Motus Integrated Technologies


Motus Integrated Technologies is an established Tier 1 supplier of automotive interior products. You’ll find their headliners, sun visors, and internal trim components in some of the world’s most sought-after cars and vehicles.

After their successful carve-out from Johnson Controls to streamline their business processes, create one centralized system of record worldwide, and remove costly manual data entry costs, Motus turned to Plex.


Motus Integrated Technologies’ products combine stylish appeal and functional benefits that bring vehicles to life for car buyers, including headliners, trays, and panels that you’ll find inside some of the world’s most beloved automobiles. Customers rely on Motus from concept through launch with creative design solutions, product and process innovation, and worldwide manufacturing resources. In 2014, it became an independent entity by being purchased out by a private equity firm from Johnson Controls; with that came an ERP solution implemented to manage manufacturing processes more effectively.

Motus had several priorities when selecting its ERP solution: first was finding one with quick deployment times; second was finding a provider who could integrate various plant systems well; and lastly, it needed a solution that was easy to manage and maintain.

Motus Plastics chose Plex’s Manufacturing Cloud for its automation needs and, within four months, had successfully converted its corporate headquarters and four of its plants to Plex. Following Leon Plastics’ acquisition in 2016, three additional plants were moved quickly onto Plex.

Motus now uses Plex to track production and scrap in real-time, eliminating paper tracking of these quantities for data entry later in shifts. Data entry clerks have been freed up for other vital duties, tablet technology enables workers to perform inventory cycle counts without leaving their workstations.

Plex is helping Motus achieve profitability by improving productivity and cutting operating expenses. By eliminating manual data entry and streamlining warehouse operations, Motus can save tens of thousands each year in storage costs alone; this has allowed them to invest more in R&D projects that create innovative products that make cars more desirable and valuable.


Motus Integrated Technologies manufactures an assortment of sun visors from unlit, illuminated, and auxiliary coverage models. All are designed to reduce glare when driving and improve visibility, while compression-formed products produce lightweight yet solid components for every sunvisor model. State-of-the-art equipment ensures all Motus products meet high standards of excellence.

Tier 1 supplier to global automakers, this company supplies interior components to automakers through its North American headquarters located in Holland, Michigan, and facilities located in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico; Uberherrn, Germany and Creutzwald, France – along with production capabilities in Cottondale, Alabama.

Motus Integrated Technologies is known for its commitment to quality and customer service, using only top-quality materials to produce its products and hiring highly-skilled employees in various areas. Furthermore, their dedication to continuous improvement and innovation allows them to stay ahead of competitors.

The company greatly emphasizes sustainability and continually works to reduce its production processes’ environmental impact. They employ various initiatives that reduce waste and energy usage and constantly search for better production methods.

Alongside their innovative and eco-friendly practices, the company provides its employees with a comprehensive employee benefits package, including competitive pay, health, life, disability, retirement savings plans, paid time off, and flexible work schedules explicitly tailored for them.

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Door Armrests

Motus Integrated Technologies manufactures automotive interior components, including headliners, sun visors, door and console armrests, and instrument panel trim for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and Tier 1 suppliers around the globe. Motus employs over 2,000 people at its five current facilities worldwide.

Motus operates its North American headquarters in Holland, Michigan, with manufacturing operations in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico; Uberherrn, Germany and Cottondale, Alabama. Furthermore, they maintain an innovative material research and development center located in Holland, Michigan, which creates novel materials designed to increase performance while decreasing cost.

Motus recently used post-industrial natural fiber from recycled denim scrap to develop eco-friendly thermal and acoustic solutions for car companies, using advanced technology for better production processes. Atlas Holdings LLC owns 16 businesses across over 100 locations with nearly 11,000 associates globally.

Motus employs Plex as its record system to help maintain consistency across its global plant operations. It assists employees in running business and production processes as one streamlined operation without needing an expansive IT staff. By adopting Plex, they successfully maintain an enterprise architecture without needing large IT support teams.

Evans believes Motus immediately saw increased efficiency upon adopting Plex. Their team members could focus more on tasks and collaborate more easily when everything came from one source; Plex has helped ensure business practices were consistent globally.

Motus recognized that its location would be critical to its global enterprise success, so it chose Gadsden due to its proximity to numerous automakers in Etowah County and across the southeastern United States. Gov. Kay Ivey attended Motus’ $15 million facility – which will create over 90 jobs – when Gov. Ivey performed its ceremonial groundbreaking ceremony last October, including state-of-the-art headliner forming and injection molding capabilities as well as projections that it should become operational by mid-202020.

Instrument Panel Trim

Motus Integrated Technologies is a Tier 1 auto industry supplier specializing in designing, manufacturing, and selling headliners, sun visors, door and console armrests, and instrument panel trim components for many of the world’s top-selling vehicles. Their products can be found across North America and Europe, with over 2,000 employees. Established in 1973 and spun off from Johnson Controls as its current corporate identity in 2014 when they carved off into Motus’ existing structure, Motus has earned an impeccable reputation for creativity in design and superior product quality over its 44 year existence.

Environmental responsibility is essential to this company, and it has taken various initiatives to reduce waste produced during production processes. Furthermore, innovation is prioritized as they strive to develop cutting-edge technology within automotive interiors. Moreover, efficiency increases while manufacturing costs decrease significantly.

Motus relies on Plex to stay organized and consistent with its global customer base. It organizes inventory and quality in its plants worldwide, saving time and money while keeping customers satisfied. Furthermore, the system has improved internal communication between teams and departments as well as easy use: Motus materials supervisor is quoted saying he can “see instantly what inventory it is available and make decisions that are best for the company.”

Motus Industries integrated Plex into its ERP to streamline data collection and ensure the accuracy of information. Motus workers previously kept track of production and scrap on paper, with most data entering after shift had ended. Now with Plex, real-time information is accessible instantly, allowing data entry clerks to be reallocated more effectively. At the same time, tablets enable workers to perform inventory cycle counts without walking to a computer workstation.

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