New Places to Eat Near Salem


When you’re looking for new places to eat near Salem, there are plenty of options. You can try out local favorites like Masonry Grill, Goodnight Fatty, Nagoya Steakhouse, Marco Polo Global Restaurant, and more. Listed below are some of the top options.

Masonry Grill

If you’re looking for a new restaurant in the area, check out Masonry Grill, a new restaurant that’s sure to impress. Owner Melissa Mason explains how she manages the restaurant outside and during her work day. She and partner Samuel Woodward have been dreaming up a restaurant that would be a hit with the locals.

The dining scene in downtown Salem has grown in recent years, from local breweries to a robust food truck scene. Many breweries that once outsourced their food service now offer menus that complement their brews. The city also has an active food truck scene, incubating new businesses. Mexican food is a must-try in Salem.

Goodnight Fatty

If you are looking for a place to eat near Salem, you may want to check out Goodnight Fatty. The company has opened a new location on Higginson Square. They specialize in serving late-night cookies. They also make good biscuits.

In addition to its flagship location, Goodnight Fatty has a new pop-up location in Salem. This new restaurant slings breakfast delights in the witch city. The pop-up event was a huge success. The team behind the new location hopes to expand its pop-up concept.

The restaurant offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. It is located on Washington Street, behind the Bewitched Samantha statue. The decor is unique, and it features an outdoor seating area. The menu includes vegan options and a full bar. If you want something a little different, try the vegan chubby. This stuffed bagel is stuffed with vegan cheese, vegan sausage, peppers, and an egg. The sandwich is served with vegan sriracha mayo.

The menu features several delicious options. A seafood burger is another delicious option. Goodnight Fatty is a new place to eat near Salem. The menu has plenty of seafood choices, which are excellent for a quick bite. You’ll be glad you went.

Nagoya Steakhouse

The new Japanese steakhouse and sushi restaurant Nagoya opened in March in Salem. Located in the same location as the former Red Robin on Lancaster, it offers a variety of sushi rolls and sushi options. Other menu items include steak, seafood, and hibachi. The restaurant does not yet have a registration number.

The restaurant’s interior is decorated in bright colors and features a banquette along a brick feature wall. The dining room is airy and spacious, and the menu features a variety of organic, seasonal, and locally sourced ingredients. Menu items include a grilled steak wrap, gumbo, and catfish.

The Japanese steakhouse is fun, and its chefs do a great job preparing the meat and sushi. The sushi chefs are skilled at artfully butchering super-fresh fish. The restaurant also has a full bar of sushi and hibachi mains, prepared table-side. The sushi menu also includes a variety of Chef’s Special rolls, so you can be assured of getting the best sushi for your money.

The menu is designed for various diners, so you can choose a roll to suit your style and palate. Some sushi rolls are perfect for beginners, while others are more for adventurous diners. The Spicy Killer roll, for example, is made of thinly sliced salmon and white tuna and topped with spicy tuna. Alternatively, you could opt for a roll with avocado and tempura salmon.

Marco Polo Global Restaurant

If you’re looking for a new modern Chinese restaurant near Salem, you’ll love Marco Polo Global Restaurant. This upscale restaurant serves a wide variety of cuisines and signature flavors. There are breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. The restaurant is also kid-friendly and has a spacious dining room.

It’s in a classy neighborhood and has plenty of parking. Prices are reasonable as well. This place will not break the bank, but the food is worth it. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the ambiance is stylish and classy.


A popular fast-food chain based in California is opening a new restaurant near Salem and Keizer. The fast-food restaurant is known for its Double-Doubles, 4X4s, and Animal Style Burgers. Keizer Mayor Cathy Clark recently announced that the chain would open a restaurant at Keizer Station off Interstate 5. Keizer is just north of Salem and has over 38,000 people.

The new In-N-Out location will be at 6280 Keizer Station Blvd. Although the official opening date has not been announced, residents are likely to line up a day early. Those with an intense craving for In-N-Out will likely begin showing up the day of the grand opening, while the rest of the city might stick to the bar near the corner.

In-N-Out has begun construction on a third Oregon location. Chain-link fencing has been installed around the site adjacent to Target and Outback Steakhouse. The restaurant is expected to open later this month. It will have a drive-through lane that runs parallel to the railroad tracks. It will offer burgers, fries, and milkshakes to patrons.

The newest In-N-Out location is about 45 minutes south of Salem and will serve the city of Keizer with a high-quality fast-food franchise. Currently, In-N-Out has two Oregon locations: Medford and Grants Pass.