Nicco Park Kolkata – New Rides and Attractions


Nicco Park offers thrilling rides that provide fun for people of all ages. Additionally, its attractions offer an educational experience; each ride entrance explains the scientific principles underlying them.

One of the rides at this park includes an Eiffel Tower offering panoramic views, a decommissioned MIG 21 fighter plane, and Snow Globe and bowling alley rides.

The Sky Diver

Nicco Park has introduced an exciting ride: Sky Diver is said to be India’s first of its kind, accommodating 16 riders at once and reaching 80ft in height. The Sky Diver simulates free fall through its rapid up and down movements – similar to skydivers’ free fall as its arm shoots upwards, falls back down, then shoots back upwards again!

On November 30, as part of the park’s silver jubilee celebrations, an inflatable ride was opened and inaugurated by State Power Minister Sovandeb Chattopadhyay, MLA Sujit Bose, and actor Koneenica Banerjee.

Nicko Park boasts several attractions to excite adults and children, such as its family carousel, mirror maze, caterpillars, MIG21 fighter jet, Eiffel Tower, and family carousal. There are also natural features like rose gardens and forty-foot-high waterfalls, which will delight visitors of all ages.

The park offers various ticket packages to meet different needs, such as admission and multiple rides for INR 200; food and beverages are included in this deal. If you prefer a little less hectic, try taking a cable car ride (INR 50), which offers panoramic views across the entire park.

The Cyclone

The Cyclone roller coaster boasts an epic track length of 750 meters. This ride will thrill even the most demanding thrill seekers and is one of the most beloved attractions at Nicco Park, boasting twists, turns, drops, and much more to offer thrill seekers of all kinds. Don’t miss this ride if adrenaline junkies want a thrilling adrenaline rush!

Nicco Park offers numerous exciting, family-friendly rides beyond its roller coaster, such as Mirror Maze, Cable Car, and Moonraker (an up-and-down ride that provides visitors with a breathtaking bird’s eye view of the entire park).

River Cave Ride, with its tales of dinosaurs and volcanic eruptions, is another fantastic attraction at the park. Furthermore, toy train rides provide another fun way of experiencing all that awaits visitors here.

Wet-O-Wild water park offers numerous activities to entertain the entire family, such as its wave pool, rain dance, and tube slide. Alongside rides and attractions, there is also food served at this park, such as Bengali, South Indian, Italian, and Chinese meals and souvenir shops selling merchandise.

The Roller Coaster

Nicco Park Kolkata is an entertaining theme park offering rides to suit every mood and preference, from adrenaline-pumping roller coasters like Cyclone Roller Coaster and River Cave to relaxing ones like River Cave. There is even a water park where visitors can beat the summer heat! Additionally, shows and attractions provide entertainment and education while using renewable energy to run their rides for reduced pollution levels.

A recent addition to Esselworld Park is AsiaaEURoe’s largest roller coaster ride. It takes visitors over 50 feet before rushing downhill at high speeds for an unforgettable experience they won’t forget.

Purchase a ride pass covering 13 rides at the park for a discounted price and make the most of your visit to this amusement park. However, monsoon season can make enjoying these rides difficult.

The Water Chute

The Water Chute at Nicko Park offers thrill-seekers the chance to ride and splash through water, making it perfect for an invigorating summer day ride. Plus, it’s ideal for kids who can’t get enough excitement.

Hyde Road was home to an attraction built near its main entrance called Hyde Road Attraction. There were cars designed to hold multiple passengers that slowly and deliberately circled a short summit before plunging into a glass-encased pool for spectators to observe.

Victoria Lake became home to one of the first significant water chutes since Southport and Blackpool’s Wonderland rides, where people dressed (sometimes extravagantly!) rode wooden ‘chute boats’ as they crossed its surface. Photos taken at this exhibition show people dressed ( or overdressed ) as they sat inside them to experience Victoria Lake firsthand.

Nicco Park takes excellent care in providing rides that make you scream with delight and safety precautions to protect its visitors. First aid facilities are readily available in case of accidents, while rides are regularly inspected for optimal performance. Nicco Park even features an incredible Musical Fountain, creating mesmerizing displays of water, light, and music performances!

The Mirror Maze

The Mirror Maze is an incredible visual journey, blending stunning optical illusion and strong theming with interactive features and SFX to provide an unforgettable experience for its visitors. Visitors are transported through endless hallways with endless mirror reflections – each turn bringing new challenges! Perfect for friends and families of any kind looking for fun times together.

Nicco Park offers rides suitable for visitors of all ages. Kids will especially love the Family Carousel, which offers virtual horseback riding on an overhead platform; other kiddie rides include Toy Train and Crazy Tea Party ride – while adults can ride roller coasters or Water Chute for thrills! In addition, Nicco Park boasts other attractions, such as its haunted house or Oceania exhibit.

The park is easily accessible, located off of EM Bypass near Salt Lake Sector Five, and accessible by public transportation. There are various packages of rides to choose from, and guests can purchase their tickets both at the front of the park and online; admission prices typically range between Rs 250-850 depending on which packages contain which attractions.

The Cable Car

Nicco Park offers thrill-seekers an assortment of rides, attractions, and shows sure to satisfy. Additionally, their waterpark section, Wet-o-wild, is ideal for families to beat the summer heat and have fun. Food courts and restaurants serve various cuisines, from Indian to Chinese, with plenty of vegetarian options. They even feature a bar for guests looking to drink while unwinding with friends!

Savaari Park hosts numerous events throughout the year, from lively music concerts and dance performances, festivals, and seasonal celebrations that draw large crowds to hourly car rentals that make traveling easier through congested traffic.

Nicco Park offers numerous medical facilities for emergency use nearby. One such nursing home, Shusrusha Nursing Home Pvt Ltd, can assist in an instantaneous medical crisis; its doctors are on-call 24/7 and offer first aid at an affordable price.

The Moonraker

Moonraker, an exquisite spaced-out thriller featuring an exceptional cast, mesmerizes viewers like no other film. A Van Allen belter of a James Bond story with Roger Moore as space captain and Lois Chiles as his cosmic love interest, it takes viewers on an extraordinary ride through outer space.

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Nick Park offers thrill rides and many other family-oriented activities for visitors of all ages, such as River Caves, Magic Carpets, Paddle Boats, and Flying Saucers. The park runs on solar energy for environmental sustainability, with a “Solar Energy Village” to demonstrate various non-conventional energy sources. At the same time, its “Green House” sells many different plants for sale. Taxis and government buses make reaching Nick Park easy.