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Ichiko Aoba creates rich, lush gardens of music from her guitar and voice that captivate audiences of all kinds. Her music takes you away to another world where your heart beats with excitement.

At National Sawdust, her melodic voice led listeners into soothing soundscapes and imaginary movie scenes. Even though her songs draw on traditional folk tradition, they display highly engaging reinvention techniques.

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Japanese singer and guitarist Aoba made her North American tour debut as part of her 2022 international tour, which kicked off in Europe this August and will continue through October. Aoba is famed for her spellbinding performances of folk, psychedelia, and impressionistic classical music that are heavily influenced by landscape painting, creating emotional soundscapes that transport audiences into fantasy realms.

Windswept Adan was released as the soundtrack for an imaginary movie and features atmospheric instrumentation and her hauntingly beautiful voice. Recorded with one of Europe’s premier string collectives – 12 Ensemble – it marked her first release to include this unique instrumentation that complements her music so perfectly.

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Ichiko Aoba will bring her mesmerizing music to both Europe and North America this autumn, drawing audiences into her immersive musical worlds that span folk, psych, jazz, and classical guitar. She has an extraordinary gift for making loneliness seem less overwhelming and lonely. Secure tickets now to catch her live!

Aoba began recording at an early age, releasing her debut album Razor Girl when she was only 19 years old. Since then, she has enjoyed great critical acclaim both for solo albums as well as her work with Mahito in the folk-rock duo Gezan – with whom she collaborated for their folk-rock duo Gezan duo (or Gezan duo as Mahito called themselves). Additionally, her music has been used extensively in theater and video game soundtracks.

Aoba will tour North America and Europe this fall in support of her latest record, Windswept Adan, recorded in Tokyo with Phonolite Strings and inspired by Japan’s Southwest Islands, an archipelago she visited in 2020. Co-produced and arranged by Taro Umebayashi for Windswept Adan’s distinct musical world with cinematographic swells that recall Mark Mothersbaugh or Wes Anderson scores, Taro Umebayashi built his musical world to fit.

Aoba’s 2022 US and European tour has already seen sold-out concerts across the UK and Ireland, including London’s EartH in May. Her captivating shows have caused widespread excitement, with audiences caught under her spell by her stunning performances – they fell under Aoba’s spell! Her presentations will showcase selections from her extensive catalog over ten years, along with material from her latest release as well as new material she is set to perform live for audiences at this point.

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Ichiko Aoba has amassed an immense fan base through her music that traverses ambient folk, psych, jazz, and classical genres. Aoba’s songs create emotionally rich soundscapes that take listeners on an unforgettable journey of wonder and beauty.

Aoba is an award-winning singer-songwriter known for her diverse catalog of full-length albums and collaborations that have garnered international critical acclaim. Windswept Adan is her most complex work to date – part singer-songwriter album, part concept album, and part orchestral work inspired by jazz, folk, and classical music.

Windswept Adan features airy instrumentation to complement Aoba’s hauntingly sweet voice, creating the ideal accompaniment for her to make her music in layers that seem both wonderful and meditative. She likens the creative process to painting landscapes, layering aural textures like an artist. Aoba adds vocal harmonies and field recordings of birds and sea sounds as additional musical layers within her soundscapes.

Through her album, Aoba offers us a window into both her main character’s journey across islands and the life of plants and creatures that reside within the coral archipelago. In her opening track, Prologue, she provides bells and bird sounds as a precursor to field recordings she made on Amami Oshima Island of her ocean environment.

Ichiko Aoba and her 12 Ensemble mesmerize listeners with mesmerizing live performances at Bunkamura Orchard Hall in Tokyo, captured live video. The mesmerizing show includes delicate piano arpeggios, strings, and harpsichord interweaved in an ever-flowing stream of sound from which Aoba’s distinctive voice emerges into our consciousness.

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Ichiko Aoba’s tickets for her North American debut tour are in high demand, and it is easy to understand why. Her music is both captivating and captivating, drawing listeners into its spellbinding sounds with ease. A folk singer-songwriter known for her acoustic sound often features surrealist lyrics inspired by dreams. Aoba learned guitar early on after receiving instruction from famed Japanese singer-songwriter Anmi Yamada, as well as playing piano, clarinet, and accordion on recordings.

Windswept Adan, Aoba’s seventh album, is an ambitious musical work composed of multiple layers that simultaneously act as the backdrop to an imaginary novel and convey mystery and beauty. A hybrid between traditional Japanese music and modern Western styles, the record features various instruments, including strings, acoustic guitars, bamboo flutes, and field recordings of ocean waves as well as field recordings for sound design purposes – truly an impressive and stunning musical effort that will delight Aoba fans worldwide!

Ichiko Aoba recently announced her upcoming concerts across Europe and America in support of her newly released album. Fans can catch her performing in Irvine, Spokane, Milwaukee, and Chula Vista, among many other locations; additionally, she will perform at major festivals like Stagecoach Indio, California, as well as Country USA, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

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