How Bathroom Remodeling Chicago Can Increase Your Home’s Value


Upgrading your bathroom gives it a fresh new look while increasing its value in both senses of the word. Browse the Best information about Bathroom Builders Unlimited.

Cosmetic renovations do not need permits, while full gut remodels might. This would include dropping walls, moving plumbing lines, and rewiring electrical wiring.

VILLA Bathroom Remodeling Contractors of Chicago have been remodeling bathrooms for years. Their team has extensive expertise with tub and shower updates and tile installations.

Bathtubs and Showers

Bathtubs and showers are critical components of bathroom functionality, providing convenience for washing yourself and adding value to your home when selling. Therefore, investing in your bathroom’s fixtures and design when renovating it is essential.

Professional bathroom remodeling companies work closely with you to understand your needs and preferences to develop an individualized plan tailored to you and your aesthetic tastes. They will also assist in choosing materials and products suitable for the project.

Professional remodelers will also help you set a realistic budget that keeps the remodeling on track and costs at bay, with 10-15% set aside to account for unexpected expenses during the project. This way, it ensures your remodeling is finished on schedule.

If your old bathtub has become cracked, stained, or outdated, it might be time to consider its replacement. A tub-to-shower conversion service in Chicago Heights may provide beautiful replacement tubs that will be installed and ready for use within just one day of being purchased and delivered directly to you.

Suppose you plan to substantially modify your bathroom by moving fixtures or altering load-bearing walls. In that case, you must obtain a permit from the city of Chicago before starting work. This will ensure local regulations perform the job and receive inspection of water and sewer connections; additionally, depending on your neighborhood, you may be subject to additional fees and submission of detailed plans to homeowner associations or condo design approval boards for approval of such changes.


Lighting is one of the critical components in a bathroom remodel, as the right fixtures can set the mood and create a sense of space. Consider installing a dimmer switch to control how much light comes through; dimmed lights may help relieve eye strain when going to the restroom at night and help promote better sleep.

Dimmers can help save energy by preventing you from turning on lights when not needed in a room and providing accent lighting that highlights art or plants in your bathroom. Incandescent bulbs produce harsh light, which may not be suitable for energy savings; dimmers provide an indirect glow, which doesn’t do that.

As well as covering the cost of the light fixture itself, hiring an electrician to install it will also add extra costs and can put your bathroom’s safety and functionality at risk. Professional installation should always be considered when moving or adding electrical fixtures that could affect the overall functionality in any bathroom space.

The recessed can lights are one way to brighten your bathroom, as is installing skylights for those without windows and providing natural lighting that is more energy-efficient than electric. Installing skylights also has the bonus of helping lower electricity costs as they provide light directly into the room instead of turning on all those electric bulbs!

Chi Renovation and Design of Chicago specializes in kitchen, bath, basement, and whole-home remodeling projects. Their designers double as project managers to oversee each process step while communicating with clients. Chi has featured their designs in magazines like Elle Decor and Kitchen and Bath Ideas.


Countertops set the scene for your bathroom and are an integral renovation component. Selecting suitable materials will ensure your new space looks aesthetically pleasing while remaining durable and long-term.

Granite and quartz countertops are two popular bathroom countertops, offering a wide selection of colors, finishes, textures, and styles to fit any decor or aesthetic. Granite is highly durable, protecting against heat, scratches, chips, and common problems like mildew. However, periodic sealing should be performed to protect its surface against liquid spills and mold.

Quartz countertops are nonporous surfaces that make cleaning easier than granite. Just wipe down with a cloth, as scratch resistance is extremely high on this material. In addition, many colors with veining and flecks exist for any design aesthetic or purpose.

Custom countertop specialists can assist in selecting the ideal material and aesthetic elements to complete your bathroom remodeling project, such as backsplashes, faucets, and fixtures. Choosing custom-crafted countertops will make your renovation stand out from others while giving you an excellent return on investment when selling your home.

Assembling high-quality countertops that require minimal upkeep is an invaluable way to save time on cleaning, stay healthy and safe, and increase the value of your property. Reach out to a Chicago bathroom remodeling contractor for more information about their services; these professionals provide plumbing, electrical, carpentry, plastering, and skim coating, among many others. They have teams of experienced contractors dedicated to providing superior service.


Bathroom plumbing takes a beating; even high-quality components may wear out over time. That’s why many homeowners decide to renovate their bathrooms; new faucets, showerheads, and fixtures can significantly improve your space’s aesthetics, and some opt to switch out their toilets for water-saving models. Updating your plumbing can save money in the long term by decreasing water and electricity use within your home.

Bathroom remodeling costs can vary greatly depending on the scope and scale of your project. Simple upgrades like repainting or switching hardware can be relatively economical, while major reworkings will likely incur more excellent work and expense; such changes could involve dropping walls, redrilling electricity cables, and redrilling/insulating pipes to accommodate for new routes; for these more extensive remodels it would likely be necessary to consult with architects as well as structural engineers for guidance.

Before beginning any bathroom remodeling project, all plans and details must be written on paper. This will ensure everyone involved in the project understands what’s expected of them and any misunderstandings are quickly cleared up if any arise. In their How to Avoid Rookie Remodeling Mistakes book by Matriarchy Build’s mother-daughter duo, Matriarchy Build suggests, “Just as it wouldn’t make sense for surgeons to perform surgery without first discussing all plans beforehand, you shouldn’t assume your general contractor understands either.”

Locating an experienced kitchen and bathroom remodeler in Chicago can start your remodeling project smoothly. Explore Houzz’s Professionals section to discover someone in your area and view photos of their past work; once you find potential contractors, inquire about licensing and insurance coverage before making your selections.


Bathroom renovation is often neglected when renovating homes, yet improving its aesthetic can increase value and create an inviting space you love spending time in. Updating its look will increase its value while making it something you look forward to being in each day.

Bathroom remodel ideas range from simple modifications to complete gut renovations, with whole gut renovations involving significant changes such as dropping walls, reconfiguring plumbing and electrical services, or taking apart and relaying subflooring. Such complex endeavors should only be performed by experienced remodelers who understand how to navigate the challenges of changing an entire room.

Floors in bathrooms must not only be water-resistant but also safe and slip-resistant. Tile is the go-to material as it provides an endless variety of colors, patterns, and textures – while remaining easy to maintain and clean. Porcelain plank (LVP) or engineered wood explicitly designed for wet rooms also offers similar looks while being more water resistant.

Since powder rooms do not include tubs or showers that create water hazards, their design options are more varied. Homeowners often match flooring from other rooms into their powder room for a uniform look; polished concrete may also make an attractive basement bath option since its durability allows unique patterns to be created through staining or stenciling techniques.

Upgrades should include everything from vanity and sink installations, towel racks, and toilet paper holders – as well as new vanity/sink combinations and promotions in general – including vanities/sinks, towel racks/holders, towel racks/holders, and toilet paper holders. A remodeling contractor will help select materials and finishes that complement one another, add style to the space, and provide advice about current trends/colors that are popular within their field. Bathroom Builders Unlimited 555 4th St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504 (616) 522-8183

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