Pat Flynn – How Does He Make Money?


Pat Flynn is an esteemed online marketer and podcaster. His monthly earnings come mainly from affiliate marketing, online courses, and other sources.

After being laid off as an architect in 2008, he quickly transformed into an online business providing help for passing LEED architectural exams. This website became highly successful.

1. Affiliate marketing

As one of the leading bloggers and entrepreneurs online, Flynn has established himself as an invaluable source for many aspiring online business owners looking to launch their businesses – leading him to make significant sums through affiliate marketing.

Flynn has amassed a vast audience through his blog, podcast, and online courses; this audience serves to advertise his various products and services.

Flynn has built his brand by being transparent with his audience. One of his innovations was publishing income reports online – this helps build trust with your target market while helping generate sales and profits.

2. Consulting

Flynn distinguishes himself from most businesspeople by having multiple income sources; consulting, software development, and hosting webinars bring in income, as does selling physical products and writing books.

As Flynn found himself out of work as an architect due to the global financial crisis in 2008, he sought ways to generate passive income online. He created Green Exam Academy as his initial site that provided study materials for LEED exams; since then, he has developed other successful websites like Smart Passive Income, SwitchPOD, and Fusebox.

One key to Flynn’s success has been his willingness to share his knowledge freely with others, offering premium content at no charge and cultivating loyal audiences.

3. Real estate

Pat Flynn boasts an estimated net worth of over $3 Million, having amassed his fortune through online business ventures like blogging, podcasting, and offering courses online.

He is also a sought-after speaker profiled in many prominent business blogs. Known as an inspiring mentor to young entrepreneurs and generous with his time, he serves as an example for other aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start up businesses of their own.

Flynn has become known for his popular marketing blog, Smart Passive Income. Additionally, he has established several successful businesses, such as podcast networks and software companies.

Flynn has become an expert at creating and selling digital products like books, online courses, and software. He knows how to engage his audience by offering free content before upselling premium offerings.

4. Consulting for startups

Pat Flynn firmly embraces the philosophy of teaching everything you know – through blogging, podcasts, courses, books, and consulting services; he imparts his wisdom to help others establish businesses and generate passive income streams.

By creating step-by-step guides on his blog that walk readers through a process, he offers free alternatives and affiliate products to assist his readers.

He uses Green Exam Academy, a website fully automated with sales of study materials for LEED exams in architecture, to generate income while sleeping. This business model is both scalable and evergreen!

5. Podcasting

Flynn has amassed such an immense net worth through creating digital products such as podcasts and online courses, which is primarily responsible for his success in building his net worth.

Smart Passive Income was one of the top business podcasts on iTunes at one point.

Flynn provides his podcast listeners with tools for making money from blogs through affiliate marketing and teaching how to launch and grow a blog.

He earns significant revenue with this method by creating high-quality content and advertising the tools he utilizes on his podcast.

He has even done podcast interviews with the founders and CEOs of various products he uses on his blogs, such as ConvertKit CEO Nathan Barry, who discussed how they bootstrapped their startup business and the marketing tactics used for success.