Nicco Park – The Disney Land of Kolkata


Nicco Park offers rides for people of all ages. Children will enjoy the Family Carousel, while teenagers may prefer thrill-seeking on one of its roller coasters.

The park also features a bowling alley, a replica of the Eiffel Tower, and the Wet-O-Wild water park for those who like splashing about!

Cyclone – The Roller Coaster

Nicco Park offers rides to suit people of all ages. Their latest attraction, the Cyclone, offers riders an exhilarating roller coaster experience over 750 meters with seven loops and a 55-foot height – perfect for testing nerves!

Experience this thrilling ride and be relieved to know it is safe for all ages. Enjoy this experience any time of day; however, summer months provide optimal temperatures that allow riders to fully appreciate this fun attraction without becoming overheated.

Once inside the park, the impressive Cyclone roller coaster is one of your first attractions. It measures over 750 meters long and is considered one of India’s tallest and fastest roller coasters. Additionally, this modern ride takes its name from looking similar to a cyclone – hence its moniker!

Cyclones may not offer quite the same intensity as looping coasters like Afterburn and Nighthawk. However, it still provides a thrilling ride and is excellent for beginning thrill riders looking to build up their experience on thrill rides. Starting with a relatively modest 65-foot drop and unleashing two back-to-back vertical loops.

A must-see ride for any roller coaster enthusiast and especially popular among children and adolescents, the ride offers an amusing, entertaining show for all ages. While its unconventional plot may shock more traditional theatergoers, you are guaranteed laughs. Plus, with well-matched actors and creative designs that exude fun!

Water Coaster

Nicco Park, commonly called the Disney Land of Kolkata, features numerous rides for visitors of all ages to enjoy. A popular spot among children and adults alike, Nicco Park draws people from all across India throughout the year. Nestled near a peaceful lake amidst lush greenery, this unique spot makes a beautiful destination for fun and relaxation – mainly since public transit provides convenient travel services that reach this part of Kolkata.

Nicco Park is an ideal spot for family fun in the summertime, especially with its Wet-o-Wild water park and various rides and attractions, including a bowling alley and the Eiffel Tower. Alongside these thrilling rides is its variety of dining options; guests can select from Beach Cafe Restaurant or Bowlers’ Den for delicious Indian, Chinese, and Tandoori cuisine options.

Nicco Park offers exciting rides like the Cyclone roller coaster and River Cave. Each roller coaster is operated by trained personnel for your safety, continuously in excellent condition, and with clearly laid out safety procedures before entering.

Nicco Park offers many exciting rides, with one being The River Cave, which allows visitors to discover hidden chapters in history, from dinosaurs to volcanic eruptions. This attraction should not be missed when visiting Nicco Park! This ride can provide unforgettable memories and is an essential must-see attraction.

Body Slide offers those looking to experience the thrills of a roller coaster without fearing heights an exhilarating thrill ride without taking risks or going over cliffs, with guests lying flat on their stomachs while being propelled along a curvy track for 7 seconds of adrenaline-pumping fun! Riders must adhere to weight limits and height restrictions before trying this ride, and it should not be recommended for children younger than five years.

Family Carousel

This park features rides and attractions suitable for people of all ages. Additionally, it showcases Kolkata’s diverse cultural heritage through traditional dance and music performances, art exhibitions, and local cuisine. Situated conveniently off Eastern Metropolitan Bypass towards Salt Lake Sector Five in Kolkata with many buses running regularly to and from it daily – perfect for children exploring their imagination while relaxing on water-themed attractions such as thrilling roller coasters or slow rides like a lazy river or other water-themed rides!

Family Carousel: Climb aboard one of 64 horses at the Family Carousel to experience horseback riding from an overhead platform; it is perfect for children of all ages and an absolute must-see attraction for visitors of any age. Other rides available at the park include Toy Trains, Crazy Tea Parties, and Striking Cars; additionally, there is a River Cave with a decommissioned MiG-21 fighter jet!

Various passes are available at amusement parks to make the most of your visit. Rides and attractions may be offered at discounted prices, with specific keys available for purchase at the entrance. It is wise to purchase these passes before beginning your adventure through an amusement park.

Nicco Park offers the world’s most beloved rides, including the Eiffel Tower, MIG 21, and Caterpillar. Additionally, there is an artificial lake, merry-go-round, and other activities for all family members to enjoy – making this park an excellent way for children to have fun and learn about how rides work simultaneously! It provides children an incredible opportunity to have fun while understanding more about the science behind its designs!

This amusement park is wheelchair-accessible, with first aid service stalls for unexpected situations. When looking to take a break from adrenaline-pumping rides, paddling in an artificial lake or taking in the panoramic view can provide a welcome respite from all of its passages.

Without a metro line connecting it, Kolkata Park remains accessible from other areas due to its closeness to one of its main railway stations. Buses provide regular transport service into and out of the park, while the information center at its entrance assists with any queries or inquiries.

River Cave

River Cave is one of the most beloved rides at Nicko Park. A dark ride, it will transport you back through history, revealing dinosaurs, volcanic eruptions, and forest fires, all while sitting comfortably on a paddle boat ride – creating a fantastic family experience at just 80 rupees for each ticket purchased.

Nicco Park water rides offer an ideal way to beat the summer heat. This massive water park features activities for everyone and food options from street foods to fine dining restaurants. There are countless rides and attractions at Nicco Park – giant roller coasters, wave pools, merry-go-rounds, and much more await your discovery here.

Nicco Park in Kolkata provides plenty of rides and attractions to entertain children and adults alike, from roller coasters and river cave exploration to pirate ship rides and even a replica of the Eiffel Tower! Don’t miss it next time you’re in Kolkata!

If you want an exciting ride experience, Nicco Park in Kolkata should peak during summer – when visitors will find plenty of rides to enjoy. But avoid visiting during monsoon season as rain can make enjoying them difficult.

At 200 rupees, admission to the park includes 12 rides and attractions, including a toy train, family carousel, mirror maze caterpillar MIG 21 replica, and Eiffel Tower replica rides and attractions. There is also a children’s corner, merry-go-round, and Wet ‘o Wild water park that provides water-themed rides and exhilarating activities – not forgetting several food outlets from India to Asia that serve food.