A Tanay Rizal Tourist Spot


If you’re looking for a beautiful vacation spot in the Philippines, you may want to visit Tanay, a town east of Manila. While you’re there, you can check out the Tanay Church, also known as San Ildefonso de Toledo Church, with its Renaissance-style facade. There’s also the Parola lighthouse, which offers views of the Laguna de Bay Lake. Also worth visiting is the Masungi Georeserve, known for its limestone rock formations. Other attractions in Tanay include the Calinawan Cave, a multi-level cave system, and the Daranak Falls, a natural pool.

Daranak Falls

In the municipality of Tanay, Rizal province, you can visit Daranak Falls, a 14-meter waterfall with a deep catch basin. The waterfall is a popular weekend spot among locals. It has picnic tables and a dining hall where you can dine while overlooking the waterfall. It is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The waterfall is a short walk from the parking area, so you can easily access it. It’s surrounded by flowering wild plants and forests and is an excellent destination for a refreshing dip. Ponds and cascading rivers also complement it so that you can expect a peaceful and scenic environment. You can visit the falls on weekdays when the falls are less crowded.

If you’re a fan of historical sites, you can visit the nearby Calinawan Cave, a complex cave system with several layers that can be explored for hours. Lutong Pugon, a secret garden restaurant, is also worth a visit. The restaurant offers wood-fired gourmet pizza and a small art gallery. You can even have your portrait sketched here. It’s become one of the top tourist spots in Tanay Rizal.

Another Tanay, Rizal tourist spot is Palaya Natural Farm. It was once a dragon fruit plantation but recently opened its doors to the public. It grows a variety of green and sweet fruits. The farm also offers overnight accommodations and a restaurant. This is a beautiful place to spend a day.

3 Springs Mountain Park

3 Springs Mountain Park is one of Tanay’s hidden gems. It’s located along Marilaque road, a favorite weekend destination of motorcycle riders. The mountain park is ideal for swimming, hiking, and camping. It is also an ideal location for team-building events, prenup photo shoots, and retreats.

The mountains and forests of Tanay, Rizal, are home to a diverse range of avian life. You can also visit 3 Springs Mountain Park, an outdoor park and private venue. A place is great to camp overnight, whether you want to self-cater or buy meals in advance.

This mountain park also has a waterfall called Daranak Falls. However, you should go to Batlag Falls instead since it is less crowded. White marble rocks surround its turquoise waters. It’s also one of Rizal’s most Instagrammable places. The river features a rocky underwater section and is accessible only by small canoes.

The Treasure Mountain tour is another great tourist spot in Tanay Rizal. This open-date ticket has a six-month validity and will allow you to visit the mountain for as long as possible. This tour starts at Gate 2 and ends at Brgy. Cuyambay.

Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp

Ten Cents to Heaven is a 30-hectare leisure camp that offers a breathtaking view of the Sierra Madre mountain range. It is perfect for outdoor events, seminars, and educational tours. It is also conveniently located near Manila. Located in Sitio Mayagay II, Tanay Rizal, it is just a 45-minute drive from Marikina Bridge.

Tanay is famous for its beautiful mountains, and the city has plenty of nature retreats and leisure camps. One of these is Ten Cents to Heaven, which boasts an expansive property with ziplines, rappelling, and free-fall activities. It also offers luxurious accommodations and a swimming pool with a mountain range view.

Upon arrival, guests should check in at the front office. They are located after the guardhouse. Reservations are recommended because of the limited number of accommodations. However, the staff is friendly and helpful. Some guest rooms have special design features and air conditioning. There is also a coffee shop on-site.

Ten Cents to Heaven is a great venue for team-building events. It has a large indoor function room and an open courtyard garden for outdoor events. It also has an in-house restaurant that serves both Filipino and international cuisine. It also has good WiFi and a secure parking area.

Regina Rica

If you’re a Catholic devotee, you should visit the Regina Rica, a shrine located on a hill. You can pray in silence for peace, forgiveness, and blessings for your family. While there, you can also light a candle and express your intentions. The area also has a donation center and souvenir shop. Volunteers orient visitors to the place and give information about the various services and activities.

You can reach Regina RICA by public transportation or by taking a tricycle from the nearby Star Mall. Alternatively, you can ride a jeepney from the Sampaloc Jeepney Terminal. This is a popular stop for people visiting Tanay.

Another popular tourist spot in Tanay is Mt. Daraitan, surrounded by marble rocks and an ideal destination for nature lovers. The area offers swimming, rock climbing, camping, and other outdoor activities. You can also explore the caves and rock formations around the area.

Another tourist spot in Tanay Rizal is Treasure Mountain. It’s known for its majestic view of the Sierra Madre mountain range. It’s also popular with families and offers daily tours. The best time to view the mountain is at dawn or sunrise. Depending on weather conditions, you can catch the mountain peak between five and eight in the morning.

Regina Rica is also a popular tourist spot in Rizal. This 14-hectare sanctuary is home to a statue of the Queen of the Holy Rosary. The grounds also feature a creek and more than 10,000 trees. Offbeat adventurers can also try biking and mountain climbing.

Lutong Pugon Tiongco’s Garden

If you are looking for a romantic getaway or a relaxing dinner with your significant other, Lutong Pugon Tiongco’S Garden in Tanay, Rizal, is a great place to go. This restaurant serves pizzas cooked in a traditional Filipino wood-fired brick oven near Camp Capinpin. You can also order roast chicken, salads, and other dishes, while you enjoy the view of the mountains.

Aside from the gardens, this place also has the Daranak Falls, a 46-foot waterfall that is the perfect spot for a refreshing dip. It is complemented by cascading rivers, wild flowering plants, and ponds. You can spend the afternoon at the falls.

The restaurant also has a cafe with large windows that overlook the greenery. You can also watch a live cooking demonstration. You can also enjoy a meal at the restaurant while watching the sun go down. The prices range from P565 to P825 per the main dish. The restaurant’s atmosphere is cool and pleasant, and its staff is friendly and accommodating.

If you are a nature-lover, you should take a day trip to Tanay Rizal to explore the area’s beautiful landscape. The city’s breathtaking mountain ranges and sea of clouds make it a popular destination for day tours. Taking the trek at dawn or sunrise is advisable, as it’s the best time to catch the sunrise and sunset. The hike to the top will take you an hour or so.

Avilon Zoo

Avilon Zoo is the largest zoological institution in the country, housing over 3,000 species of wild animals. It’s located in Rodriguez, Rizal, and is open to the public. Visitors can learn about and interact with the animals. It’s even possible to feed some of them.

The Peace And CARE For Earth Ministry is another excellent Rizal tourist spot. It features a butterfly collection, an organic garden, a mini-forest, and wildlife sanctuaries. It is a great place to escape the city for a little while and find peace and serenity. Visitors can also purchase seedlings and participate in conserving the natural environment.

Another great place to visit in Tanay is the Pinto Art Museum. This museum has hundreds of pieces of art and offers an in-house cafe. It is a popular pilgrimage site during Holy Week. It is also home to the Black Madonna, one of the most famous images of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Philippines.

In Rodriguez, Rizal, you can also visit Mt. Marionette. This area boasts rolling terrain, lush greenery, and pools and waterfalls. Aside from the falls, you can also see fruit-bearing trees and fallen logs.