Who is Pat Flynn?


Pat Flynn is an esteemed thought leader in online entrepreneurship. Featured in The New York Times and Forbes Magazine, and an advisor to Pencils of Promise (an organization that helps build schools in developing countries), he has gained immense respect within this realm of activity.

His primary source of income comes from writing content and developing and selling courses, books, software packages, and other products.

Pat Flynn is an entrepreneur.

Pat Flynn is an online business expert who has succeeded as a speaker, blogger, and podcaster specializing in helping others build their businesses online. He says success lies in prioritizing audience needs rather than trying to become all things to all people. He emphasizes building upon strengths rather than trying to be all things simultaneously.

Smart Passive Income, his blog for novice Internet marketers, generates over half a million dollars monthly in revenue. He also has multiple income streams beyond blogging, including affiliate marketing and hosting webinars; writing books; hosting business podcasts; serving as an advisor for Pencils of Promise (a nonprofit organization) as well as tech companies like LeadPages; all this while serving on numerous non-profit boards & board advisory roles & more!

He has even created SwitchPod, a more flexible tripod designed for Vlogging than Gorilla Pod. Additionally, he has written multiple books about starting projects and building successful businesses.

He is a speaker.

Pat Flynn is an influential blogger, podcaster, and entrepreneur who has amassed a multi-million dollar business. Additionally, he has produced multiple products, including high-end podcasting equipment such as the Switchpod.

He has an in-depth background in marketing, which allows him to generate significant passive income from his blog. Instead of working a traditional 9-5 job, he is dedicated to writing content, producing his popular podcast, and speaking at conferences.

Flynn is an inspirational example of how an online business can generate profits even when its creator isn’t actively working on it. He’s constantly testing different approaches to growing his blog, podcast, and YouTube channel – including showing his audience his human side to gain superfans who support and promote it for you – giving him a distinct edge against the competition.

He is a writer.

Pat Flynn is a renowned online marketer renowned for sharing effective marketing strategies. His blog posts, podcasts, and courses have helped thousands of business owners expand their businesses – so much so that he is considered one of the world’s most influential marketers – making most of his income through products and online courses.

Will It Fly?” and “Super Fans,” respectively. Additionally, he hosts two podcasts — Smart Passive Income and AskPat — which have amassed over 65 million downloads combined and advises companies like ConvertKit and LeadPages.

After being laid off from his architect job in 2008, he founded multiple successful online businesses and is now considered an authority in digital marketing. A father, husband, and entrepreneur based out of San Diego, CA, Tom T Hall plays bluegrass guitar alongside him; Flatpicking Guitar Magazine and Bluegrass Now have all featured him and his achievements.

He is a podcaster.

Pat Flynn is not only a writer and entrepreneur; he’s also a widely popular podcaster. His podcasts focus on fitness, philosophy, and religion and build an engaged community on YouTube channels, Facebook pages, Twitter handles, and the Smart Passive Income blog, which receives immense engagement from real people.

After starting his career as an architect but being laid off in 2008, he pivoted and launched a website dedicated to helping people pass the LEED exam. Since then, he has become an acclaimed online entrepreneurship and digital marketing leader – writing several books and hosting “Smart Passive Income,” one of iTunes’ most popular business podcasts.

His online marketing strategies are invaluable to anyone launching an online business, while his commitment to sharing his lessons learned aids audience engagement and strengthens bonds between themselves. He has even started outsourcing some tasks to spend more time working on other aspects of his business.