced builders on its team can install all deck features, from benches and planters to staircases and underdeck storage spaces. Specialized systems like deck jets or walk-in pathways may also be added. In addition, this company specializes in painting or retiling surfaces on different deck surfaces.

Grand Rapids-based Peter Folkringa Jr. and his sons established this family-owned business 2013. Operating out of their garage workshop, they construct wood and composite decks for city residents and poolside homes in Grand Rapids and Michigan.

Recent successes at this company can be attributed to two sources. First is due to its pandemic-driven push toward investing in their homes, and second is its cutting-edge use of recycled rice hull composite material as a low-maintenance surface covering. Other advantages include lower prices than PVC and more comfortable surfaces than wood.

JBJ Building & Remodeling Inc.

Green Shield, Home Improvement of Grand Rapids, has experienced unprecedented growth this year and provided young people with opportunities in construction. Employing over 20 people in Grand Rapids, they specialize in using an eco-friendly material known as reclaimed rice hulls when building decks and patio covers; this material offers more excellent surfaces than wood or typical composites while being more water absorbent and having lower water absorption rates than PVC; plus, its appearance makes for greater affordability!

The firm leverages its expertise to assist clients in improving their homes’ look and functionality. They specialize in custom wood or composite deck construction that adds value to properties and renovates existing decks; porches, sheds, and exterior features such as sheds can also be added – not to mention carpenter teams capable of working on basement, kitchen, and bathroom renovation projects.

Nate Fugitt Construction offers residential and commercial customers in the Grand Rapids metro area expert construction services for over 15 years, boasting a staff of qualified professionals capable of handling every aspect of construction, from backyard decks to multi-story projects. Nate Fugitt’s team also boasts extensive experience repairing decks of any size or shape; repair jobs can also be handled efficiently.

Cutting Edge Builders of Grand Rapids provides excellent services to clients throughout West Michigan. Their experienced team specializes in creating customized outdoor spaces perfect for entertaining or relaxation, home addition projects such as sunrooms and closed porches, and lifetime warranties on their decks that both KITV and WOOD TV8 have featured. Cutting Edge Builders offers free estimates with lifetime warranties on its decks to make this investment worthwhile!

Cardinal Remodeling & Design

Cardinal Remodeling & Design is a home improvement company offering services in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, garages, and room additions. Additionally, they provide roofing, siding, and window replacement. Their variety of designs and materials will meet your style and budget needs, while their team of skilled contractors and designers will help create your ideal home environment.

This firm boasts over one century of combined construction industry experience. Their team of professionals is on hand to build custom decks to add beauty and comfort to any home, construct pergolas and screened porches for extra outdoor living space, use high-grade aluminum railings and glass panels in their projects, install glass doors and wrought iron gates, as well as provide lifetime warranties on their decks.

This company has earned the Better Business Bureau’s highest rating. Their staff members are friendly and helpful; furthermore, they’re very knowledgeable. From initial consultation through final inspection and financing if needed.

Grand Rapids-based company Soffrite Construction serves the surrounding area. Their team members are energetic and strive to exceed customer expectations while being honest, affordable, and pleasant. Free estimates and lifetime warranties on their products are also offered free of charge. EPA certification as a lead-safe practice provider separates them from all local contractors. At the same time, they’re National Association of Deck Builders members. As a National Deck Specialist company specializing in composite decks known for exceptional craftsmanship, it is another certification feature of their business.

Haven Deck Builders
82 Ionia Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, USA

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