Joshi House Bandra – A Royal Brunch Experience


If you’re looking for a fine dining experience in the heart of Pali Hill, Joshi House is the place to go. This upscale restaurant has an elegant, sophisticated ambiance and an excellent brunch. With a mix of indoor and outdoor seating, it can comfortably accommodate up to 90 people.

Joshi House is a new fine dining restaurant in Pali Hill.

Suren Joshi, a super-fit restaurateur who has opened five restaurants in Mumbai and three fitness centers, has taken the idea of a royal yet cosmopolitan restaurant to a whole new level. Designed to impress with its pristine white interiors and delectable food, Joshi House exudes a royal aura with every bite. A courtyard area with a fountain, potted plants, and red chairs leads up to a second-story balcony where guests can dine alfresco.

The newest fine dining restaurant in Pali Hill features a stellar line-up of chefs. The name refers not to the owners’ dwelling spaces but the neighborhood. The menu features dishes inspired by local, regional and international cuisine.

It is a refuge for urban nomads.

Joshi House’s menu is designed to please a range of palates with different cuisines worldwide. Designed by Ashiesh Shah, it’s a regal space and a respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether you’re looking for a wholesome, nutritious meal or a romantic date for two, you can find it here.

Joshi House is an oasis from the busy urban world in Pali Hill, Mumbai. Designed by celebrity architect Ashiesh Shah, the restaurant features a monochromatic dining room, a gypsy courtyard, and a black and white bar lounge. Inside, the decor is an ode to craftsmanship, with hand-carved columns and mirrored ceilings. There’s also a gypsy courtyard, silver room, and black and white bar lounge.

It offers a sophisticated dining experience.

If you want an upscale dining experience in Bandra, you should try Joshi House Bandra. It offers a fusion of cuisines and pristine white interiors. The cuisine is sophisticated yet comfortable, and each bite evokes a regal aura. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating, with a capacity of 90 guests.

The chef’s background is diverse. He is an expert in Indian cuisine and understood the context of the Bandra restaurant he was opening. The menu is incredibly diverse, with dishes such as lobster Shetty roasted with coastal masala and served with neer dosa. It also offers a variety of Indian desserts, including keema kachori, a traditional Rajasthani dish. There is also an in-house version of ghevar, served in traditional red mithai boxes and covered with fabric, pistachio, and saffron cremeaux.

It offers a great brunch.

The family-run Joshi House in Bandra offers an extensive brunch menu. The menu is eclectic and includes both traditional and contemporary dishes. The decor is pristine white, and the food is delicious. The menu features everything from lobster Shetty to keema kachori and ghevar. Each dish exudes a royal aura. For dessert, you can try the ghevar, an in-house confection served in a traditional red mithai box and covered with fabric, saffron, and pistachio cremeaux.

Located on Pali Hill Road in Bandra, Joshi House offers a unique Rajasthani experience. The restaurant’s interiors and exteriors were designed by renowned architect Ashiesh Shah, with elements inspired by the desert state. The decor features a monochromatic dining room, an outdoor courtyard, a marble fountain, and potted plants. The interiors feature an evocative theme, and you can’t help but feel transported to an era when desert state residents dined in homes.

It has a great bar

This newly opened restaurant in Bandra is located on Pali Hill. The decor is very stylish, and the menu is very diverse. The ambiance is very elegant, with pristine white interiors and multi-cuisine plates. The food at Joshi House exudes a royal aura with every bite. The menu includes dishes like tiramisu and ghewar, a type of dessert with a disc of ghevar in between a saffron rabri cremeux. The bar serves a range of cocktails as well.

This stylish cafe is an excellent choice for lunch or dinner with your friends. It has a beautiful atmosphere, great food, and an excellent bar. It is spread over two levels and has indoor and outdoor seating. The second floor features a ‘room of lamps.’ The food is excellent here, and you will want to visit the cafe to try out the many different dishes. There are plenty of vegetarian dishes and vegetarian options on the menu, and there is a lot of variety for vegetarians.

It has a gypsy courtyard.

Joshi House is a family-owned restaurant on the Bandra-Worli seafront and a favorite with locals and tourists alike. Despite its modest size, the restaurant is comfortable and sophisticated, with outdoor and indoor seating options. The decor is reminiscent of a gypsy courtyard.

The dining area is set in an outdoor courtyard, with red chairs and a fountain. The monochromatic interiors give the restaurant a royal aura, while the dishes are made to taste and look good. Desserts include ghewar, tiramisu, and saffron rabri cremeux.