Linsets Clothing Reviews


Linsets is a relatively new clothing website that claims to offer high-quality apparel at discounted prices, including women’s coats and sweaters. However, some customers have reported receiving incorrect or defective garments.

This company is an illegal scam, and all advertisements should be removed from public platforms. They use your credit card details to charge for items you didn’t receive and VIP memberships you never agreed to sign up for.

Customer Service

Linsets Clothing is an illegal company known to take advantage of customers. They use stolen photos from other websites to attract potential victims before shipping low-quality or different products. Customer service representatives are usually unhelpful and won’t refund your money if something arrives defective or was never what was ordered; also, credit card details could be stolen and debited against your card for products you never requested – making this website very dangerous! It should be avoided at all costs.

This company, located in China, does not list an address on its website for customers to reach them; however, they provide phone numbers and email addresses (though only as fake addresses). Neither service department responds to emails or phone calls sent by their clients.

Many customers have been dissatisfied with their purchases from Linsets. Some even posted YouTube videos criticizing the company – one has been seen over 111,000 times! In these videos, customers often leave negative reviews; many allege the company scammed them while manipulating reviews and resorting to paid promotional campaigns.


Linsets is a new clothing company that provides high-quality apparel at competitive prices, including cotton dresses, coats for women, and sweaters. Their customer service is outstanding while prices remain very affordable; however, some customers have complained of slow shipping times or not receiving their packages in time.

Linset’s website claims that all orders qualify for free shipping; however, this claim is misleading due to not including taxes and customs duties costs in its calculation of free shipping costs. Potential buyers should take notice as this red flag serves as a warning sign, and no security measures have been put into place protecting customer credit card data on Linset’s site – leaving it vulnerable to being compromised and exploited by criminals.

Linsets website is very suspect due to using images taken from other websites, claiming to offer discounts, as is familiar with scammers, and operating under an unfamiliar domain name without verification by significant web services.


Linsets is a new online clothing store that promises high-quality garments at competitive prices. Their clothing selection includes women’s coats and sweaters, men’s suits, cotton dresses, returns policies, and customer support services.

Before purchasing from this site, however, several warning signs should be raised. One uses an address that scam websites have previously used; additionally, no security seal from trusted providers like Norton or McAfee can be seen anywhere on its website.

Linsets offers a vast selection of reasonably priced clothing, but customers should read their return policy thoroughly before purchasing. Due to a chaotic refund policy from Linsets, customers should be prepared for disappointment should their orders not arrive on time and reviews posted are fake as the company uses bots to create positive comments and discourage customers from leaving negative ones.


Linsets Clothing Store is a relatively new clothing store that offers high-quality garments at competitive prices, particularly cotton dresses and coats for women’s and men’s suits and shirts. However, it’s unclear whether they are legit; YouTube ads can be found on their store, but no website exists. Their owner remains unknown, leading many people to suspect them of being associated with Fadel-Beatty Limited Scam.

Domain checker reports that Linsets was registered on 31 October 2022, making it an unvetted new site that has not been thoroughly scrutinised by the public. This should serve as an alert, since new websites often become platforms for fraudsters to exploit customers. Furthermore, images on its website appear stolen from other sources, while its low prices and discount offers should raise suspicion among buyers.