Nicco Park Location


The park offers rides and attractions suitable for all. Family-oriented rides like the Paddle Boat and Children’s Corner provide family fun. Other lifts available to visitors include River Cave and Toy Train rides. Relax in a lazy river ride or hop aboard one of its many merry-go-round rides for more entertainment!

The park is conveniently situated close to Sealdah Station and easily reachable via buses or taxis from all around the city.

It is located in Sealdah.

Nicco Park in Kolkata is one of the city’s most beloved amusement parks and a tourist must-visit. Offering an assortment of rides and attractions ranging from roller coasters and water rides to lush landscaping with several gardens and a lake, Nicco Park first opened in 1991 and has become a go-to spot for families during vacation time.

Nicco Corporation, an engineering company specializing in designing and manufacturing products, and the West Bengal government joined forces to form this park at an estimated cost of Rs 8 crore. The park initially included 13 rides and a toy train; today, there are over 35 rides, including its signature attraction, Cyclone: India’s finest wooden roller coaster ride!

As well as offering rides, the park also features several restaurants and cafes serving various cuisines, such as puchka, jhal muri, and Kathi rolls. Visitors to the park will also find drinks such as fresh, tender coconut water.

At Kolkata Park, various water rides provide relief from Kolkata’s scorching summer months, including Cyclone, Water Chute, and Pirate Ship rides. Visitors may also enjoy other family-oriented attractions like Mirror Maze and Cable Car rides.

Winter at the park brings magic. A magnificent snow globe awaits all age groups, offering a unique experience and helping beat winter blues. Furthermore, MIG 21 stands proud as part of this magical spectacle.

The park can be reached from all central locations of Kolkata via train and bus; its nearest airport, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, is within short cab distance of its location; Sealdah or Howrah railway stations also provide taxi service; this ride should take roughly half an hour to arrive at its destination.

It is easy to reach

Nicco Park is one of India’s premier amusement parks. Covering 40 acres, on which are 35 attractions, Nicco Park has seen over 24 million visitors since opening in 1991. Nicco’s creators found inspiration from Disneyland USA, where they witnessed creative imagination at work; additionally, they wanted to provide a place where families and friends could spend quality time together.

At East India Amusement Park, guests can select from various rides, activities, and shows tailored to individual preferences. The park features family rides, thrill rides, water rides, and water attractions with something fun for all age groups – the largest amusement park in eastern India is sure to bring out your inner child!

The park offers an abundance of food and beverage choices. It features several restaurants that cater to various tastes and budgets; most notable is Bowler’s Den, which features North Indian, Chinese, and Thai cuisine – while its food court provides fast foods and ice creams as well.

Nicco Park not only features numerous attractions but is also home to special events throughout the year that highlight themed decorations, musical performances, cultural festivities, and other cultural celebrations. Nicco Park is also ideal for private and corporate functions such as state festivals, product launches, and dinner parties hosted by industry movers and shakers.

Nicco Park from Sealdah can be reached quickly and in 15 minutes via car or taxi, easily accessible by all major roads. Multiple buses are also operating around the area; if taking this mode of travel, plan ahead.

Nicco Park is home to more than just rides and attractions; it also boasts some notable landmarks, including Nalban Boating Complex – known for its romantic ambiance – making it the perfect spot to unwind after a day of fun at the park.

It has a variety of rides.

Nicco Park is one of the top tourist spots in Kolkata, boasting a wide range of rides designed to delight visitors of all ages. From traditional toy trains to an incredible roller coaster ride, Nicco Park will leave visitors breathless! Plus, stunning panoramic views and a peaceful atmosphere make Nicco Park ideal for families to spend quality time together.

This park features numerous water rides, carousels, and other fun activities to give visitors an entertaining day trip experience. Families with children or teens will particularly enjoy its enchanting atmosphere, perfect for playing together and making memories. Riders of the cable car can get an aerial view of all the park offers. Plus, there are various dining options and snack shops as well. Visiting in summer provides optimal enjoyment of its water rides!

Nicco Park not only features thrilling rides but also provides visitors with an education on various forms of energy. For example, its Solar Energy Village showcases how alternative fuels work in everyday life, and it even boasts an impressive Green House that sells plants directly to visitors!

Additionally, the park’s rides are created using cutting-edge technology, enabling them to provide safe yet thrilling experiences while remaining environmentally friendly and producing minimal pollution – so eco-friendly that it was named India’s first green amusement park!

Make the most of your trip by researching Nicco Park’s opening hours, ticket prices, and nearby attractions before embarking on your ride. Bring comfortable clothing and footwear designed specifically for riding. Wear sun protection with you, such as sunglasses, to avoid burning! Additionally, checking local transportation routes beforehand is wise to avoid being stuck in rush-hour traffic jams.

The park boasts numerous rides for all ages, such as the Toy Train and River Caves. Other offerings include water chutes, flying saucers, and pirate ships. Roller coaster enthusiasts should see Giant Cyclone, one of the world’s most extensive rides at seven loops reaching 55 feet high!

It has a breathtaking view.

Nicco Park offers stunning views of Salt Lake City from its position, drawing many people in search of tranquility. Additionally, visitors to Nicco Park come for its attractions and rides, such as its Family Carousel, where adults and children alike can ride together, plus several natural features, including rose gardens and forty-foot-high waterfalls.

Nicco Park rides are educational and entertaining – each ride features an accompanying chart at its entrance that outlines its scientific logic to visitors. Furthermore, employees learn safety procedures at Nicco Park, with first aid facilities made available should any incidents arise during rides. Moreover, this attraction serves tourists and locals alike, with special celebrations around holidays and festivals.

Nicco Park can easily be reached using public transport. Situated in Kolkata’s Salt Lake area and near its city center, taxis, and government-operated buses from all parts of Kolkata serve this park efficiently. You may also take the metro rail line directly to Salt Lake Stadium station near Nicco Park.

Nicco Park offers visitors with special needs an accessible, fully inclusive experience. Most rides and the entrance are on flat terrain, and wheelchairs can be provided upon request; furthermore, a first aid station is located nearby for emergencies.

Nicco Park is an attraction for all ages but is particularly popular among families and children. Offering rides such as the Toy Train, Cable Car, Tilt-a-Whirl, and Water Chute for all age groups. Plus, there’s food & beverages and live performances on offer!

Make the most of your visit, whether for one day or planning a more extended vacation, by booking a package deal that includes admission and rides at your park. Search online to discover current specials.